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Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness (Oxford Dictionary).

Ah yes, you remember GlaxoSmithKline? Remember the line in their Irish ‘Better Together‘ campaign “GSK wants to be healthcare partner of choice, valued for our expertise and trusted for our integrity.” In my last post about GSK, I wondered exactly what ‘integrity’ they meant. Bear in mind GSK were fined $3 BILLION in the US for, among other things, illegally promoting their drug for children; despite being aware that the drug could cause the same children to become suicidal.

Another of the charges included actively concealing the dangers of the drug Avandia. An estimated 100,000 heart attacks, strokes, deaths and cases of heart failure’ were caused by Avandia before the drug was finally taken off the market. After agreeing to pay the $3 billion dollar fine, GSK boss Andrew Witty said he was “very sorry that we have had to deal with the echoes of the past” and “We’re determined this is never going to happen again.”

Well guess what? GSK has again been been found guilty of illegally promoting another of their drugs, this time their platelet drug Revolade. The Pharma Times reported on this story yesterday. It seems that GSK are sorry alright, sorry for getting caught!!

Integrity? I think GSK’s ‘PR’ department should really get a new dictionary; their current one must have misprints!

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