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Prozac led to grandfather’s suicide.

Prescription pills led to Littlehampton grandfather’s suicide  

Brian Palmer, 63, another SSRI victim.

Here’s another Coroner’s warning concerning another SSRI, Fluoxetine, also know as Prozac, and again the Coroner is left to do the job of the medicines regulator. Days after he began taking Prozac, Brian Palmer’s mental health deteriorated and he shot himself in the head.

Excerpts from Article…

THE devastated family of a grandfather who killed himself following a bad reaction to anti-depressants have urged doctors to warn patients of the possible side-effects before prescribing the drugs.

The coroner at an inquest held last Wednesday (March 14) at Chichester concluded he took his own life following the prescription of anti-depressant pills.

Speaking after the hearing, Brian’s widow Jennifer, 62, appealed to doctors to take the time to explain to their patients all the possible side-effects of any drugs they prescribe.

She said: “I noticed a change in him almost straight after taking the pills. I asked to see the box in the days before but he said he couldn’t find it. I found it a few days after his death and it listed all the changes I had seen in him. My heart just stopped.

The inquest heard how, days after Mr Palmer began taking the drugs, his mental health deteriorated.

Recording a narrative verdict, coroner Penelope Schofield said: “He took his own life following the prescription of the drug Fluoxetine and Zopiclone.”

The coroner said she would be writing to the Fitzalan Medical Centre to advise GPs there  to warn all patients of the potential side-effects any prescribed drug can have. Full Article.


How much evidence is needed? There is so much evidence that Prozac and other SSRI’s can cause suicide and homicide and yet this poor man probably had no warning. At least in England, unlike in Ireland, there was no psychiatrist attending this Inquest denying that SSRI’s can cause suicide.

The first high-profile Prozac Murder/suicide; Link.

Prozac blamed for woman’s suicide; Link.

John virapen admits to bribing the Swedish Government to enable the licencing of Prozac; Link.

Then there is Maria, whose son died by by suicide less than 2 weeks after starting Prozac; Link.

Prozac defence for murder; Link.

9 thoughts on “Prozac led to grandfather’s suicide.”

  1. Its continuum is equally as shocking and despairing, how much longer can the pHARMa scum deny, get away with and continue to profit from these poisons?

    Did you know that medications are now soon to be microchipped to ensure patients are taking their meds?
    I kid you not. I havnt a direct link but i urge you to at least search ‘helia loyds pharmacy NHS microchip’ in any web search engine.

    Its pHARMing the Human race. Dear God what next?


  2. But the Benefits Outweigh the Risks.

    Effect of Chronic Escitalopram versus Placebo on Personality Traits in Healthy First-Degree Relatives of Patients with Depression: A Randomized Trial.

    Under “Results”

    “There was no significant effect on subclinical depressive symptoms (p = 0.6).”


  3. In healthy first-degree relatives of patients with MD, there is no effect of escitalopram on neuroticism, but IT IS POSSIBLE that escitalopram MAY increase the personality traits of agreeableness and conscientiousness??

    Seriously…what a pile of POSSIBLE crap which MAY OR MAY NOT be an attempt at humour!


  4. Yes it does. It specifically criminalizes the use of Interstate Commerce Facilities in the commission of murder for hire.

    1: Are Interstate Commerce Facilities in the US being used to distribute the drugs?
    Yes (commercial trucking, air freight, rail, UPS etc, & using US mail, electronic mail to bill, pay for the product, pay the employees, Should have the US Postal Service prosecuting under this statute as well as for Federal Mail Fraud.)

    2: Are people/employees being Paid/Hired to distribute the drugs using Interstate Commerce Facilities?
    3: Do the drugs cause Murder?
    4: Are the prescribers in possession of the Knowledge that the drugs cause Murders?

    In California, Risperdal requires registration with the Cal. State Police and every prescriber Knows it.

    The State Police don’t have time to concern themselves with Brain Death, Heart Attacks, or even Suicide.
    They DO concern themselves with murder/potential murder.

    No more proof is needed.

    And once you walk through the 1958 door you find the doors to sec 1957, 1956, and 1952 also unlocked.

    If we want the carnage reined in it has to be done by the Judiciary, because State Legislatures have enacted a slather of protectionist code which allows it to continue. Those State Codes must be overturned/voided which is what Any Judiciary in Any Country is Lawfully Empowered/Supposed to be doing unlike an activist pantload I got from a teacher of law who told me that the role of the judiciary is to create new institutions and invigorate old ones. (And you wonder How we All got stuck with these drug ghouls)

    To get any Court to even hear your gripe, you need a legal peg to hang it on. The fact that you got a raw deal is irrelevant. They’ll tell you, We’re Sorry, and yes life Is unfair, but we’re not empowered to make it our concern.”

