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Medical experts meet in Leinster House.

Today we met with Kathleen Lynch, the minister with responsibility for mental health. After the initial niceties, the first point she made was that she saw the article in the Examiner and she was hoping that the meeting today would be kept private and out of the public domain. This she said, was due to the other families who were also involved and she hoped that we could keep this an “in house and very much a private meeting.”

Sorry, I will not be playing the political game.

I disagree with Minister Lynch and I am of the opinion that keeping these issues a secret is exactly where the problem began. Did the Minister think that she had to remind us that there were other people involved?

I personally know of a previous meeting in the Dail where the suicidal/aggression side-effects of SSRI’s were brought to the attention of a Government Minister. Maybe if something was done about the situation at that time, there wouldn’t be other people involved and Shane would be off traveling around the world. But nothing was done, so we will never know, will we?

Declan Gilsenan was great; he spoke about his ‘intuition’ that SSRI’s are causing suicides and that the way to prove or disprove this would be to get statistics done on suicide victims. This, he said, wouldn’t be too difficult. He also brought the manual which the medical professionals learn from, which clearly state that SSRI’s can cause suicide. He asked if more suicide victims had sought help and therefore been prescribed SSRI’s, than people who didn’t. Imagine what a tragedy that would be?

Professor Healy was brilliant as always and spoke of the SSRI trials that were done on non-depressed people who went on to become suicidal once the drug was introduced and were fine again once the drug was discontinued. This he said is denied by the Irish College of Psychiatry. No surprise there then? He further stated that drug induced death is the leading cause of death within the mental health field.

At the end of the meeting Minister Lynch assured us that she would take all our points on board and bring them to the attention of the Minister for Health, James Reilly. This is the same James Reilly that previously stated “SSRIs aren’t addictive and treat depression effectively.” He also denied that GPs were systematically over-prescribing SSRIs. Minister Lynch also said she would be talking to the College of Psychiatry of Ireland again and intended to talk to them about the whole education piece. This is the same College of Psychiatry which collectively deny that SSRI’s can cause suicide despite the fact that the drug companies have to admit that they can?

I won’t be holding my breath but you never know! “Drug induced death is the leading cause of death within the mental health field.” Can this really be ignored? Antidepressants can cause suicide…Can this possibly be ignored?

Once again the adverse effects of antidepressants have been brought to the attention of the Irish Government, this time by the experts; the ball is firmly in their court!

17 thoughts on “Medical experts meet in Leinster House.”

  1. Will Kathleen Lynch be informed by the experts she met today and at least get some serious discussion going? It sounds like the same old story- she wants today’s meeting kept secret, meetings with the Irish Psychiatrists and James Reilly will be secret affairs too so no great expectation of change.


  2. Let’s see if Kathleen Lynch lives up to her title as Minister with ‘special’ ‘responsibility’ for mental health in Ireland. No doubt the Irish psychiatric cabal and their pharmaceutical masters will resort to their usual tactics, but lets just hope that Minister Lynch has more balls to than some previous Ministers had to confront these serious issues.


  3. As a person from another country I am personally amazed that a government minister would even be willing to attend a meeting, private or not, to hear about another view of things. I can assure you it would NEVER happen in Australia. They have a few handpicked psychiatrists ALL of whom are paid by drug companies to advise on ALL aspects of government policy, etc.

    I am not for one second saying the response was appropriate. But I can say that people are asking questions. And the college of psychiatrists regardless of how bullshit they might be, are having to constantly prove there point. And there are more and more psychiatrists who are becoming worn by the whole thing.

    You are managing to get the truth out there,and while incredibly slow there are more and more people asking questions each and every day. 10 years ago you would not have gotten the media to even consider writing such articles and I doubt any ministers would have spoken to you. . It may not feel like it, but keep going. From the other side of the world, I admire your strength and courage to keep the truth on coming out.


  4. In much the same manner and to the same extent that ‘groupthink denial’ has flourished in Church and Bank sectors-even after prima facie exposes- so also medical and psychiatric. As Prof Healy states, it seems we have a crisis of care…this is an existential problem that needs to be urgently addressed. BravoMrs Fennell for her determined and courageous struggle…This is the sort of leadership the problem requires…


    1. That’s it exactly Greg, these institutions think that they are beyond reproach and criticism. They are not unanswerable to the public, but they think that they are above it. A ‘crisis’ of care indeed. Although, in the psychiatric-pharmaceutical model of treating mental illness, I’m not convinced that ‘care’ was ever there.



