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‘Topography of Pharma Terror’

Myself and Tony were in Berlin this week for his birthday. We saw all the usual sights including the Brandenburg Gate, the remaining Berlin wall and Checkpoint Charlie. We met lots of lovely Germans and saw lots of amazing architecture. We saw the Holocaust Memorial which reminded me of that old story “The emperor’s new clothes” but hey what do I know? Everyone else says it’s art!

At one stage we stumbled upon the ‘Topography of Terror’ museum. The museum stands on the grounds used during the Nazi regime as the headquarters of the SS and the Gestapo. Part of the exhibition is devoted to children and the ‘mentally ill’ who were experimented on by psychiatrists and scientists. By the time these children were finished with, most were executed or dead by some experimental drug or other. Sadly the dead ones were the lucky ones.

The ‘Topography of Terror’ website describes it here…

An Exhibition of the German Society of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Over seventy years after the systematic extermination of physically and mentally handicapped individuals began in 1939/1940, this exhibition recollects this dark chapter, the “child euthanasia” program during the Nazi period. Under this program, medical crimes were perpetrated against sick and disabled persons in Germany, including children and teenagers, based on Nazi racial ideology. Through 1945, over 10,000 of them fell victim to the various programs which were designed to exterminate “life unworthy of living.” More than 5,000 children and teenagers were tortured and murdered in the Nazi “children’s departments” alone, institutions which were specially created for the purpose of extermination. Children also fell victim to the “T4” gas chamber program and to the “starvation diet” which they received in the homes and institutions; they were abused for the purpose of experimentation and their organs where used after their death for research purposes.

The exhibition shows that the physicians who were involved in the killings were generally not concerned with painlessly ending the suffering of these individuals, but rather with “ridding” the public of “ballast existences” whose lives were extended only long enough “to serve science,” in accordance with Nazi racial ideology.

The point I’m trying to make…The Germans are nice people, couldn’t have been friendlier, yet their parents and grandparents did what Hitler requested, including allowing the mass murder of millions and the mass torture of people, including innocent children. This regime only ended 67 years ago, not hundreds of years ago. In another 67 years will history be repeating itself? Will our ancestors accuse us of blindly following Pharma just as the Germans did with hitler? Will millions have died because we believed the pharma advertising telling us we needed antidepressants, statins, and bloodpressure medication? The medicating of our children…will that be seen as another Hitleresque genocide? Has our naive belief in “doctor’s know best” enabled the distruction of millions, including our innocent children?

It’s common knowledge, despite the usual rebuttals from the paid pharma puppets, that antidepressants can cause suicide, homicide, and birth defects, among other things. The latest warnings to surface are with Statins, cholesterol-lowering drugs which millions have been persuaded that they need to prevent heart attacks and other problems. The FDA are warning that the widely prescribed cholesterol-lowering drugs could be linked to dementia, diabetes and muscle problems. Are they killing more people than they’re curing? Actually curing isn’t an option. The Pharmaceutical companies have it well sown up and are persuading people, that to keep healthy, they need to stay on these drugs indefinitely.

I’m just a mother who is totally convinced that her son was not capable of violence, yet on 17 days of Citalopram/Cipramil/Celexa committed suicide and homicide. For the health service departments and the medical professionals who are reading this, I suggest you read Professor Healy’s Blog where the scientific evidence and all important Data can be thoroughly explained.

4 thoughts on “‘Topography of Pharma Terror’”

  1. Thank you.
    As you know through your own experience,there are more and more people being seriously affected by the pharmaceutical scam. It’s our job to warn others. Quoting from ex-pharma rep John Virapen… “I am going nowhere!” As for GSK (Glaxo’s Seroxat Kills), what a horrible and deadly dangerous company.


  2. To the family of Shane I feel your sorrow as I was almost taken and have the grief of a missing 23 years of drugging that was totally unnecessary had I had the right help. I still to this cry a lot over when confronted with the evidence yet again over and over again. Please ! Never give up !

    Never take your freedom for granted. Imaging if you will giving you the hug you need every time you need it
    as a lasting gift. I can’t do the work but my heart leaps toward you in this . Everyone who has ever had the
    misfortune to have had a brush with the MH system I want to hug you when you cry or simply listen, but we know that is not possible if there is a deluge of folks wanting that. I did want the hugs and was misunderstood
    as one one who was not worthy enough imaging one from me OK.
    I am a 59 year old guy who is a Dutch Canadian who has become healed by a caring couple in New Zealand
    that now no longer do it. I will never forget that. The love from them will continue through the ages as they
    are immortalized through many they have healed.
    Much love to you and I hope you find closure and comfort any way you can
    My heart goes out to you
    Nico Vegt


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