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Citalopram aggression, how much evidence do we need?

How much evidence do the regulators need?

More evidence has emerged today that Citalopram can cause violence. Professor Healy’s blog today tells of his experience with an 8o year old man who had a stroke and was subsequently prescribed Citalopram. Here he states that in his opinion the man did not need an antidepressant….

I stopped his SSRI and said I would come back in a week to see how things looked – perhaps his depression would be more obvious then.

A week later, Jeff seemed much better than he had been on citalopram. He clearly didn’t need an antidepressant – if he wasn’t rehabilitating it was because of where his stroke had struck.

I got up to leave just as his family came in. He grabbed my arm. ‘I’ve something to tell you before you go. You see the man across the room’. There was another older man confined to his bed.

‘Well while on those pills you know I had a terrible urge to get up from my bed in the night and go over and strangle him. I don’t know why. I’ve never seen him before. Those feelings have gone since you stopped my pills.’ Full post here.


What about Lundbeck, who are under investigation by the European Commission? Even they have admitted that their drug can cause suicide.

AC: Do you believe that citalopram can cause somebody who would not otherwise take their own life to do so?

CM (Lundbeck Doctor) : Yes.

What about 1boringoldman, another psychiatrist with a terrible experience of Citalopram….

He got called for an interview at the school, and I was afraid that he was so depressed that he wouldn’t be able to rise to the occasion, so I put him on Citalopram [$4/month at Kroger]. After just a few days, he became “crazy” and like a “madman.” He couldn’t sleep and progressed to delirium. It cleared in a day and a half off the medication. “I was jumping out of my skin. I wanted to kill, me or someone else,” he said later. I learned my lesson.

What about all the other Coroner’s who have expressed concerns about this depressant, excuse me for my choice of word but these concerns have been raised at people’s Inquests, so Citalopram certainly wasn’t an anti-depressant; Magistrate Jacqueline M. Milledge, Aus, Coroner Ian Smith Cumbria, U.K, Birmingham coroner Aiden Cotter U.K, Brecon coroner Geraint Williams, and our own ex-pathologist Declan Gilsenan.

This post is only about Citalopram. I haven’t even started on Escitalopram (same product, different label) or any other SSRI. It seems they all have similar effects and can cause suicide, homicide, aggression, Depression, and Birth defects.

So tell me, how much evidence is needed before people are allowed to get a fair warning? How long will the College of psychiatry of Ireland get away with denying the side-effects? How many Shanes will there be before then? How many more Coroners and psychiatrists will it take to raise their concerns, before the IMB or the EMA will do the job that they are paid to do?

And lastly, will Lundbeck ever decide to do the decent thing and slap the warnings on these drugs? Or will the European Commission expose more of their corruption and fraud? Or maybe Lundbeck’s pharmacovigilence department will publish the number of reported deaths? As Shane would have said, Meh!

I should mention that Citalopram and Escitalopram came 14th and 16th in the PLoS ONE study “Prescription Drugs Associated with Reports of Violence Towards Others”. Link, 31 drugs were identified; 11 were antidepressants. Still not enough evidence?

10 thoughts on “Citalopram aggression, how much evidence do we need?”

  1. The Evidence…… Joke isnt it. I know how agressive, stressed, even psychotic i have been, i know it was never there before, to me thats evidence enough, to have only another claim mental disturbance is an ‘outweighing any benefit’ to have blatantly abused two formally healthy brains.

    The thousands upon thousands of testamonies does prove these drugs are not warranting benefit to any person


  2. My daughter , who is ten and bipolar, PDD and has explosive disorder was put on this drug three weeks ago. i asked her not to say a curse word tonight and she went awall. i thought she was going to hit me, every time i backed up she came at me with her fists up. i have to say i was scared??? i am not scared of much but she was like possessed. told me she hates me and if i touch her she will call the police???her doctor gave her this, i should not trust these drugs.


    1. Hi Kim,

      Okay, firstly what you need to do is read the patient information leaflet carefully.
      Here it is here:

      The black box warning was put on these drugs because of the increased risk or suicide in under 25s.

      You need to ask your doctor whether this drug is approved for your daughter’s conditions or whether he is prescribing it off-label. These SSRIs are associated with causing suicide, aggression, depression, mania, birth defects, the list goes on…… Prescribing this drug for a 10 year old is, in my opinion, a tragedy. She is 10, hardly more than a baby and mixing this ‘mind altering drug’ with a young developing brain is just wrong. My son was 22. He was clever, kind and very sensible. Yet after 17 days on this drug, he killed himself and another young man in the most violent manner.

      Was your daughter’s behaviour better or worse pre-drug? If I was you, I would get advice on how to take your daughter off Citalopram. It is very important that she is watched closely for discontinuation effects (withdrawal) as the problem of ‘drug induced’ suicide, violence, mania, akathisia ect, can occur upon starting, discontinuing and dosage change (up or down) with all SSRIs.

