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Me a cynic? Absolutely!

Cynical: Believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity. Me a cynic? Absolutely!

Isn’t it strange how ‘professionals’ are nice as long as you go with the flow and until you step away from the ‘norm’? As long as I accept that Shane was a homicidal/suicidal maniac and was just extremely good at hiding it for 22 years, I could be tolerated. As long as I accept that the drugs he was prescribed in his last 17 days were coincidental and accept what the Irish College of Psychiatry say ‘that the drugs do not cause suicide or violence’, that’s ok. As long as I don’t believe what the other experts say ‘that the drugs CAN cause suicide and Homicide’; then I’ll get the sympathy vote. That’s nice! Shane attended 2 doctor’s surgeries in the last few weeks of his life and there is a few points I would like to make that just don’t sit well:

i. When I first rang the Carlton Clinic in Bray after Shane’s death, I spoke to the doctor who prescribed Shane the drug (John McManus). He couldn’t have been nicer and said if I had any queries that we could arrange a meeting with him. When it became clear that I was bringing the issue of the adverse effects of antidepressants into the public domain, his attitude changed; he said if I had any queries, it would be advisable to put them in writing.

ii. I then spoke to our family GP in Ashford (husband and wife team, Dan McCarthy and Orla McAndrews). Shane’s last doctor’s visit was with their locum (Dr Buys/aka Dr Coatzee). Firstly, a few weeks after my son’s death I went to collect his medical records; Dr Orla came out with the envelope and said (and I quote) “there’s not much here as he was only here once.” (He only died once too.) That’s it! No “sorry for your loss” Nothing! I spoke to her husband Dan by telephone a few times and he seemed to be a tad more understanding. He assured me that the Inquest would ‘find’ whether the antidepressant Cipramil (which his locum prescribed) was involved in Shane’s death and he would talk to me then; It did and he didn’t!

iii. It also appears that their locum Dr Coatzee was in a bit of a hurry to hightail it back to her homeland of South Africa. Wonder was it something I said? Furniture for sale, urgent.

9 thoughts on “Me a cynic? Absolutely!”

  1. I watched your video!! Oh my God another son taken away from his mom! I am crying and sick at heart. Our children taking away from us, the pain the searing pain!! What a handsome son and I can tell just by looking at him he loved greatly and was and is loved now. I am so sorry for your loss.


    1. Thank you, the feeling is mutual. Yep, another statistic, just like your lovely son. They’re are way too many of us I’m afraid, just as you are now finding out. You’re doing a great job trying to warn the public. Doing the job the professionals are supposed to be doing! Keep up the great work Elaine.


  2. I don’t know about you Leonie but these days about the only ‘professionals’ I’d trust to have my best interests at heart would be Bodie and Doyle (they’d probably make a better fist of medical diagnosis as well!)


  3. Our family GP was initially sympathetic while kindly advising me not to ‘sound like I was blaming anyone for Toran’s death.’ When the Regulator issued their causality assessment and found an SSRI the most likely cause of Toran’s suicide, I sent her a framed copy of it (and a photo of Toran) for Christmas. I’m still waiting for the thank you note for my thoughtful gift. Not sure I’ll be on her Christmas Card list this year. The upside of that is that there will be a space on the mantlepiece for my card from Cynics United CEO Leonie Fennell haha!


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