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That’s nice! Now F**k off!

I suppose I should explain myself here. We Irish (for the most part) are notorious for using bad language. We rarely find bad language offensive and (more often than not) find it a source of amusement. I don’t know if people in other countries are aware of commedian Brendan O’Carroll? His TV series ‘Mrs Brown’ is a huge hit over here and in the UK. His irreverance is classic. In the (1 min) segment above, Mrs Brown refers to her ‘elocution lessons’ and says “I used to say ‘F**k Off!’ but now I say ‘That’s Nice’.

I have decided that, following Shane’s death, 3 years is long enough to be miserable. Rather than holding my tongue about the ‘experts’ who have involved themselves in Shane’s case, I have decided as Oprah would say, to find closure. I am dismissing these people with Mrs Browns ‘expert’ advice and in this instance, it’s definitely not a term of endearment.

(1) To Professor Patricia Casey, UCD, who attended Shane’s Inquest on behalf of the Irish College of Psychiatry, and who, coincidentally, has links to Lundbeck. For your opinion (directly after my son’s Inquest) that there were ‘aspects’ of the evidence with which the ‘College’ took issue. For your subsequent denials that SSRI’s can cause suicide and for the two solicitors letters that you sent me; That’s Nice!

(2) To Professor Timothy Dinan, UCC, who was very vocal in the media defending these drugs. For denying that these drugs can cause suicide or homicide and for also having links to Lundbeck and other drug companies. For stating (after Nicolas Maguire’s Inquest) that he was not aware of any convincing evidence linking Sertraline to suicidal behaviour; That’s Nice!

(3) To (Catholic priest) Fergus O’Donoghue who said (on the day of Shane’s funeral) that his actions were ‘pure evil’ and could not be explained away by ‘mental illness’. Bless me not father! Your God is obviously not the same as mine; That’s Nice!

(4) To Dr Justin Brophy (President of the Irish College of Psychiatry), for your statement concerning my son, including “A high volume of research in recent years has failed to establish a causal link between antidepressant use and suicide”; That’s Nice!

(5) To Ciaran Craven (Barrister), for the Irish college of psychiatry, who said, that there were “concerns about linking SSRIs to suicidal and homicidal behaviour.” Mr Craven said he was worried that without expert testimony from the college, people could be discouraged from taking medication perfectly suited to them; That’s Nice!

(6) To Lundbeck, for lying in their statment to RTE, stating “that there is no evidence linking citalopram to violent behaviour”; That’s nice!

(7) To all the ‘experts’ who are ignoring the huge amount of evidence (see Prof Healy’s blog) to the contrary; That’s Nice!

PHEW…That sure feels good. Maybe Oprah has a point! 

18 thoughts on “That’s nice! Now F**k off!”

  1. Brilliant post..

    I love it… I might start using it myself..

    As a former SSRI user, I can categorically state that SSRI’s made me aggressive and hostile, I had vivid and disturbing violent dreams which I never ever ever had prior to taking an SSRI. It is completely and utterly obvious to everyone now that SSRI’s can cause homicidal/suicidal behaviors, they can alter personalities, they can cause inhibitions and behavioral changes! This has all been well documented and the psychiatric profession should hang its head in shame for the cover-ups, deceit and damage to patients health and the lives of their families..

    The psychiatric profession has become nothing but a monolithic apologist for the pharmaceutical industry… That’s really ‘very very nice for them’ isn’t it? …

    Keep blogging Leonie..

    There is a massive tide of change coming, and we are in the midst of it… and I predict in about 10 to 15 years… people will look back at the psychiatric drug era and the abuses by psychiatry and compare it to the stranglehold of the Catholic Church and the disgraceful power-mongering, corruption and abuse which happened within it..

    More psychiatric survivors are coming out by the day..
    Mad Pride on TV3’s Vincent Browne, Pat Bracken and many others gaining ground..
    That wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago..

    The zeitgeist is coming..


  2. I can understand the other 6, but a Catholic Priest?

    Can’t recall which Pope said it, but: “The smoke of Satan has (indeed) entered the Church.”

