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Triple Verdict following ‘Citalopram’ Inquest

Here’s a strange and unusual occurance which happened following the death of a woman from Wythall in 2005. Coincidentally, this area is adjacent to Solihull, the same place where Yvonne Woodley and Wayne Grew were prescribed Citalopram.

Have these English doctors been ‘Lundbecked’ and why are the Coroners not coming to a verdict which the evidence is clearly pointing to? The common demominator here is Citalopram!

Coroner has triple verdict

A CORONER changed his findings into the death of a Wythall woman (who jumped from a car park) from suicide to an open verdict, after pressure from her family.

Ms C fell to her death from the top of Kingfisher Centre Car Park off Redditch Ringway. Worcestershire Coroner Victor Round originally recorded a verdict of suicide at the inquest but told the court a blood test revealed the prescribed antidepressant Citalopram in Ms C’s blood.

Mr Round changed the verdict to ‘suicide while under medication’ after Ms C’s sister-in-law and life-long friend said that the antidepressant ‘must have been a contributory factor’.

He modified his verdict again to record an open verdict.

As my friend who sent me this article said “Given another few minutes and a couple more interventions, this Coroner might have ended up with the verdict “Murdered” by Lundbeck!” Shame he wasn’t pressured a little more, although he obviously felt there was more to this woman’s death than meets the eye!

Link to article  Wayne Grew  Yvonne Woodley

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