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‘Mother and Son’ both die by suicide.

I cannot tell you the amount of parents who have lost their children to suicide and have subsequently been prescribed ‘antidepressants’ by their family GP. What the pill is supposed to do is beyond me; un-dead the child maybe?

The tragedy of this casual prescribing is this: If a person has an adverse reaction to an antidepressant and goes on to die by suicide; the chances are that his/her family members may also have a ‘genetic predisposition’ to having an adverse reaction. Professor Healy warned me of this after Shane’s Inquest but it seems that most doctors are unaware of it.

Here’s an article in the ‘Mail Online‘ which reports on an Inquest in 2010. The article reports on the death of a young man, aged 24, and the subsequent death (2 months later) of his mother, aged 59. This young man jumped off the Humber Bridge (Lincolnshire/East Yorkshire) on his 24th birthday and two months later his mother jumped off the same bridge.

The most important sentence in the article is this “Both Mrs Brown and her son had been put on anti-depressants by their GP before they died, the inquest heard”

Did this young man and his mother have an adverse reaction to antidepressants? What good was antidepressants going to do for a grieving mother and why are doctors not aware of this genetic predisposition? Is Professor Healy the only one with this information or the only one who cares?


2 thoughts on “‘Mother and Son’ both die by suicide.”

  1. On September 8, 2011 just nine days after my 42 year old son restarted Zoloft he died by suicide. He was never suicidal in his life. He wasn’t suffering from depression. His wife said he had anxiety. I don’t understand why after being off this drug and Wellbutrin for about four months he went back on them. I guess it doesn’t matter now because he is gone and myself and the rest of his family are left in deep, deep grief. He woke up that morning feeling great, he called a friend to go out the next day for lunch. His wife went out that day and he was home watching his kids. He went and got a friend for his son to play with. Later went out to get his daughter’s friend but, he never made it there. Instead he drove to a downtown parking and put his work gun to his head and pulled the trigger. He was an investigator for the NY State Police, in the BCI department. Everyone who knew him were stunned, all I heard from people was he was the last person they every thought would do something like this. Zoloft and maybe Wellbutrin also killed my SON!!!


  2. Hi Elaine,
    I’m so very sorry to hear about your son. It is my opinion, having researched these drugs for 3 years, that Zoloft is one of the worst antidepressants. I assume you have come across Woody’s story…
    Your son, like all the other victims, probably trusted that his doctor knew best, just like my son did. Unfortunately that is not the case. These drugs are not approved for anxiety!


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