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Fíorscéal, “Branding illness” and Professor Healy.

Great programme on the pharmaceutical industry on Irish TV this week. The channel was TG4, the programme called Fíorscéal, and the episode was aptly entitled “Branding illness”.

Professor Healy took part and was brilliant as always. I urge you to watch, if only to see the sickening pharmaceutical adverts and how they are selling sickness, not cures.

Well done to TG4 for this brilliant programme and for having the guts to tackle this issue.

Click on this link to view…TG4. Under the picture, click on documentaries (faisnéis) then branding illness 07.02.12.

This one is for my friends Shea and Shane’s Godmother Louise who are both on statins but have kept themselves fully informed. Consumers might find it interesting to see what Professor Healy has to say on the subject of these cholesterol-lowering drugs. Makes so much sense when someone takes the time to explain; Isn’t that what doctors used to do?

7 thoughts on “Fíorscéal, “Branding illness” and Professor Healy.”

  1. The frightening amount of money paid in sneaky pay offs and such exceeding 300million is not even with any eyelids bat.

    These wealthy organizations merely throw money at any oposition, as if peoples lives and wellbeing is nothing to compare their reputations, their grants etc being at stake.

    STAR*D should be investigated thoroughly as all dishonesty in mainstream medicine should be. Im so frustrated nothing is ever done right with deadly medications, not the trials, the reports, the marketing truths, the effects, the warnings, the apologies (no such thing given ever), the investigations, the law, the putting right errors made, the attempt to not repeat mistakes etc etc, nothing!!

    How is it that this is not being seen for the lies, the frauds, the harm and non care involved? Why is the only global business getting away with , quite literally murder and destruction?


  2. How is it that this is not being seen for the lies, the frauds, the harm and non care involved?
    Because supposedly legal drugs are worth billions in Ireland alone. Who is going to be the one who upsets the apple cart? Not psychiatrists who are paid by the drug industry, that’s for sure!


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