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Lundbeck; You’re not such a sport.

An Article in todays Irish Times reported that Boh’s sported the Lean on Me logo on their jerseys for Monday night’s match. This follows a partnership that the PFAI(Football) and the IRUPA (Rugby) have formed with the Lean on Me depression awareness campaign. I’m sure they thought this was a positive move following the recent high profile death of Wales manager Gary Speed. Link.

Anything that brings depression out into the open has to be a good thing, right? Are Boh’s aware that the ‘Lean on Me’ campaign is funded by a dubious pharmaceutical company?

It’s hard to explain how wrong this is but here is an excerpt from a 2010 Irish Newspaper Article….

Anti-depressants manufacturer funds depression-awareness campaign

Lundbeck, a pharmaceuticals giant and a major manufacturer of antidepressants, has fully funded an Irish depression awareness campaign called Lean on Me.

Lundbeck’s primary product is Cipramil, the world’s most-prescribed new-generation antidepressant. Cipramil alone accounts for some 82 per cent of the company’s sales.

“Paul David Klemperer is an economist and professor of Economics at Oxford University. He said: “When groups accept financial support from the pharmaceutical industry and medical device manufacturers this constitutes an increasingly important marketing component for the [pharmaceuticals company].”

A member of the pharmaceuticals industry who wishes to remain unnamed says, “Once you scratch the surface you would be amazed how many organisations without the necessary resources avail of external resources like pharmaceutical companies. You then feel like you must align yourself with what those companies want. Questions should be asked about this.”

Lundbeck Ireland declined to comment on their funding of the Lean on Me campaign.


Aware also puts it name to this campaign. Aware who describes itself as a “national organisation working to provide support and information to individuals and families affected by depression”, has long been associated with Lundbeck. A national depression organisation allowing itself to be associated with an unetical pharmaceutical company is surely naive at best. I would consider it questionable.

Are people Aware that in the U.S, Lundbeck’s partners in crime Forest Labs, have been settling a string of wrongful death and personal injury lawsuits from the parents of children who took Lundbeck’s Celexa and Lexapro? Link.

An example of how Lundbeck treated one of their own employees with depression…Link.

Does anybody think that because Lundbeck denied that their drugs can cause suicide/homicide on Irish TV but admitted it in other countries, they think we’re a tad stupid? Link. 

Lundbeck has already been accused of hidden advertising after it has emerged that the pharmaceutical company is behind a popular internet forum for people suffering from depression. Depression advice website seems to promote products made by pharmaceutical company Lundbeck. Link.

Pharmaceutical companies who manufacture pills with potentially fatal side effects, have been allowed to fund our Universities, the medicines regulator and now sport. Then there’s the nice little sideline by some of our Irish Psychiatrists. It’s only a matter of time before we have ourselves an Irish version of Nemeroff. New York Times.

Information from the “Industry” funded Irish Medicines Board…

For bupropion, citalopram, escitalopram and fluvoxamine there is a trend towards an increased risk of suicidal behaviour with that for citalopram being most marked but does not reach statistical significance for any of these drugs. ( Only DOUBLE that of  placebo?)

6 thoughts on “Lundbeck; You’re not such a sport.”

  1. Brilliant Leonie-hits at the heart of the crimes they get away with-but we won’t forget. Will download these links and read them all. Xx


  2. “Information from the “Industry” funded Irish Medicines Board…

    For bupropion, citalopram, escitalopram and fluvoxamine there is a trend towards an increased risk of suicidal behaviour with that for citalopram being most marked but does not reach statistical significance for any of these drugs. ( Only DOUBLE that of placebo?) ”

    The earlier Risperdal FDA leaflets had this 100% Suicide Attempt Increase associated with discontinuation but it “Probably” wasn’t the drug. Yeah, right.

    “Suicide attempt was associated with discontinuation in 1.2% of RISPERDAL®-treated patients
    compared to 0.6% of placebo patients, but, given the almost 40-fold greater exposure time in
    RISPERDAL® compared to placebo patients, it is unlikely that suicide attempt is a
    RISPERDAL®-related adverse event (see PRECAUTIONS).”

    And now, they’ve rewritten it/toned it down to this:

    pg 23, sec 5.16

    “5.16 Suicide
    The possibility of a suicide attempt is inherent in patients with
    schizophrenia and bipolar mania, including children and
    adolescent patients, and close supervision of high-risk patients
    should accompany drug therapy. Prescriptions for RISPERDAL®
    should be written for the smallest quantity of tablets, consistent
    with good patient management, in order to reduce the risk of

    Do you think Industry Funded weasel speak like this is why my comments/fact lists at sites by Psychiatrists rarely make the moderation cut?


    1. Isn’t it so sad for consumers that pharmaceutical companies who make drugs that are supposed to fix depression and yet when the drugs don’t work and the person goes on to commit suicide, the company then will blame the underlying depression. Win, win situation for them really. Lose, lose for the consumer.
      And no…I’m not surprised that your comments don’t make the moderation cut, especially when you can back up everything you say with hard facts.


      1. I’m considering compiling a list of evidentiary facts, with links, and titling it: Steal This Post, with an offer to everyone whose interested to copy it and post just my tinny handful of facts to every Sis Boom Bah, Rah, Rah, Rah, pro Psychiatric Drug/Shock treatment site they find.

        I don’t care if they even bother to mention where they got it, (though it would be nice to have some Shrink try to refute it: 4 years online so far and not a serious taker yet) just that they please let me know how many of them got lost in moderation.

        It’s fascinating that Psychiatry deals in philosophical/political constructs to diagnose non-medically discoverable illnesses and the consumer is expected to believe that those illnesses are a real and solid fact. But when confronted with hard evidence of the near or complete non-efficacy of drug/shock/counseling treatments and the horrid cost to the consumer, suddenly Psychiatrists are unwilling to engage.

        Except that is of course to Deny, and bluster about loosing the hounds of litigation.


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