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This is what I’ve waited 3 years for!

I have waited for 3 years for someone to explain this. Professor Healy puts it simply here in under 2 minutes (Please excuse my shaky hands). This is part of a 3 part Swedish Documentary which can be viewed in full on Bobby Fiddaman’s blog here.

For the Irish ‘key opinion leaders’ who are actively denying this; That’s nice! For using my son’s Inquest to publicise their argument; That’s nice!

6 thoughts on “This is what I’ve waited 3 years for!”

    1. He sure is amazing! As for the Irish ‘high priests and priestesses’ viewing these documentaries; I doubt it. They could never allow the thought that they may be ‘doing more harm than good’ to enter their head. Denial, denial, denial and a big bucket of sand!
      PS. Thanks for the mention on your blog! I’m honored!


  1. “One of the intriguing questions we have to ask is Why, people would want to keep this material about this group of drugs concealed from you.”

    Sorry, I know everyone’s in love with Healy, and he’s done some wonderful work in Court for the victims and their families, but, …… Do’h!

    Dr Healy; It’s because those people are godless lowlifes.

    NONE of these drugs Cure Anything.
    NONE of these drugs can even legally Claim to Cure Anything.
    The Direct Effects of these drugs could knock down a Moose.

    You know that, and I know that, and sadly it’s only After the damage is done that Other people learn that.

    Since the cause of human emotions, IE: the human condition itself, is not to be found in genetic insufficiencies or sales hype brain chemical imbalances, applying a Biological alteration to a Non-Biological issue is rank hubris and outright Fraud from its incept.

    And since the drugs cause hellish confusion and akathisiac excitation on top of it, It’s as faulty a methodology from the ground up as dousing a fire with a bucket of gasoline.

    Extend the argument if you will, to My country’s last 4 year mistaken flirtation with socialism. Group Think, Everyone must do with less so that everyone can have more has pitched my Country itself into a Major Depressive Disorder.

    People who are depressed can not be made undepressed by poisoning them into a hypnotized state of artificially boosted Serotonin. Serotonin increases also effect the gut and reproductive systems.

    All those mass School Shootings in the US by young males?

    It’s not just their Thought processes that have been unbalanced. They’ve been chemically kicked in the gut, and another part of their anatomy which is fairly new to noticing the opposite sex. And you wonder why they turn murderous? They are literally being chemically Kicked there 24/7.

    Ask Any man whose ever been Physically Kicked there even once. It doesn’t make them feel all warm and friendly.

    No, there’s nothing to wonder about at all. The people peddling these drugs keep mum about it because they view Other people as disposables, and Themselves as Above it all. This is Why on my page my Country’s 14th Amendment is prominently displayed.

    Group Think.

    People’s depressions are not alterable with hypnotic, daze them and confuse them chemicals, or Group Think Psychological BS sessions.


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