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Me dear darling Leonie

It has always amazed me that three years after Shane died, I still get lovely letters from his friends. This one is a bit different; it’s from my friend. For background and clarity; he works as an actor and is currently masquerading as a viking (in a film being shot around Dublin and Wicklow).


Me dear darling Leonie, I have to let you know about a special moment in time but have to ask you to try and imagine the scene…………..

We were asked to do a scene on Friday. The setting was in a Viking family house which had 3 or 4 open fires inside it, as it was minus 20 outside the animals were brought in too, goats hens sheep all happily sitting on the floor, and around each fire were 4/5 village members wives and children of the Vikings, the huge room was smokey but not uncomfortable and we drank and talked of all things while keeping warm by the fire.

At my family group I brought up your lovely son Shane and out of us all, everybody knew of him and spoke in the most beautiful way about him. They had never met him but were aware (in amazing detail) of all things relevant and there were tears by the fire that day. I just wanted you to know that, bloody choked me up the whole way home, but to listen to and be part of his legacy was so beautiful. It meant the amazing work you’re doing, has people not only aware of ssri’s, but also has folk sending positive messages out about Shane, missed by many who didn’t know him, but would have loved to have met him.

Your friend x

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