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Niall Boylan of Classic hits Radio; great show on the adverse effects of antidepressants.

Last week on Classic hits 4FM, Niall Boylan did a show on the overprescribing of Antidepressants and the dangerous adverse effects of these drugs. There was 2 medical professionals on the show, Dr. Moira Dolan from Texas and Dr. Harry Barry from Ireland.

Dr. Dolan talked about how antidepressants have been involved in the majority of school-shootings around the world. She also spoke about Akathisia: an adverse effect of these drugs that the pharmaceutical companies are well aware of but the majority of the public are not. Akathisia is an adverse effect of these drugs which can cause a person to commit suicide and suicide/homicide.

Well done to Classic Hits 4FM for allowing this Doctor to warn the Irish Public.

Dr. Harry Barry didn’t have much input or opinion on the fact that these drugs can cause suicide and/or homicide. I guess that’s his right. Dr. Barry was the guest speaker at the launch of Lundbeck’s Mental Health Barometer. Lundbeck make the antidepressant Cipramil, the same drug that Shane was on and the same drug which caused my lovely son to commit murder suicide after 17 days. Harry also gets a mention in Lundbeck’s ‘Lean on Me’ campaign.

In my opinion (and I’m entitled to have one) doctors can of course be linked to pharmaceutical companies, it isn’t a crime, BUT if people are dying from these drugs, at least give all the information.                                

Anyway, I came on the show after Harry left, so I missed the opportunity to ask him directly about his relationship with Lundbeck. Maybe I’m being a bit hard on Harry, maybe he truly isn’t aware of how corrupt Lundbeck are; if he isn’t, I apologise.

For anyone with a low attention span (like me), Dr. Dolan speaks first and I am on at around 42 mins. Click on the link to listen to the show; Link

10 thoughts on “Niall Boylan of Classic hits Radio; great show on the adverse effects of antidepressants.”

  1. You spoke really well Leonie, very proud of you 🙂

    Dr Harry Barry has a new book out… that figures! I wonder is he still doing chit chats for Lundbeck related promotional activities? To be honest, I think a lot of these doctors are just very misguided. But, it’s no excuse. All of these doctors and psychiatrists whom promote medication for pharmaceutical companies are complicit in mis-information, mis-diagnosis, over-diagnosis and over-prescription of psychiatric drugs. The irony is they then seem to claim this concern about it, when it’s them who have created the epidemic…

    “The DSM mostly based on guess, prejudice and wishful thinking”…
    “Psychiatrists have no real concept of what they are trying to fix or what they are prescribing”…

    Very True.

    Harry Barry says : “for some people medications has worked for some it’s totally inappropriate” ..

    This implies that the prescribing is guess work and purely based on arbitrary opinion?
    Who decides if it is appropriate? Who decides if it’s going to work?
    Harry Barry has more or less admitted that they don’t really know…

    “Akathisia occurs in 75 % of cases across the psychiatric drug class” (including SSRI’s).

    Why do psychiatrists and doctors never warn people about Akathisia? Because Akathisia is the elephant in the room and it’s something that they really don’t want to the public to know about…

    Dr Harry Barry seems to be fascinated that depression has existed for millennia. Depression is an integral part of the human condition, it’s no real great mystery. It’s not a disease. It’s a human response. It’s despair.


    1. Yes, he does seem to live in lala land… Well Mr Barry, I can tell you for a FACT that these drugs can cause suicide, because I was on the damn drugs and they made me suicidal, and aggressive and a nervous wreck. When will they start listening to people who have experience with the effects of these drugs? It’s so patronizing and insulting to hear a so called ‘doctor’ speak such mis-informed and mis-guided nonsense about an aspect of the human condition that he clearly has no direct experience of. Until an individual is depressed and they feel the awful side effects of an SSRI, or you watch someone close to you experience the horrors of these drugs then really the opinion is of no consequence…


  2. Niall was excellent. Harry waffled a lot and Moira Dolan certainly had her facts to hand. Your contribution was superb. Well done once more- no missed opportunity where you are concerned.


    1. Thanks Chris,
      I hate doing these things but feel I have a duty to warn others. Irish doctors and psychiatrists certainly don’t warn, and worse, they actively deny that these drugs can cause suicide. Shame on them.
      I do it because of Shane, but I also do it because of all the other special people that have died as a result of being prescribed these drugs.


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