    August 1, 2006

    “The attachment, mentioning the 10,988 “psychiatric reactions”, also gives a good insight into how psychiatric drugs and drug cocktails are killing children and adults, and how psychiatric diagnoses are used to hide the harmful effects of drugs. …..

    NICE said in an answer to a FOIA-request that the document was “received in confidence and disclosure of that information would amount to an actionable breach of confidence”.

    These agencies, responsible for protecting the public from harmful drugs and for “appropriate treatment”, consider a document reviewing the “suicidal and self-injurious behaviour” caused by a psychiatric drug in the category of state secrets, and that it would be “an actionable breach of confidence” to let the public know about these data.”

    You have to wonder how, with people like these in charge, the wheel itself was ever invented.

    State Secrets. An Actionable Breach of Confidence. 10,988 psychiatric reactions.

    Heresies and Witch Burnings.


  6. I would be very surprised if Minister for Health (and former doctor), James Reilly, repeats the same comments from this 2004 article,, where he says:

    (against the opinion of Dr Terry Lynch, Dr Michael Corry and Dr David Healy) that :

    “SSRIs aren’t addictive and treat depression effectively. He denies GPs are systematically over-prescribing SSRIs”.

    Considering, it is 2012, and the SSRI debate has passed its crisis point, I wonder does he now hold the same views. Because, not only was his opinion on SSRI’s completely wrong at the time, but today, these views are absolutely outdated and against all evidence to the contrary.


    1. I did mention that Truthman; she acted as if she wasn’t aware of James Reilly’s comments but I left her a copy of the article as I had printed it out.
      I also left her a print-out of the FDA recommendations, the Irish PIL and details of the 5 different coroners who had serious concerns regarding Citalopram. It did make me realise exactly what we are up against though. Having said that, Minister Lynch can hardly ignore the expert experience of Professor Healy and Declan Gilsenan, can she?


  7. This is the problem. A minister for mental health, should in theory, hold authority over the college of Psychiatry. But unfortunately, in Ireland, and in many other countries, psychiatric systems have been given free reign and total control over the ‘mental health arena’ for a very long time. A similar thing is happening with the Catholic church. For a long time, they were given free reign in providing Ireland with its ‘spiritual needs’. They had the monopoly on the spirituality of the nation of Ireland. Irish psychiatry has become accustomed to serving (and coveting) the needs of Ireland mental/behavioral and emotional disorders. They are not used to having to bow to public pressure or debate. They are not comfortable with any questioning therefore they become hostile.

    They don’t like it, because they do not want these cans of worms opened up. If they admitted that there is even a .5 % chance that an SSRI can cause suicide, or homicide, then the fear, for them, is that this will turn people away from their services. Consultant and academic psychiatrists have built their world-views and their careers on the premise that their treatments and the ideology that they promote is infallible.

    I’m not so sure that Minister Lynch has much power to change anything, I would hope that things have changed since 2004, but it seems that the Irish college of psychiatry is, ironically, willing to commit ‘professional suicide’ rather than address the problems that SSRI’s can, and do, cause suicide.


  8. Personally though, I believe this consistent denial by Irish psychiatry that psychiatric drugs can have serious side effects, boils down to simple economics. If they were to admit that perhaps, even for a small number of people, SSRI’s can cause suicide, this leaves the profession wide open to lawsuits. There must be literally thousands of people whom have committed suicide under psychiatric ‘care’ (and I use that word ‘care’ lightly). Amongst those thousands, the vast majority would have been prescribed a varying amount of psychiatric drugs. So therefore, it leaves people wondering, how many died because of psychiatric drug treatment? Drugs prescribed on the professional trust in the psychiatric profession. This is a huge can of worms, I can understand their hostility towards debate, but at the end of the day, it still doesn’t justify it. While they are busying playing the ‘denial game’, many people are suffering awful side effects, because of the drugs that they perpetually continue to protect. Who is protecting patients? Nobody..


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