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Jake, that was one hell of an ad.

Here’s a slight change to the norm on this blog. This is not about Shane or Lundbeck. Sometimes, just sometimes, things can still make us laugh and this is one of those times.

I just wanted to share a story involving Shane’s brother, my other son Jake, 20. Himself and his friends made an advertisment for a competition which I, being biased, think is hilarious. Joe the director won an iPad 2, so I guess the organisers thought it was pretty good too. Jake is the one who went around for a week with red hands and a high-blood pressure complexion; so I’m sure you can guess which one he is! The 4 Wicklow boys could give the big advertising agencies a run for their money. Pharma advertising companies need not apply!!

Have a look for yourself…

Director: Joe Reid

Narrator: James Cantwell

Actors: Jake Clancy and Kyle Byrne


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