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Why everyone on medication needs









Are you on medication? Would you like to see the side-effects that can accompany this medication? Click on the picture and enter the drug name.

Adverse side effects from prescription drugs are now a leading cause of death. This website offers a complete list of all medications and the side-effects that doctors will deny or worse, are completely unaware of., the first free website (not sponsored by big pharma or advertising) for patients and their doctors and pharmacists to research, and more importantly, easily report drug side effects.

This is information which the Irish Medicine’s Board should have freely available on their website; they don’t! Have you ever tried to look up the side-effects of a particular drug on the IMB website? I have; a whole lot of effort and a complete waste of time.

This is the brainchild of, among others, Professor David Healy, who states “You may have been told there is no evidence linking the treatment you are on to the problems you are experiencing. One reason there may be no evidence is because you and your doctor have been silenced.”

The European brand names will be coming soon, but for now you will have to enter the Generic name of the drug; citalopram for Cipramil, Escitalopram for Lexapro, etc.

The Irish College of Psychiatry will find it a useful source of information as they seem to be unaware that Antidepressants can cause a person to commit suicide. Go on I dare you, click on the link and put Citalopram in there.

8 thoughts on “Why everyone on medication needs”

  1. Great to see Another new site up on what these drugs really are. The more sites spreading the word, the less chance potential consumers have of being suckered by them.

    HOWEVER, this new site seems to have overlooked the Murder in FDA’s citalopram “safe and effective”.

    I didn’t see a label under Homicide, Murder, or Manslaughter there, unlike this site.

    10 Homicides & 351 Completed Suicides

    Oh well, is still new. Give them time. I’m sure they’ll get around to it.


  2. This should be a great help to many people.
    My researching my own ‘condition’ from the multitudal symptomatics having been induced by Venlafaxine Chloride xl/Efexor xr, has been a further traumatic experience through the minimal access to medical information that indeed proves the drug inducement.

    Unlike simplistic ‘honesty’ to make the data available, updated etc etc, there is, as like my own situation, a need to provide the clear fact of drug caused effect.
    When you, yourself know that cause is the drug but, snidey GP and colleague cohorts are deliberately denying that theres any connection its only moral as it is justifiable to have the information to
    1. Understand the pain, trauma, disease, dysfunction…
    2. Have a medical professional understand (as above)
    3. Be treated appropriately for ‘adverse effect’
    4. Pass on info to those around you.

    Its criminal that they (pHARMaceuticals) held back initially but to deny the effects of their poisons still, two decades later, is very twisted.

    The medicinal harm of us today is by far the most disgusting scam to obtain a profit, via the ‘create a patient’ and ‘keep a patient’. For pHARMa its business, and business relies on one damn thing, ‘keeping a customer’ it aint, keep a customer happy in this business, just keeping them through the lies of healthcare, ha what a joke!

    pHARMa is not about care and anyone on a drug is far from healthy.

    The death toll alone from ssris as you of course know Leonie, is sinister, the fact that this has not yet ceased the promoting and lies regarding its (excuse the bluntness) F*cking inane claim of, ‘benefit outweighing the risk’, is merely a basic, ‘profit outweighing the reality’ and even as is, as the thousands whom have been to suffer fataly, the thousand of thousands more, still being drugged because those who died are callously labled as statistics.

    Statistics remove the reality of what the risk is and should be, to then outweigh the (falsified) benefits..

    Sorry Leonie, i do rant alot on your posts.

    I cant help it, even if i start calm as i write, i get riled on the go lol.

    The articles a great one, i am yet to go check this link to see if they provide the extensive actuality of induced symptoms?

    The one thing that really pisses me off, is any common sense a patient/researcher has regarding what soon becomes evident in regards to adverse reacting, is the science and medical professional will always say (as you have stated), ‘no proof of/non identified/that hasnt been evidented’, so effing what!….

    Maybe if honesty was part of the get up here, itd be very identified, as much as, you are a damn professional, spost to have a effing intelligence so how the damn f*ck, can you not recognise a medication targeting both the brain and cns, the two damn things science and medicine knows sweet F.A about, may well be causing absolutely anything it could possibly cause?.

    I aint no uni scholar but, who the hell needs to be, to know they are being made ill?, let alone to be kept ill through primary care arrogance and pHARMa profit over patient bullshit.

    I truly cant understand my own stupidity to have trusted the medical proferssion, its actually blatant how corrupt it is.

    I respect there are good, decent honest medical professionals, there are a few, i dont deny ive come across a couple, and i know there are the HEALys (lol) that are undoubtedly the voice of reason that have kept the entirety of the corruption from total control, i praise such people i do.

    The rest are a majority of lazy, irritable, self superior bastards who have contempt for those they are supposed to treat (its their f*cking job and theyre paid enough!!) … Sorry i really am stressing today, i have an Atos (A ‘bunch of’ toss-ers) form i need to fill out, i started but i just cant do it, 18 (19 if include unborn child) suicides already attributed from this evil procedure of fake medicals that are not medicals (its true) that are unqualified Healthcare providers who provide no care whatsoever, base your fitness to work upon a computer score point system of whether you can watch tv, respond to conversation, take a bus, climb stairs, bend your legs crap, neglecting the whether you can do this continually, have a tendancy to panic, are in pain, need time top do etc, i was, as am still reducing, suffering multitudes of mental and physical symptoms as i adversely react and suffer withdrawal, last time i scored 9 points (need 15 to pass), the Atos HCP stated my only problem was street drug use, (stimulant i use to counteract the Efexor induced somnolence) did not mention the Efexor drug, said nothing of brutal effects that are both visible and unnatural as also excruciating and clearly not healthy.

