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My story; I hope it never becomes yours.

My story; I hope it never becomes your story.

My name is Tony and I’m 51 years old. I am so lucky to have met my true soul mate, Leonie; she is the core of my world. Everything revolves around her and our kids, to say we were blissfully happy, is an understatement. We cruised through life, nothing could rock us, the foundation was solid. I’m a motor mechanic, own my own garage and Leonie is a hairdresser, we worked hard and laughed harder. Then one day, on August 16th 2009, the Police came to our home and told us our beautiful son Shane had killed another person and himself; words will never be able to say how we felt, our world crashed. Most of you will know about Shane’s story, a really good guy, big heart, never drank, final year in Trinity, the sensible one, believe me, he was all of above and more.

You see this is my problem, Shane never had any mental health problems, he broke up with his girlfriend and had a broken heart for a few months, the worst he could do was cry; so what? He had emotions like any other decent human being, which to me meant he cared for people. We brought him to a doctor, which I thought was like someone bringing a broken car to me to fix, and that the doctors would do the same for Shane.

As far as I am concerned, when Shane walked through their doors and paid money for their professional services, a contract was formed and they had a duty to care for Shane. Anti depressants (SSRI’s) we thought were happy pills, well they are called ANTI-depressants, yet after 17 days of these mind altering drugs the tragic events were to unfold. We just didn’t understand until Dr. Michael Corry, RIP, stated that Shane could not have done what he did if he was not on these drugs and then it started to make sense.

I feel so sorry for the people that have lost someone to suicide and didn’t have someone like Dr Corry to tell them the hidden truth. People just don’t make the connection with suicide/homicide and the side effects of these dangerous drugs. We look at the world in a very different way now, we have discovered exactly how corrupt the pharmaceutical companies, Irish Psychiatry and the medical system are, so let’s call a spade a spade, in my opinion they are getting away with murder.

I love my wife and my kids, always have and always will, that’s a given, but it’s also a fact that we will never stop campaigning till the truth prevails. Let’s hope our Government will do the right thing and listen to Professor Healy and Declan Gilsenan when we meet, and act on this. People need to be warned about the side-effects of these mind altering drugs. Ireland was the first country in Europe to ban smoking in public, so why can we not be the first to make medicine safe again? And hopefully my story will never become yours?

10 thoughts on “My story; I hope it never becomes yours.”

  1. This made me cry Tony. I’m so sorry for your loss and so proud to be friends with people who are doing so much to stop what was done to Shane being done to other kids. Thank you so much xx


  2. Such a painful loss—It is so freaking senseless and tragic. Bless you both–“we will never stop campaigning till the truth prevails”—I know the truth of this—there is nothing like the love of a parent for their child. thank you.


  3. Hello Tony.
    Ive been by a few times now to respond to your wifes, ‘Leonies’ posts, im a ranter at the best of times but am always respectfully in agreement of Leonies posts.

    Ireland like everywhere on this planet is a victim of pHARMa false reports, ghostwritten reviews,…. Blah lets be blunt ‘PROFIT BASED LIES’.

    The story you give is sad, unjust and needless yet, only we, the ‘affected’ will say as such because pHARMa are callous as much as they are greedy!

    The fact that they destroy lives, brutally and devestatingly as they do is beyond reason, profit over patient is clear, business is business and who wants to be losing any customers right!

    Unfortunately, i, as yourselves also, did trust the medicinal bull we are fed, believed in advanced medicine, believed my GP telling me these poisons would lift my spirit….

    My story very diferent to your own, yet as traumatic, torn and unjust, via loss of normality and reason, for me, i was the violent agressive and mentally unstable wreck, that i still am eleven years on due to withdrawal.

    I would like to see those oposing the drugs effects take the drugs themselves as they clearly state the reality as not so, if we are honest? We know they are lying scum, but, if morals ruled the world?, well! their participation to indulge to prove themself would be evident, as they were subjected to the evil mind mutation they so adamantly defend as not so.

    Alas such a thing will never happen.
    You and leonie are both very wronged, your son Shane was taken for reasons that can never be reasoned themself. My heart goes out to you both and your family as always has done since first having read Leonies blog posts.

    I think, by having fought so hard as you both have, you are proof of true justice seeking that so many would be none the wiser had you not continued.

    I for one applaud both your dedication and ability to hold strong as the loving family you clearly are.

    Many families would unfortunately turn on the ones closest, not that they should be condemned but, sadly it does often happen, when it doesnt?, its an extremely beautiful thing. I have tears welling as i write, emoting for you both, myself and the untold amount of those ‘out there’ in the same or similar situations.

    Much respect to you Tony, Leonie too.


  4. Thank you all so much for your lovely words of support. I usually leave the blogging to the missus but just felt the need to share how wonderful Shane was. Leonie usually gets bogged down with side-effects, stats and facts and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I really appreciate the support and the support you have always shown to Leonie and Shane.
    Thank you again so much.


    1. Youre welcome Tony, i myself thank you both for sharing your world.
      Respectfully its understandable that Leonie has a ‘day off’,
      my respect and regards to you both always.


  5. im very sorry for ur loss i cant imagine how urself and ur family are coping . I can only say good luck with your campaign .


  6. dear tony..with interest i and my sister follow your blog.i am the sister in law of jason edwards who is mentioned on leonies page.its been 2 years 3 months since we lost jason in the most life changing way.all due to beinging placed on “ANTI-DEPRESSENTS” for a bad back! the pain sorrow and grief we are feeling i dont think will ever leave us..we also want to tell the world how wonderful jason was and hes passing has left a huge gapping hole in are hearts..there will never be another jason so memories are all we have..these doctors are still handing out theses so called fixers then not taking the time to be watchfull over.them..only a few months ago a friends husband went to the same gp at the same practice as jason..hes 88yrs old went down with sleeping problems {which at that age isnt un comman] and was placed on “anti-depressents” he refused them given what has happened to our family!


    1. Hello Kelly,
      Thank you so much for looking at our blog and taking the time to read my story. I was very sorry to hear about what happened to Jason and we know what it is like to tow a heavy broken heart around. If there is a God, Jason is with shane and all the others, in a much better place were no one can ever hurt them. We, like you, and all the vunerable, have to carry on and try to prevent big Pharma, Psychiatry and those that are ignorant in the medical profession, who are killing our loved ones, from doing it again to others.
      Kindest wishes and much respect to you, your sister and his little girls.


  7. I am very sorry to hear about your son I have made a comment on ssri s these tables are dangerous because I known I am taking them but I am ok lexapro???? Takes about maybe 6 weeks to work or longer normally your given xanax along with anti depressions Dr or phy will never understand unless they have taken the anti depressions them selfs fair enough!!


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