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Kenneth Jenkins 62, another victim of Citalopram?

Supposing, supposing that Lundbeck are lying?

Suppose that’s the reason that people are dying?

Supposing, supposing drugs can make people kill?

Suppose they’re not helping, just keeping you ill?

Supposing, supposing it’s your sister or brother?

Suppose who’s next, just themselves or another?

Another Citalopram victim?

A RETIRED Gwent hotelier stabbed a pal twice after claiming the friend taunted him for years about his wife. His pal survived and has made a good recovery. Now 62-year-old Kenneth Jenkins is facing a substantial prison sentence after being convicted of wounding with intent.

He claimed in evidence he was on strong medication for depression at the time and he had no recollection at all of what happened in the pub toilet.

At the time of the attack, he was taking Citalopram and Temazepam and he was suffering from hallucinatory nightmares. OK So, Citalopram and all SSRI’s can cause a person to become suicidal and homicidal…that’s from the PIL’s and Pharma warning letters, not from me.

Coincidentally, Temazepam, aka Restoril, list side effects which include hallucinations, nightmares, restlessness, aggression, violence, overstimulation and agitation.

Just supposing that this 62 year-old man was suffering from Akathisia, hallucinations, aggression, violence, overstimulation and agitation, brought on by Citalopram and/or Temazepam, is he at fault? Should he or the drug company be found guilty?  Full Article.

Robert Raines 78,

In 2008, five days after first taking Citalopram, Robert Raines 78, shot and killed his wife, Elsie 71, then himself. In an ongoing lawsuit taken against Forest Labs, the American distributors of Citalopram, his daughter Robin alleges that her parents deaths were as a direct result of Robert taking Celexa. She alleges that the drug company failed to warn that it posed a risk of suicide to seniors despite knowing for years it might. Full Article.

Supposing she’s right…can someone please warn Kenneth Jenkins and his wife?

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