    Blah sorry, didnt mean to whine, needed to voice it i think?
    Thanx for the link. I will go check it out now.



  3. The sites extremely basic, it could be my browser?, ive registered but i cant get any link going elsewhere i’ll try again later.


  4. Hi to you both,
    Thanks for the comments and Rant away xx
    I did ask that question about where is the ‘Homicide’ side-effects. At the moment it’s lumped in with ‘Agression’ so will have to wait till it’s updated. The European names of the drugs will be updated soon also. It’s just in the early stages but as it’s not Pharma funded and as there are good people behind the site, I have every faith in them.
    As for the 1,161suicides, I would add an extra few noughts to the end of that number. The useless Pharma funded medicines regulators won’t do anything either way.

    D.. “I aint no uni scholar”, That’s funny because I actually thought you WERE a student as you always have so much info, a lot of which goes way over my head.


    1. Hi Leonie, you made me giggle, no not a student lol.

      I think im a (now confessed) ‘self obsessive’ researcher into ssri/snri medications.

      Ever since i found out the medication was the cause of everything i have had to endure, ive become very obsessed with every detail of the drugs involved.
      I study the clinical trials, keep updated, follow the clinical data, search deep web archives, they code alot of the data but, being as mentally obsessive that i clearly am lol, i sit and decode it all via medical professional sites, (like a foreign language manual only numbers and Latin terms- very boring but the intent to understand overrides it, i think lol) its actually extremely over the top, i dont know why i feel the need to keep watch?, they trial these drugs continuously for futile reasons, when you compare to the what ‘we’ as the victims of, are already aware of.

      Besides its so obvious now, any few week or few month trial will not ever compare to reality of prescribing.

      Everyone is a unique genetic build up, we are all a similar structure but these drugs effect the ‘personal attributes’ the personality/individual thought process/creativity of individual minds.

      Excuse the following expressions but, its how i feel, as also see, these drugs as being… They are chemical violations, a raping of the cns, mind and brain.

      The brain is an amazing machine that science is oblivious to.
      The cns is also,
      these machines, hold memory, the subconcious, the emotions etc, the mind is both combined, the you, the what makes you who you are.

      Unfortunately i, as millions of us have, fell for the lies that science tells
      Science is evil to have done this. We all know that though.

      Can you believe, in America they have a drug to cure Racism?
      What utter bullshit!.

      For a start Racism is idle idiotic ‘nonsensical’ crap. The Human mind is not instinctive to see colour of skin and feel, threatened, angry, aggressive etc,so its been placed there at some time.

      Race Hate is the real issue, and race hate comes from the subconcioius, it is from repetitive hearing over time and or emotive attatchment a person will have formed to have related it.
      Example. Racist parents, like religious os political parents will both knowingly and unknowingly form a belief within their child.

      Some kids will discover alternative ideas some wont.

      The mind is based on logics too, to understand it is wrong, it needs to confront a face on to that issue, it must see to believe.

      A drug cannot erase racism, if it does? It will erase alot more, the subconcious mind will be erased completely (theres no flag to identify the racist part).

      To erase the subconcious will be to erase all that keeps a person moral.
      Albeit racism is not moral, but thats just one flaw in all other morals to erase.. Can you imagine the blunting of morals?

      Ssris/snris are to induce worsening we know it, these drugs to were erase emotional downsides but they defect, they blunt the ability to emote naturally, hence the destruction that follows.
      What the hell are they doing, its not science is barbaric experimentation?

      If, and only if?, this drug were true?
      Have they evidented proof for us to see? No.
      But its the same ol same ol, ‘Advanced Science Breakthrough’ bollox, that because its states science and advanced, the whole world believes it.

      Brainwashed masses are we not, and only those like us, who did ‘see it for ourselves’ believe otherwise.
      Link to racism pill……….


      1. Co-author Professor Julian Savulescu, from Oxford University’s Faculty of Philosophy, said: “Such research raises the tantalising possibility that our unconscious racial attitudes could be modulated using drugs, a possibility that requires careful ethical analysis . . .”

        “Such research raises the tantalising possibility” that these studies are a pile of s**t and that the ignorance racists portray is just as prevalent in our esteemed Universities. Before anyone one takes offence, I’m not accusing these University professionals of racism, just ignorance and stupidity.


      2. Indeed, and well said, wish i could do the short n sweet to the point thing, evidently i cant, i rant and ramble, (im sure its noted lol).

        Damn insane isnt it.
        Science needs to leave well alone the workings of any living brain.

        The damage done is not enough for these twisted and brutal bastards, they want to further damage and they lie to do it.

        Logic itself is enough to realise they will never understand the most amazing yet complex living machine.

        The brain is naturally a designed organic mechanism, if science understood anything it should be that!
        Pumping chemicals into the unique self charged electrical pattern makes no sense
        It cannot be bettered, it can only be destroyed, as we all know.

        We know this but because we are anti mutilation and with compassion we are rendered, clueless, with no voice, i hate these bastards so much.


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