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Dr Terry Lynch “100 years of misinformation in Psychiatry”

It’s unusual, to say the least, that a doctor will speak out against psychiatry, especially in Ireland. The College of Psychiatry of Ireland, as previously seen with Shane’s Case here, are staunch defenders of their misinformation and equally staunch defenders of the medical model, antidepressants in particular. Apart from Prof Healy, there are very few Irish medical professionals who are willing to risk the wrath of Irish Psychiatry. There have been some notable exceptions; Irish Psychiatrist Pat Bracken wrote this paper recently “Psychiatric Power: A Personal View” by Pat Bracken. This paper questions, inter alia, psychiatry’s use of dubious drugs. In this paper Pat Bracken questions the power that psychiatry has in Ireland, stating: “the decision-making powers that are currently given to psychiatry cannot be justified on either scientific or moral grounds”.

Then there was the lovely Dr Corry RIP who died on 22/02/2010. He spoke out against antidepressants saying that these drugs could tip someone into suicidal and homicidal behaviour. Dr Corry who was speaking in defense of Shane and against SSRI’s, then became the subject of a medical council complaint initiated by Prof Timothy Dinan of University College Cork. Prof Dinan is an advocate for antidepressants and has worked as a speaker for a lot of pharmaceutical companies, including Lundbeck (the makers of Citalopram, the drug Shane was on). Here is Prof Dinan again, who will be speaking for Lundbeck at the Nov 2012 symposium in Barcelona. Link. Note the nice BIG Cipralex advertisment at the end of the programme.

Another Irish doctor who is becoming increasingly outspoken against the misinformation in mental health and psychiatry is Dr Terry Lynch. He is the author of two books: ‘Beyond Prozac’ and his latest one ‘Selfhood‘. Here he is speaking out against psychiatry on YouTube; It’s 13 minutes long and well worth a watch. I’d be careful if I was you Terry, you know Irish Psychiatry don’t like to be contradicted….

2 thoughts on “Dr Terry Lynch “100 years of misinformation in Psychiatry””

  1. Psychiatry is riddled with mis-information. Just finished a book on the subject – Asylum Bound by Stuart Townsend. Very informative


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