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Charlie Suen: Another Citalopram victim.

This is just so sad; another Newspaper report today and another young man has hanged himself because of Citalopram. Another young man’s parents raising concerns about the depressant/antidepressant Citalopram.

Charlie Suen, 18, a popular teenager, killed himself after failing to make the grades for university and splitting from his girlfriend, an inquest heard. Former Tiffin School student Charles Suen wanted to retake some of his A-levels after he struggled with school and missed out on his first choice of Edinburgh University the previous year.

During the inquest, concerns were raised about the delay in Charlie’s referral for psychological therapy and over the prescription of anti-depressant citalopram.

11 days after starting citalopram, Charlie hung himself from his bunk bed at his home.

His GP Michael Desouza felt it was appropriate to prescribe Citalopram for Charlie. Citalopram is used to treat a variety of mental health problems and can improve symptoms such as depression and anxiety. Although, just not efficacious in Charlies Case and many, many other unfortunate cases?

In the early stages of treatment citalopram may intensify depression and suicidal feelings, increasing the risk of self-harm or suicide, but as the drug starts to work the risks decrease. (That is the spin usually used by the company doctors but it is also very very wrong; if you are having an adverse reaction to the drug, staying on the same drug will never make it better and most probably cause death)

Mr and Mrs Suen raised concerns over its prescription to their son and the lack of communication and involvement they had in his treatment.

Mr Suen said: “Although he was 18, just 18, shouldn’t they be asking him ‘Do you want your parents to come? Shouldn’t they be co-ordinating, communicating between us?”


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3 thoughts on “Charlie Suen: Another Citalopram victim.”

  1. Hi Leonie
    this is as ever, the disturbing ’emotional’ affect of pressures in life, (not a dysfunctional brain, not a disorder nor disease but sold as being so)
    selling emotions to a drug profit clearly kills not cures, this has again been neglected to any reputable media coverage.
    This is sinister and with hushing up all the time, im convinced its a way to depopulate.


  2. Hi Sue,
    As I said before, I spoke to an Irish Pathologist who, at the time I was talking to him, had just done 6 autopsies. 5 were suicide victims. 4 had been recently introduced to an SSRI. Someone needs to step up and investigate these drugs.
    All SSRI’s have the potential for Suicide and Homicide. I only look for the Citalopram victims because I don’t have the time to research the others but a quick Google search will reveal that all these drugs can be extremely dangerous. Seems that you can be prescribed an SSRI for a toothache these days!


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