Your Country needs you!

Shane was always fascinated with this poster and in fact bought it shortly before he died. It turns out that the man in the picture is an Irishman (Lord Kitchener). Anyway, before I digress, I’ll get to the point, shall I?

The people of Ireland need you.

I have said before that I think the pharma funded ‘Irish Medicines Board’ (IMB) are pretty useless. Their ‘yellow card system’ for the reporting of an ‘adverse drug reaction’ was notoriously underused and difficult to access. Here’s an example of instructions from a 1997 ‘Drug Safety Newsletter’ before the invention of their (pharma funded) website. It is widely known that there is a very serious problem of underreporting in most countries, including Ireland and that very few adverse reactions actually get as far as the IMB’s database. Reporting an adverse reaction saves lives and is the only way to make medicines safer for us all.

Did you know Shane’s ‘adverse drug reaction’ was reported to the IMB? It wasn’t reported by a doctor though; nope, it was by a journalist! Hmm.

If you are having, or have had an adverse reaction to any drug, whether or not it seems trivial to you; please do me a favour and report it to (the non-pharma funded) RxISK website. Who knows how many lives can be saved? Just click on the picture and report; it will take about 2 minutes.

Why report? According to the RxISK website: “Drug side effects are now a leading cause of death, disability, and illness. Experts estimate that only 1–10% of “serious” adverse events (those causing hospitalization, disability, or death) are ever reported. Not to mention the millions of “medically mild” adverse drug events that occur each year — ones that compromise a person’s concentration, functioning, judgment, and ability to care.

RxISK is the first free, independent website where patients, doctors, and pharmacists can research prescription drugs and easily report a drug side effect — identifying problems and possible solutions earlier than is currently happening.”

Go on, your Country needs you!

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