    I’d love to schedule a 1 to 1 personal interview with that man. I’m betting that he and I could find All Manner of things to discuss, because unless I’m woefully mistaken, That Sanctimonious Jerk is presenting himself, FOR MONEY, as the Direct Intermediary of Jesus Christ.

    And again, unless I’m sorely mistaken, I don’t believe Jesus would find him one bit amusing.


      1. There’s people who can quote Scripture for hours, verbatim. I’m not one of them, BUT;

        Fergus old boy, Do you happen to remember this quote, and the circumstances which elicited it?

        “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do?”

        And that IS the Sin in question, NO? Upon whose head does it alite? The Money Grubbing business of poisoning people into a state of not knowing what they do?

        And since the Other 6 of these ‘NICE-ES’ have their wholly ‘NIC-ED’ Heads tucked firmly up their ‘NICE-ING’ bought and paid for A**es, perhaps we need to revisit just what those heads are Full of.

        “Ethical values are derived from human need and interest as tested by experience. Humanists ground values in human welfare shaped by human circumstances, interests, and concerns and extended to the global ecosystem and beyond. We are committed to treating each person as having inherent worth and dignity, and to making informed choices in a context of freedom consonant with responsibility.”

        Yes, Godless Humanists, the lot.

        “Working to benefit society maximizes individual happiness. Progressive cultures have worked to free humanity from the brutalities of mere survival and to reduce suffering, improve society, and develop global community. We seek to minimize the inequities of circumstance and ability, and we support a just distribution of nature’s resources and the fruits of human effort so that as many as possible can enjoy a good life.”

        And that’s because those Lying, Money Grubbing ‘NICE’S are “Progressives”. And Progressives, as Progressives all know, are SO damn much smarter, and ‘NICER’ than the rest of us troglodytic, reactionary bourgeois.

        Just ask them.

        They’re All so Chock Full of ‘NICE’, and Tolerance, and minding everyone else’s business for them.

        They’re Humanists. They all Know exactly what God would do, so they’ve gotten rid of God, as a non-essential middle man.


  3. A Long Shadow: Nazi Doctors, Moral Vulnerability, and Contemporary Medical Culture

    The root cause is the misconception of the Public having some sort of BS Right, as in Public Health owning supremacy over Individual Rights. Therein lies the arrogance which makes murderers out of people who purport themselves to be healers.

    Your body, and your thoughts, are Your property. Allow Government to get away with taking your property, as in 50% or more of your money in Taxes, and Government knows that the door is wide open to Further acts of theft. It No longer has any qualms about taking your body to do with as it damn well pleases Too.

    Doctors view themselves as tending to the ‘Public’s’ Health – meaning the Government which PAYS them – over the individual’s health.

    And of course you’re correct about them thinking they’re above the law. Actually, they’re not, but they continue to get away with it because they are Government Employees, and Government will chew off its own arm rather than correct that error by Re-Privatizing the whole schmeer.


  4. I mispelt the word surgeries – or did I? Sugaries is probably more apt in today’s climate of pharma/medical/government control – Children are warned not to take sweets from strangers…Patients are vulnerable and innocently and gratefully thank “nice doctor” for giving them “pharma candy”.

    I spoke out against pharma and corruption in Government and Healthcare only to suffer further at the hands of healthcare providers. Following sinister “nuisances” to my home – In fear of what was happening and with further injuries to my health I appealed to “nice doctors” and “friendly pharma”. I apologised to all for speaking out about the injuries I suffered following adverse reaction to blood pressure medication and further “injuries” in hospitals. I pleaded for peace and safety for my health. I promised I would not speak out again about such injuries, such was my fear! How foolish am I? This week I suffered further – why would a nurse place an elasticated strip/bandage on upper arm underneath the cuff of a Blood Pressure Monitor for 24 hours. I was told to loosen the cuff part if I needed to but to leave on the bandage/strip for 24 hours – Perhaps the Irish Heart Foundation could clarify if this is appropriate or am I just being “paranoid”…

    A Question: Is it true that patients who suffer drug side afftects end up either paralysed or dead? Minister James Reilly whilst acknowledging my request for a meeting many months ago has not offered one. Why? Do I continue to live in fear? I can only continue to believe that I have a right to safe medical care. I believe I have a right to live in my home and in my community safely and privately.

