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Trudy Schoger; death by Cipralex

Yesterday ‘CBC NEWS’ Canada did a segment on Mike Schoger’s mum Trudy.

Trudy Schoger died from a heart attack a few hours after taking her first dose of Lundbeck’s Cipralex (AKA Lexapro). What people should be aware of is that this drug (as found by a Brussels Court) is the same as Celexa/Cipramil and the same drug that Shane was on. The recent warnings recommend a dose no higher than 40mg’s (20mg’s for the elderly) due to the risk of heart problems, including death. Tony spoke to a man last month in Dundrum who was still on a 60mg’s dose. Doctors differ, patients die!

Not only can this Lundbeck drug cause suicide, depression and aggression; it can also cause sudden death. According to a ‘Freedom of Information’ response that I received from the Irish Medicines Board, this drug has also been reported to have caused ‘intrauterine’ death, suicide and sudden death in Ireland.

Short Extract here…

An Ontario man whose mother died from a heart attack after taking a popular anti-depressant believes she would still be alive if she’d been warned about the drug’s known dangers.

“She deserved better,” said Mike Schoger, an engineer from the Chatham area, whose 75-year old mother Trudy died in December, just hours after taking her first dose of Cipralex.

“Health Canada knew there were issues for months [before fully warning the public],” said Schoger.

Trudy Schoger was on a diuretic, but otherwise healthy, when she was prescribed Cipralex for depression. The day she died, her son found her writhing in pain on her bed.

“She took the first dose and 45 minutes later she started getting pain in her shoulders and neck and chest,” said Schoger. Hours later, his mother lay dead in hospital and he was in shock.

“You could say my mom was one of my best friends,” said Shoger. “The last thing I would have expected is for something like this to happen.”

Citalopram and escitalopram safety update.

Citalopram and Escitalopram: Risk of sudden death and more allegations of Kickback and Bribes.

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