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Sandra Mackie, 45, one month on Citalopram; result death

In 2005, Sandra Mackie, a 45 year old teaching assistant, suffered a dislocated hip and was bed bound for six weeks. Her husband, a taxi driver, said she found that “frustrating because she was quite an active person”.

In August 2005, her GP, Dr John Lovejoy prescribed her with the antidepressant Citalopram. She was dead a month later, having hanged herself from a tree in the back garden on September 13th. At the Inquest her husband said “She had initially refused to take the tablets because she feared the side effects, “one of which was suicide or thoughts of suicide”.

Coroner Sheriff Payne said Citalopram was a “fairly standard, fairly safe antidepressant” and that she appeared to have “greatly improved” after taking the tablets.

How hanging yourself can be construed as “greatly improved” is beyond me.

In my opinion, judging by the amount of Citalopram and Escitalopram related Inquests, this depressant is neither safe nor effective.  Full Article.

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