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New guidelines for pharmaceutical companies in Ireland.

New guidelines for pharmaceutical companies in Ireland.

Last week the Irish Times reported that there are new guidelines for Irish-based pharmaceutical companies. These new guidelines have set out strict criteria for the promotion of new drugs to health professionals. This should effectively stop the big pharma funding our healthcare professional’s foreign holidays, top sporting events and exclusive dinners; this is done to promote their products, pretty persuasive too. Bet the words Suicide ideation never gets a mention at one of those evenings.

There are two interesting points in the article:

(i)                Pharmaceutical companies must also declare for the first time in clear language the support they give to patients’ associations.

 (ii)               Consultants who have entered contractual arrangements with companies or are employed on a part-time basis while still practising their profession, should be “strongly encouraged” to declare their arrangements with the company.

Patients’ associations and depression websites funded by pharmaceutical companies who manufacture drugs for the same conditions? Hmm. It will be interesting to see, when Lundbeck, GSK, Pfizer ect, make these declarations, which patients’ associations and depression websites they prop up.

It will also be interesting to see exactly which Consultants are funded by the Pharma industry!

Entire Article.

Nearly two years ago the Irish Medicines Board was supposed to provide public access to the declarations of interest of its staff, board and committee members in pharmaceutical companies; this has still not been done.

4 thoughts on “New guidelines for pharmaceutical companies in Ireland.”

  1. This is really good to hear, something somewhere is getting through!

    Unfortunately it will take a long time to reverse the general consensus/thinking about ‘chemical imbalances’ that has saturated healthcare and the public domain through these depression websites and promotional campaigns.

    It would be great to see some of the revenue obtained from pharmaceutical companies being directed by the Dept of Health into campaigns about awareness of side effects and adverse effects of medications. That might seem optimistic but look at the position held on tobacco advertising 20 years ago and where it is now.


    1. FYI Leonie, the above is for the benefit of the many public bodies/pharma companies/government departments etc. that I understand frequent this site!


  2. Well put Rose, although i believe this to be less of a reality check needed.
    Personally in thought coz we all know, the entirety chain of events, from trial to market is based on lies, we expose those lies, nothing is done, epidemics of severe reactions, mental disorders (over drugged induced mental damage) and fatalities ignored still, the exposed ‘faked results’ of trials and ghost written peer reviews are not given punishments, god even the deaths of babies was measly pathetic fines, no job losses and banning of such trials to continue.

    What pharma is saying and what pharma is doing seems totally diferent and without realistic oversights to which can stop them ever.
    These giants are callous, twisted and continually so, its so clear to see they respect no one, no authority seems to take it down despite the mutilation, death toll and obscene profit made via these horrors.
    Sorry to be so negative, just think its a media tactic to look as if someones put their foot down, they havnt really, its in everyones best interests to have an individual 3rd party to oversee all trials and report also, results would be honest, proper guidelines added and made public etc. I dont think pharma will be honest coz a new guidelines set out (note guidline is not law, guidelines are to be chosen the, if? or if not?, to follow).


  3. Thanks for the comments,
    I agree with both of you. Having turned into a right old cynic, I too would say that Sue is right and it’s probably a media tactic. Then again, my old optimism would love to believe that Rose is right and these companies will be exposed just like the tobacco industry.


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