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Professor David Healy.


Professor David Healy is a world renowned medical expert who testified at Shane’s Inquest. He compiled a detailed report for the Inquest which is attached on the right for anyone who needs an explanation or any information.

Prof. Healy has written a new book, entitled Pharmageddon. Click on the picture to view an excerpt.

Having read “Let them eat prozac”, I can tell you, he pulls no punches and every revelation is backed up by hard facts. He has also set up a new data-based website, http://davidhealy.org/, where he states, inter alia, “In mental health for instance drug-induced problems are the leading cause of death”.

Adverse drug events are now the fourth leading cause of death in hospitals. It’s a reasonable bet they are an even greater cause of death in non-hospital settings where there is no one to monitor things going wrong and no one to intervene to save a life. In mental health for instance drug-induced problems are the leading cause of death — and these deaths happen in community rather than hospital settings”.

Professor Healy is my hero. He is Shane’s hero. He, like Dr. Michael Corry before him, put his reputation on the line for my son. I’m sure he was well aware, that by testifying at Shane’s Inquest, and stating that SSRI’s can cause suicide and homicide, he was going to incur the wrath of the Irish College of Psychiatry. He did just that. Here, here and here.

I won’t go on about what this man did for my family (F.O.C) because he might think I’m a bit of a weirdo; suffice to say, he made life for us worth living.

I have absolutely no doubt that his book will rattle a few cages and that his new blog will change people’s attitude to mental health treatment and prescribing.

1 thought on “Professor David Healy.”

  1. Ive indeed read and been inspired by Prof Healy, he stood against Seroxat and USA Pharma, turned down the Big Bucks n High Status University job that only asked his silence (that, to me, is a man of morals, a Dr who sees people as people not burdens and pests, like most Drs are inclined to do after they’ve grown tired of the jobs responsibility actuality, but love the pay and title too much).
    Healy is amazing, hes a ‘antidepressant taker’ icon lol.
    I know he’s an outspoken and adamantly defiant in safety issues debator, to which if no such Dr existed we’d be totally screwed by pharma.

    I think its brilliant he has never given in, had defamation break him ever. Not that i condemn the Drs whov’e tried and failed or been reduced to slandered and bullied wrecks, i admire all within the profession whom go for the truths and speak up, i thank them and honestly feel and wanna fight back with and for them when the fat cats of medicine and, pharma callously attack.
    Richard Corey being a very unfair, unjust, outcome in such a nasty vicious pharma scam to ruin a good Dr as also good man.

    The fact is if these guys didnt do the things they have n do, say what they do, we would all be alone in any form of arguement and health.


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