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Citalopram and Escitalopram: Risk of sudden death and more allegations of Kickback and Bribes.

Photo courtesy of “Systems of Care Yakima”.

Lundbeck and Forest Labs. This picture is an old advert for Cipramil. Who’s the ass?

Citalopram and Escitalopram: Sudden death, Kickback, Bribes and falsification of the effectiveness of Celexa. Two more articles were published this week involving the dubious Lundbeck and their American partners Forest Labs.

The Irish medical Times reported this week that Citalopram and escitalopram have been found to cause a dose-dependent prolongation of the QT interval. Link. This can cause serious heart problems which can be fatal Link.

Last October the Irish Medicines Board, IMB, issued a warning that Citalopram could cause this problem. The warning also made a week referrence to Escitalopram. I pointed out that considering a Brussles Court found both products to be the same, surely the same warning should be attached to both, albeit identical, medications. Link. Why has it taken so long to admit that the problem can be caused by both products?

Another interesting point in the same Article is that Healthcare professionals are advised to review elderly patients dosage and if needed gradually reduce the dose accordingly. The Article further states that “the product information advises on how to minimise the risk of withdrawal symptoms”. WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS? Is Lundbeck finally admitting that this medication can be highly addictive? Pharmaceutical companies rarely use the words “withdrawal symptoms” and normally prefer to use the word “discontinuation” as they never admit that SSRI’s are addictive.


Another Suit involving kickbacks and bribes by Forest Labs.

Law360, New York (January 25, 2012, 10:19 PM ET) —

A whistleblower suit unsealed in Maryland federal court on Friday claims a Forest Laboratories Inc. unit paid kickbacks to the main author of a federally funded antidepressant drug study so he would rig it in favor of the company’s drug Celexa, in violation of the False Claims Act.

The suit, originally filed by relator and psychologist H. Edmund Pigott in March, alleges that Forest paid kickbacks and bribes to Dr. John Rush of the University of Texas’ Southwest Medical Center, the principal investigator of the $35 million study, contracted by the National Institute of Mental Health in 1999, as well as other investigators.

The suit claims that Rush and his fellow investigators chose Celexa as the only antidepressant employed in the first leg of the study, giving it a huge advantage over competing antidepressants, which caused falsification and overstatement of the effectiveness of Celexa when the study’s findings were published in 2006. Full Article here

8 thoughts on “Citalopram and Escitalopram: Risk of sudden death and more allegations of Kickback and Bribes.”

  1. I ask myself and medical professionals (a moron majority), as to why, seroxat (snri- same as ssri until over 150mg), was banned yet all other snri’s are on the market still?.
    I get no answers, i have my own of course, ‘the others that are the same drug, same mechanisms etc as seroxat are not being allowed into mainstream media any more, no news coverage etc, pHARMa owns and sponsors so much in media related areas that its power to control rages on and stronger.
    To which Leonie, a petition is on a site called and is signing against Dows Pharmaceuticals (id not heard of them but its to prevent the company from a big advertising campaign throughout the olympic games this year. Respectfully its not about ssris, but it is about a chemi-company killing, maiming many i just thought it needs a mention, esp as no pharma needs mass drugs promoting allowance).

    Back to the point of ‘addiction’ or ‘dose dependancy/discontinuation syndrome’.
    Pharmas twatty defence of ‘unlike street drug withdrawal’ the patient wont ‘crave’ a fix,is in itself, the most damning evidence to at best ‘ban the drug!’

    street drug users, albeit not all cliche’d ‘junkies’, but the hardcore addict will crave a fix, they may rob and or beg to obtain.
    Firstly, they are drug taking visible,
    secondly they can be identified via symptomatic reactions.
    3. They can explain they need a fix
    4. They will be given the correct treatment if need be.

    The ssri/snri patient if having forgotten a dose esp for the first ever time, or has a dose reduced, without full proper advice, warning, guidance and support …..
    1. Is totally oblivious to the mental dysfunctions source.
    2. Will not recognize symptoms of withdrawal.
    3. Will not beg or rob you for a fix but highly likely to attack either verbally/physically and in a depersonalised manner.
    (is indeed documented as having led to several family fatalities).
    4. Will not be recognized in society, therefore the potentiated institutionalization or imprisonment of an otherwise passive, good, honest person.

    How does a smug ‘no crave’ have any sense to then, credit the allowance of these drugs?.

    The non addiction is a joke, crave is not the drug but the effect of the drug, no one wants to be on drugs as a ‘dependent’.

    Where we dont crave we are not even able to voice the need of a toxic substance we are dependent on.
    This creates a far worse ‘dependency’ does it not?.

    Furthermore. I condemn no street addicted drug user, i know nothing of their lives as to why they resulted in the what they do.

    Street drug users are recreational users and have choice in taking, control of dose and time spent on a drug, most will do weekenders. The unhealthy aspect maybe true but unlike the patient they do not abuse their bodies day in day out year after year on a poison name medication.

    The only reason pharma bans street drugs is, no profit in it for pharma.
    I recently discovered Efexor is a ‘close relativel of mdma (meth amphetamine) class A and you guessed it……… Mentally defecting and ADDICTIVE!
    Hell theyre drugging kids with Amphetamine for being……. Kids!. Excitable, lonely, bored, inquizitive.

    Any of the above can be labled the false disorder ‘adhd’. It makes me so damn angry

    forgive my ranting, im going through hell at mo (symptomatic). Down to 2.5ml/approx 20mg (Venlafaxine xl). 3 yrs since 300mg/2yrs since 150 n i am sick of pharmas bullsh!t excuses, false disorders and idle self supiority to believe us easy to explain away.

    I hope i have not faltered too far off topic? My apologies again


    1. I thought it got banned? Prof David Healy was spokesman in court against it.
      Maybe im confused (easily done lol). It mayve been the alterations to prescribing then?
      At any rate its less prescribed now than Venlafaxine/Citalopram/Fluoxotine and all other equally as dangerously damaging brain meddlers.
      Could have sworn UK banned it? I thought it was still in USA, do you fall under UK?
      Going to read d bunkers link 🙂


  2. “kickbacks and bribes to Dr. John Rush of the University of Texas’ Southwest Medical Center”

    The Same Dr John Rush who skipped the country for Singapore when the TMAP hit the fan?

    I found the first two comments particularly poignant.

    1: Perry: I hope there is an extradition treaty with Singapore.
    2: Meg: Yes, there are many of us with dead children who would like to take a crack at him.


    1. Yes I would like to ask him a few questions too. Although in my opinion he’s no worse or better than Irish Psychiatry who are still actively denying the suicidal and homicidal side effects of antidepressants, including Citalopram/ Celexa/ Cipramil.


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