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Is Harry Aware?

One of Ireland’s ‘Mental Health Charities’ which has a long association with Lundbeck is ‘Aware’. As I said in my last post, why would a mental health charity associate itself with a pharmaceutical company that make antidepressants, which (by their own admission) can cause a person to enact suicide. Major conflict of interest, I think.

Dr Harry Barry is a board member of Aware and is a medical doctor based in County Louth. According to the synopsis of his book here,he has a particular interest in the area of mental health and has extensive experience in his practice of dealing with issues such as depression, addiction and anxiety. He regularly features on national radio and in national print to discuss mental health issues, including Today FM and The Irish Independent.”

In one of these Irish Independent articles, Dr Barry makes this statement, supporting Lundbeck’s Lexapro, he said “Common anti-depressants in 1990s were Prozac, he says. Now Lexapro, which he describes as a more modern and powerful form of Prozac, is more commonly prescribed.” That sure is a good enticement for someone to try Lexapro. The only problem I have with Harry’s statement is that it is wrong.

Considering I’m not a medical professional, I asked Professor David Healy, who is probably the best person in the world to ask about Ssri’s, what he thought about Dr. Barry’s statement. He said, and I quote “This is wrong on a few fronts, citalopram – same as lexapro – was first made before prozac. Citalopram/Lexapro is not more powerful and may even be weaker than Prozac”.

At the launch of Lundbeck’s Mental Health Barometer, Dr Barry says ““When you take anti-depressants, they work from the bottom of the brain up. When you engage in talk therapy, it works from the front of the brain down. However, the studies have shown that when you use the two approaches together, the results are more effective and quicker to get a result.” I thought this was codswallop, so I asked Professor Healy what he thought about the latter statement; He said one word: baloney.

Some questions need to be asked. If the Irish public are getting their Information from the National papers, surely on such important issues, the relevant information should be based on scientific fact?

14 thoughts on “Is Harry Aware?”

  1. When you take anti-depressants, they work from the bottom of the brain up. When you engage in talk therapy, it works from the front of the brain down.

    They work from the bottom of the brain up?…
    And we entrust these doctors with our health? and this is the kind of blather they come out with?


    1. Wonders will never cease Leonie!.. if anti-depressants work from the brain up and talk therapy works from the brain down, does that mean If eat a banana it comes out of my feet? or is Harry Barry just talking out his rear end?


  2. Hi Leonie, (its ‘D Mented’ but having problems signing in under that pseudonym today).

    Ive been away a while, due to my continued withdrawal- im finally off of Venlafaxine Hydrochloride xl, am elated for that but the suffering to get my brain back in order can take up to a year (not elated by that of course, i avoid all drs now as the being both happy and gutted at the same time thus giving drs an easy target to diagnose bipolar – which we all know brain meds cause but pHARMa deny feebly-but their multi £/$ billions keep law at bay)

    anyway! To respond to your great article…….

    Of course this ‘twat’ Harry is aware and conflicted interests indeed!.
    The money in this guys pocket, is an incentive for his suposed ‘expertese’ to credit the evil toxins of synthetic chemicals that are killing and maiming millions of brains on a global scale.

    There is no evidence whatsoever in what he says, and, the (becoming a hero of mine) truth speaker and moralistic Professor David Healy, is knowing of this as you say.

    We all feel so powerless here, I can only imagine Prof Healy does too!.
    ‘We’ are all better experts than those paid to put a name to any damn product.
    Common sense alone outrides the cash for review and the actual experience of actuality outweighs any persons commentary.
    We have either suffered personally the effects or watched another first hand, destroyed by these drugs, so how anyone can claim to be an expert without being in a situation as we have? Is clearly bullsh*t for profit.
    Besides, you can ask Healy as also look at all ssri/snri clinical trial results to see there is mass damage caused and no evidence of any clear cut fact that these drugs are safe whatsoever.

    Some people, like myself, take a slow worsening that develops over time, forever misdiagnosed as ‘underlying depression worsening’ till its so bad, drug dose so high, psychosis forming.
    Others can be directly damaged within the first dose.
    There are hundreds of ‘clinically known’ adverse effects, mental and physical (drug the brain and the entire body is sent the wrong messages)
    Nothing is fine with synthetic chemicals in an organic brain….. Everything is destined to go wrong!

    Science can say this or that, it wont say it in laymen terms though, if it did? We’d see through it.