    I call on all good honest doctors, all professionals and the whole community to call for an investigation and stop to control of patients by the silent “Gods of Pharma and Healthcare”. Pharmageddon and beyond is happening in Ireland – how many patients have gone into hospitals for a minor procedure only to be either left paralysed or die?

    Leonie, I hope you will “allow” me to print this –


    Living in Ireland….born in Ireland…an Irish Native’s dilemma on an Irish cover up!

    If I were an asylum seeker I would have the protection of The Irish Human Rights Organisation and the Department of Foreign Affairs as well as many other Groups of Justice and Human Rights….

    If I were a member of the Travelling Community I would have the protection of Pavee Point, Equality and Justice, Irish Human Rights and many other such Groups….

    If I were a prostitute I would have the protection of Ruhama, Women’s Aid and many other such Groups…

    If I were a victim of torture from a foreign country I would have the protection of Irish Human Rights, The Red Cross and many other such Groups….

    If I were a victim of domestic violence I would have the protection of Women’s Aid, the Gardai and many other such Groups…

    If I were a victim of Corporate corruption I would have the aid and support of Transparency Ireland and other Groups…

    But as a patient who suffered adverse side effects of a blood pressure drug that I should never have been prescribed I have no support….I am shunned like a leper by the Department of Health, HIQA, ISQSH, the HSE and every HSE doctor, public hospital and by many Groups who profess to speak up for the oppressed and wronged in Irish Society….to be shunned I could deal with but I have suffered systematic torture at the hands of doctors in our hospitals and GPs…with the full knowledge of Prime Minister and Minister of Health….is this pharma control?…all to silence me on what is a worldwide exposure of a blood pressure drug, Rasilez Aliskiren….google it and see what you find. Doctors are harming and killing patients to cover up side effects of drugs in general medicine and psychiatary. HSE give 20% bonuses to consultants to “push” drugs on patients. We did not listen to Susie Long when she spoke out against the two tiered Health System in this country. We did not listen to Leonie Fennell when she spoke out against doctors in our country pushing anti-depressant drugs on our young people…will you listen to me?

    Fact: It is not compulsory for doctors or hospitals to report adverse side effects of prescription drugs to the Irish Medicines Board…why? Pharmaceutical companies state that they rely on doctors to report side effects so that they can improve on their drugs. Novartis Medical Director stated to me that he would do what he could both ethically and morally in what has happened to me….and still they harmed me further…should I believe him? Is this the HSE? Is it the Department of Health? Is it doctors and hospitals believing that because they have the protection of the HSE, the IMO, Consultant Groups and their Medical Schools. Write to the Medical Council so many told me and I did only too find out that the Medical Council protects them also….the words of one GP echo in my head “The Medical Council will do nothing on this”. These criminals in our hospitals truly believe they are above the law? Is it pharma control? Or is it a combination of all of the foregoing? Whatever it is, it is wrong, it is beyond medical malpractice. Is this the new Irish holocaust? Yes, I may be labelled “paranoid”…I have found abusing the Mental Health Act comes easy to doctors covering up side effects of all prescription drugs.

    We the innocent people of Pharma/HSE/ and Government may suffer but I pray for the many students who study to become doctors and healers only to become puppets in fear!

    “Those who prefer to favour freedom and yet deprecate agitation are people who want crops without ploughing up the ground. Power concedes nothing without a struggle. It never has and it never will.” Frederick Douglas

    Edmund Burke: “All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”.


  5. Lundbeck/Otsuka will resubmit FDA NDA for a depot formulation of aripiprazole. Looks like there were problems with the initial submission.

    And the Lundbeck/Otsuka ‘NICE-ed’ depot formulation won’t have those nasty ‘NICING’ side effects like the BMS version. We’ll Know those side effects aren’t a problem because all the Lundbeck/Otsuka, ahhhm, ….. Ladies of the Night, will choke and turn blue rather than Admit that there are such side effects.


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