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Two medical professionals asking the questions that need to be asked.

Professor Healy’s post, “Model Doctors” following on from ‘Shane’s Case’ states that if a drug company is asked up front, under oath, they are legally obliged to say that their drug can cause suicide, just like in Lundbeck’s case below:

AC: Do you believe that citalopram can cause somebody who would not otherwise take their own life to do so?

CM (Lundbeck Doctor) : Yes.

He further states “But an academic, such as an Irish Professor of Psychiatry, or a professional body, like the Irish College of Psychiatrists, are under no such obligation, and they can state even under oath that these drugs do not and cannot cause someone to take their own or another’s life.” Now I wonder who he is referring to? There are a few candidates coming to mind.

Co-incidently or not, another member of the Irish College of Psychiatry, Jim Lucey or James v. Lucey, whichever you prefer, was on RTE Radio with Pat Kenny this week, denying that Antidepressants can cause suicide. How can Lundbeck admit that their drug can cause suicide and this guy can go on our national Radio and deny it?


Then there is the retired psychiatrist who goes under the name of 1boringoldman who also picked up on Shane’s story via Professor Healy. His post is entitled “the warning” and here he asks some interesting questions for the busy practitioner;

Would you have gotten it? “began to get agitated” “tongue felt very swollen” “thought he had the flu” “feeling increasingly unwell” “an attempted suicide”. Again, the lead-in is being laid out for us by Dr. Healy’s presentation. The patient himself may have mentioned little of this on a doctor’s visit, saying perhaps that he “thought he had the flu” – and being truthful in saying that only. Would he have said he was suicidal on the HAM-D17 Item 4 that he filled out in your waiting room [if you were into such things]? Frankly, I doubt it, or at least think it would be possible that he didn’t put that down, maybe didn’t even feel suicidal or homicidal. Would the fact that after being on Citalopram for a short time [days] he called complaining of side effects? and by a week was feeling flu-like symptoms? or that his Mom was bringing him back early have been enough to tip you off? even if you weren’t his primary physician?

1boringoldman had already come across a terrible experience with Citalopram;

So considering retired Pathologist Declan Gilsenan publicly raised concerns about antidepressants and their relationship with suicide this week, what is being done about that? Today I rang the office of our minister with responsibility for Mental Health ‘Kathleen Lynch’ and left a message with regard to our proposed meeting. She hasn’t been replying to my E-mails so I thought a phone-call would be better; just waiting for a call back. Just how long will this issue be ignored and how many people will die before something is done?

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