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1 boring old man and his experience with Citalopram.

There is a really great blog by a retired Psychiatrist called 1 boring old man here. His latest post mentions an incident he had with prescribing Citalopram. It involved a young guy that he had given Citalopram to and the consequences.


“I’m not a big medication person, but I gave a few depressed adolescents SSRIs without much problem [or success].

Then came a young guy, 16 or 17. He was really depressed. Mom had remarried a retired drill sergeant [really], and he was driving them both crazy with his controlling ways and his drinking. The boy saw his way out – a Diesel Mechanic school out of state – but it was over a year away and he had become hopeless.

He got called for an interview at the school, and I was afraid that he was so depressed that he wouldn’t be able to rise to the occasion, so I put him on Citalopram [$4/month at Kroger]. After just a few days, he became “crazy” and like a “madman.” He couldn’t sleep and progressed to delirium. It cleared in a day and a half off the medication. “I was jumping out of my skin. I wanted to kill, me or someone else,” he said later. I learned my lesson.

The end of the case? Mom got a divorce and her son went off to school this fall. Both are doing well, and I’m the wiser. I’ve seen and heard in retrospect other cases, but that’s the one that stuck in my mind. It’s like the Paxil Withdrawal syndrome I was talking about a few days ago. You just have to see it once to become a true believer. Nowadays, the only adolescents on SSRIs prescribed by me are kids with OCD, and they and their parents are explicitly warned before starting the medication”.

Full post here.

The reason I chose this picture is because a Brussles Court has found Citalopram/Cipramil/Celexa to be the same product as Escitalopram/Lexapro/Cipralex; the same product that this retired Psychiatrist is talking about. Some medical professional thought it was OK to give this depressant to a flippin 7 year old boy which resulted in suicide. Poor child! Could he even spell suicide ideation?

Brussels court holds escitalopram to be the same product as citalopram under Articles 3(c)-(d) of the SPC-Regulation. Here.

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