    The Statute however is extremely specific as to what IS the Court’s concern/duty to address.

    The Statute doesn’t specify that the victim be identified by name or in any other fashion, only that the end result be murder. And while selling Suicide which is much more common by these drugs may also be described as selling the act of self-murder, the Statute doesn’t even require characterizing self-murder as an offense. It’s an additional legal hair which might be split-able here, though the Statute doesn’t require it to.

    If the people involved in any aspect of these drugs reaching the public sell them across State Lines without actually Walking them down the freeway in cardboard boxes, then there Are grounds and Courts do have jurisdiction to at least Hear the argument.

    The Racketeering Laws are the direct consequence of behaviorist Social Engineering. In America the 18th Amendment criminalized alcohol. Bootleggers grew into very rich organized crime syndicates by providing alcohol. When the 21st Amendment repealed the ban those crime syndicates had scads of money which they put into other illegal activities, and Congress created the Racketeering Statutes to suppress the crime syndicates that the prohibition of alcohol created.

    (if I ever get an extra year, I’ll try to figure out how to just post so it links back to blogger instead of the empty pg at wordpress)


  5. And Furthermore;

    The Statute doesn’t state that violation even requires actually crossing a State Line. It criminalizes using Interstate Commerce Facilities. So, even if the attempt, (which doesn’t even have to be completed: in this case the murder causing drug), meets the criteria of the “or conspires to do so” clause, so long as Commerce Facilities such as Banks, Savings & Loans, Wire Services for transferring money which as a part of their everyday, legal Commercial activities do transfer money across State Lines, and/or commercial shippers which engage in Legal Commerce across State lines become involved at all, the Racketeering Statutes make even the attempt a prosecutable offense.

    Congress involved Interstate Commerce Facilities for the express purpose of expanding the law’s capture net as broadly as they could to allow law enforcement a virtually nuclear crime busting tool.

    The Congressional authority to enact this draconian, Federal, Police State Power was justified by Congress as being one of the enumerated powers granted them by the Constitution’s

    “Article I:

    Section. 8. The Congress shall have Power, ….. ;

    To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;”

    America’s Founders never intended Congress to enact any such power grab, and even if they’d known the Mafia was coming they Still wouldn’t have authorized the Commerce Clause to fight them, but that’s never stopped Congress from Commerce Clausing anything they damn well pleased anyway.

    It’s Original Intent was to prevent Trade Wars between the States through their taxing each other’s goods and manipulating their individual currencies.

    Whether the Racketeering Statutes pass Constitutional muster or not, and whether I Agree with them or not isn’t moot. They exist. They’re not going to be repealed, and they Can be used against drug companies and everyone involved in their products/activities right on down the line.

    As for the clause “or conspires to do so”, all That requires is proof that as few as two people cooked up a plan to sell the stuff which involves using Interstate Commerce Facilities of Any sort in Any way shape or form. So long as murder Can result, and it Has resulted in the past, this Statute fits.

    You’ll notice it also includes the words “Foreign Commerce” so it Should grant the Government and Citizens of Ireland legal standing to prosecute any American Based company or company that does business in America in an American Court, for violating American law just for Using Any Institution of already Lawful Commercial Activity in Ireland.


  6. Leonie…as usual you do so much to “highlight the truth” but who is listening…for the last week we have had everyone from the Taoiseach to Gerry Adams trying to save the Garth concerts…just to mention my own point of view here in defence of Garth (I was not a fan but I am a warrior of fairness) Taoiseach Kenny begged, pleaded, and so shamefully made every Irish person on any side of the globe in 2013 to come and help the Irish economy, come visit in the name of The Gathering….now we have 400,000 to bring economy,love and music to the Irish Isle and how it has been knocked…Can you see the whole picture Leonie – You, Dr David Healy, Dr Peter Goetsche and so many others have put their own jobs, lives at risk to tell the story of pharma control on society…and the so many suicides, pharma control of the innocent…As the body count is rising, our Taoiseach goes bargaining with Big Pharma for higher funds for the elite and the suffering goes on…patients are sold to Pharma for clinical trials and psychotropic drugging – the biggest Criminal control in this country stems from our government, policed by Gardai and our dear Irish army…just like the Magdalene women and the symphysiotomy women and the so innocent patient before Doctor WHO IS FIRST CONTROLLED BY MR PHARMA, SANCTIONED BY CORRUPT GOVERNMENT…and so it goes on and on…God help us all…How dare they who in power can state to the Symphysiotomy survivors “we will pay you a certain amount but we will not admit liability”…and so it is with everything in Pharma Clincial Trials and Pharma drugging of the innocent sanctioned by Governments of Shame…


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