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Chris Benning, another Citalopram statistic?

Another Inquest yesterday detailed the death of Chris Benning, 30, who was diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia at the age of 15. His sister Juliet said his use of cannabis, in particular skunk, from such a young age was a major catalyst in his development of schizophrenia.

But the inquest heard Mr Benning’s death was “out of the blue”, because despite his mental health problems he had only ever shown “fleeting thoughts” of committing suicide. A few weeks after Citalopram was introduced, he hung himself in Hatchett Woods.

In the weeks prior to his death he was prescribed the anti psychotic drug citalopram which, the inquest heard, can lead to patients suffering suicidal thoughts as a side effect and his family had expressed concerns at the new drug.

Speaking after the inquest, Mr Benning’s sister Juliet said: “Although we are aware that there may be little statistical evidence to prove the antidepressant citalopram may lead to a heightened risk of suicide, we have gathered enough anecdotal evidence to prove otherwise.

We would ask that any prescription of the drug made by those in the health authorities is done so with a warning of these risks.”

As one of the comments on this Article states “This man had a 16 yr history of cannabis use, yet within weeks of starting on citalopram he starts to exhibit symptoms that disturb his family. The drug is known to be dangerous, the enclosed notes state as much”… Full Article.

How many people have Lundbeck killed today then? Don’t let it be your family; be informed.

Still not enough deaths for the IMB or the Minister for Health to initiate an investigation? Just how many do they need?

3 thoughts on “Chris Benning, another Citalopram statistic?”

  1. Ive been meaning to come and respond to the last few updated newslets you have posted Leonie (im having a tough time withdrawing, severity comes n goes, up to weeks after each dose drop)

    I read this and i have to say my teeth do grind with the reporting by journalists.

    Its always the ‘negative outweighs positive’ that is placed into a format any unknowledgeable reader will be to skip any point being made about the drugs downside. I’ll
    example a ‘Not word for word’ but the gist of pharmas ever used majority manipulation intent.

    Example, ‘Cannabis causes schizophrenia at an early teen age’ (yet, highly unlikely unless having smoked heavily throughout childhood).

    – Cannabis (that is not cause of death) is being mentioned why?

    Because it gives an image of a stereotypical 30yr old guy in a ‘ilegal drug lifestyle’.
    Its to cause reader to doubt a user of ilegal drugs having died as a result of any medicinal imput.

    People are very backward despite the evidence and are still oblivious to medication being harsher to/on the brain than street drugs.
    They are in effect, in disguise.

    The Reporters of today wont speak their minds nor care to, in fear of job loss when upsetting their boss, whom is targeted by the legal team pharma.
    if any did? They would say ‘but Cannabis use clearly not as lethal as the medz’

    dont get the ‘non statistical proof bit’?
    There effing tons! I despise the world informative situation, nothing is more obvious to me than the any death by medication is not front page news.

    Celebs sex antics (tabloids) and politcal debates (that are pre scripted and/or bullshit farces) out weigh trials killing babies, people upon thousands losing loved ones to massively profiting multi billions pharma (via disgustingly obscene amount of falsified evidented factors) no one knows, no one sees (if lucky) the page 45 excerpt of med induced death.
    And even that is with incriminational reporting of cannabis use, so what is going on?

    Its not, ‘something is missing’ its ‘everything is wrong about this’.

    Its being kept quiet and deliberately so!


  2. Hi D,
    Hope you’re feeling OK today. Yes I understand what you mean. I think that the comment the reader made explained it better…
    “This man had a 16 yr history of cannabis use, yet within weeks of starting on citalopram he starts to exhibit symptoms that disturb his family. The drug is known to be dangerous, the enclosed notes state as much”…
    He probably should have written the Article too.


  3. Hi, my sister died in Redondo Beach, California in 2003 and her death certificate said “Citalopram overdose”. She was an RN. Is this what you are talking about? I just wondered because we both suffer from bipolar disorder.


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