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80% of suicide victims were in touch with GP… How many % were prescribed an SSRI?

Here’s another interesting Article in the Irish Examiner entitled “80% of suicide victims were in touch with GP”

The Article states that the National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF) looked at 190 cases of suicide in Cork City. The NSRF found that more than 80% of people who died by suicide had been in contact with a GP or mental health service in the year prior to their death. Full Article here. Dr Ella Arensman said the findings indicated a potential within GP practices to pick up on signs of depression at a very early stage and to identify signs of self-harm and suicide.

Is the NSRF completely missing the point? Why did the research not include ‘how many of these suicide victims were prescribed SSRI’s, which can come with suicide/homicide side effects? Not to mention that one of the listed side effects of these supposed antidepressants is depression.

In another Article by The Examiner, published in December, entitled ‘Suicide warning over some anti-depressants’ the paper reported that, requested by us, The Irish Human Rights Commission (IHRC) had written to the Medical Council, requesting that patients are informed that certain anti-depressants can cause suicidal thoughts as a potential side effect. The IHRC is also urging ongoing supervision when the drugs are prescribed. The anti-depressants are known are SSRIs, and popular brands include Prozac, Zoloft, Lexapro Paxil and Celexa.
The Article also mentions Shane’s Inquest where; “Dr David Healy, the professor of psychiatry at Cardiff University in Wales, told the court that behaviour such as suicidal or violent thoughts or actions, seen in some patients prescribed SSRIs, arose from the drugs and not from the patient’s condition.”  Article here.

I have mentioned before that I spoke to an Irish Pathologist who has serious concerns regarding the number of Autopsies he has carried out on people who have just started these drugs and within a short space of time, have gone on to commit suicide. At the time I was speaking to him he had just performed six autopsies, five were suicide victims; four had recently been introduced to SSRI’s. That amounts to: Of the autopsies he did on suicide victims, 80% were taking an SSRI…Coincidence or not?

I contacted the Central Statistics Office last year to find out exactly what number of suicide victims were prescribed SSRI’s before their deaths but was informed that it’s impossible to find out, as the subject is too ‘sensitive’ to broach with families. I think it’s high time we broached the subject.

This is an Article I found a while back, also in The Irish Examiner….

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