      These articles may be useful:
      Renowned Psychiatry Professor Helped Forest Labs Cover up Bad Results of Antidepressant in Children:

      FDA warning of heart problems with Celexa:


      If you need any further information you can e-mail me at



    1. Wow..Thanks Tim, I hadn’t seen that one. Poor women, and I mean both the victim and the woman who committed this terrible act. Both were most probably unsuspecting victims of Lundbeck greed. Lundbeck have known of this problem since the drug was first distributed. In fact an elderly woman died by suicide in one of their trials but they still went ahead with this ‘safe’ drug. They knew about Shane and all the others, yet this woman was not warned…. way to go Lundbeck; another couple of Citalopram victims. You must be so proud but then, she paid for her pills (very dearly).

      In 2004 Lundbeck sent a warning letter to Health Canada; no such warning in Ireland and the UK. The warning included this paragraph:

      “Patients, their families and caregivers should note that a small number of patients taking drugs of this type may feel worse instead of better, particularly within the first few weeks of treatment or when doses are adjusted. For example, they may experience unusual feelings of agitation, hostility or anxiety, or have impulsive or disturbing thoughts that could involve self-harm or harm to others.”

      Thanks again Tim,


  3. Well as for me, I was prescribed Citalopram for a year for severe depression, but decided to stop taking them for good reason.

    As I had experienced more or less the same thing in taking them, but also something else that isn’t mentioned which I’ll get into.

    Well for starters, I experienced loss of control of moods and body (like someone else was in control), to the point of where I could have gotten sectioned… Due to because I went insane (twice). Basically all of this didn’t happen all at once, but over the year in me taking them.


  4. My ex partner was taking Citalopram. He never drank alcohol and was on this medication for a few years. One night we went to an anniversary and he drank a bottle of wine (He had not drank on Citalopram prior to this) We were both around a lot of friends and enjoying ourselves so never gave the alcohol a thought. The next morning he was very quiet and shouted at our dog when she barked, I slightly raised my voice and told him that she was only a young dog and quite timid. He walked over to me and threw his cup of tea in my face, I was really annoyed so as he placed the cup down I pushed it onto the floor, he quickly picked up a shard of the cup and started slicing it through the air in front of my face, I worried it was going to slice my throat so I used my arm to defend myself, he sliced my forearm very badly, when I got to hospital the staff treated us both like dirt. I am very annoyed to learn about the effects of Citalopram and the damage it can do, he had never been violent like this before so it was plain obvious it was the mix of citalopram and alcohol. I did forgive him as I am sure he went into a blank when he did this, but I cannot forgive the fact that nobody questioned us about his use of this drug or made us aware of the possible serious side effects. I am very annoyed that people are not warned by their consultants and these drugs should be used with great caution.


  5. I know this is a very old post, but I had to share my experiences… I’m a 40 year old married stay at home wife. This medication caused extremely violent thoughts in my mind as well as audible and visual hallucinations. Black spiders, bees, shadowy things out of the corner of my eye, a visual blur of my recently deceased dog… audible versions of anything from my dog’s bark (who’s passed) to snarling growling monsters and people screaming in my ear. It made me paranoid (everyone was out to get me or was laughing at me) and many times I would get set off by the smallest thing that usually wouldn’t even trigger anything at all and my mind would go to the worst possible way to destroy someone or something in my head and even worse was I couldn’t let go of the thoughts they would cycle and get worse more detailed more complex. Napping was the only way to reset myself and sometimes that didn’t work. Never wanted to hurt myself, my husband or my animals… but at that time the rest of the world wasn’t safe from me.

    This is NOT me, I’m in no way shape or form a violent person. Violence is one of those things I avoid at all costs. The effects of Celexa scared me to panic attacks and anxiety about going outside around people… I thought I was finally losing my mind and all it was going to take was one person saying the wrong thing on the wrong day. My other animals and husband were avoiding me to prevent outbursts. For one month, it worked fabulously, but that second month started the worst effects I’ve ever experienced with a medication. While going off the symptoms got worse then started getting better…

    Since I’ve stopped taking it everyday (currently 7 days fully free) the thoughts, the moods, and everything else has trickled down to a near stop. I believe I’ll be fully recovered in a week or two at most. Please be careful with this medication, it caused very different effects to my husband more physical effects than my mental effects, I couldn’t imagine what this might to do someone who’s naturally violent.


  6. ive been taking citalopram for about a month now, 20mg. i have noticed it has made me more aggressive, but i’m actually glad. why? because i am male and before starting the med, i was full of depression, fear, worry.. i had become a big, frightened baby, thanks to depression. now i feel tougher and i’m very pleased about that. if i’m honest, i feel a little more over-agressive than i would want, but compared to how i was, i’ll settle for that.


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