    Take the ‘theory of relativity’, its supposed to be the hardest thing to ever explain.
    If i said to you, i can walk in mid air, youd want me to astound you.
    Then i boarded a plane and walked the aisle, youd mock my idiocy, see it as a crap joke!
    If i said i could walk across the ocean? And walked on a ship, youd see the crap joke again.
    The theory of relativity is merely ‘wisdom of the missing object and the magical wisdom of altering shapes to perform the impossible… (a stone will sink, a ship will sail/a stone will drop, a plane will fly)……. Thus we have the con of science- its the confuse the layman into believing science is almost a magical wisdom that only the intellectual can master.
    Its all bollox!…. The brain and cns are organic machines that only organic and natural healing can be used or it will become damaged.
    I had to and still do suffer for never having known this prior the medication……. But experience, and bad experience is what cause us all to then examine for ourselves.
    Theres no brain expert in science.
    Drugs, medicinal or otherwise cause harm. Medicinal cause more harm than any.
    They are taken in trust, day in day out for so long….. All cause side effects to which common sense now evidents, if it causes other problems? Wheres the good?.

    Im no expert, but i dont claim to be, i dont get paid to be and i just know, like you do, first hand, that these drugs are harmful and deadly.
    This ‘Harry’, is in it for cash, ignore all the Aware shite, coz these are usually fronts for the backhanders of wads of cash. Many companies and charities are fronts. pHARMa builds them, theyre no different to any corrupted business.
    The motto of pHARMa as i say is “a patient cured is a customer lost”….. Those who are to be lost in fatality? Are instead then to be proved……. And these false experts stand in our way.

    Thats why the legal battle is impossible. Ive had two solicitors turn me down now, despite masses of evidence, theres no solicitor (unless youre super rich yourself to hire?) that will take on medical malpractice or pHARMa itself.
    Medical negligence and accidents that dont involve big companies, yes!, malpractice and pHARMa? No.

    You have to be mega rich. It sucks doesnt it! And people like this ‘Harry’ are then the, ‘expert witnesses’ that we all know are, full of sh*t, are the then deliberators to deny us any justice, via their pretence of being ‘Aware’, its all smoke n mirrors.

    Sorry so long a post, i do go on i know.


  3. I saw an Aware leaflet in the library recently and picked it up to have a look. Inside was a list of ‘facts’ about depression that included the idea that you may be suffering from depression but be unaware of it. This seems to be one of the most dangerous myths promoted by these kinds of organisations and it did make me wonder just how much of their work is unduly influenced by the promotion of pharmaceutical companies of their products.


    1. Hi Rose.
      Youre spot on, the lies they tell are so damn dangerous arent they.
      My own personal research as concluded me to reasonate the following…..

      Depression/Anxiety/Aggrophobia etc are brought on through ‘life situations and lack of support’…
      People need support not drugs. All drugs are pushed by pHARMa and leaflets like that are indeed dangerous bullsh*t.


  4. I would imagine that anyone suffering from depression would be very much aware of it. But I suppose psychiatry and the drug companies are trying to snare a niche market with that angle. I wonder do I have the flu and maybe I[m unaware of it?, or maybe I have measles but I’m unaware of it, or hang on I think I might have lost a limb, but I’m not sure….maybe I just didn’t notice my leg falling off when I got off the bus… Better make a trip to the doctor and the local pharmacy just in case….


    1. Lol, but in all seriousness its so damn dangerous…. Scientific based evidence???????

      How can that even be a damn basis of anything?
      To say “you might not know”…. Its absurd!

      Science – the one true thing about it? Is its bullsh!t!


    2. It worked on me truthman! As a result, not only did I suffer an adverse reaction to the medication but my actual condition became progressively worse and took months to diagnose due to all the side effects/after effects masking the symptoms. I think doctors use it as a default explanation for symptoms that don’t leap off the page or when they are too lazy to do a proper diagnosis.

      The so called ‘Facts’ about depression and symptoms listed in the Aware leaflet could apply to a whole host of serious and not so serious conditions from a vitamin deficiency to cancer. If you throw in the idea that you might be depressed but not know it simply because you have gained or lost weight or because you have sleep disturbances or loss of appetite or fatigue or loss of interest in things because you are so fatigued it is a total recipe for disaster when it comes to diagnosis. It should be the last avenue explored rather than the first.


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