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IMB; Ireland’s Grunewald?

Checkpoint Charlie

Forgive my ramblings here; it may be attributed to another of my ‘bereaved mother’ episodes.

In his latest post, Professor David Healy stated that in the two months since RxISK was set up, it has had more patients report effects than the ‘Pharma funded’ Irish Medicine’s Board (IMB) has had in the last three years. Now a cynic such as I would believe that the huge discrepancy here, is precisely because the IMB is funded by the Pharmaceutical industry. There is no incentive to encourage adverse reaction reporting; why bite the hand that feeds you?

The IMB are letting people down; I know the IMB let my son down. Where is the information that SSRI drugs can cause worsening depression, suicide, aggression, mania and birth defects? How many deaths could have been saved if this information was made public, to the public, by the IMB?

It has been a strange few weeks for us. We went to Berlin last week as I thought it would be a good idea to introduce my children to Germany and it’s tragic history. Despite it’s history, maybe because of it’s history, it really is an amazing City and they had a great time. The Germans we met were lovely, helpful and loved chatting to the smaller ones. One of the most profound and weird experiences was our trip to Grunewald station. Tony and I went with Lucy, 5, as the lads wanted to go elsewhere; the ‘Trabant’ museum.

More than 50,000 Jewish Berliners were transported from Grunewald station, platform 17, to various concentration camps including Auschwitz, mostly to their deaths. To say Grunewald station is an awful, awful place is a terrible understatement for the 50,000 innocent victims. The three of us stood on platform 17, alone, with not another person in sight and thought about the victims and Shane, always thinking of Shane. He is on my mind and in my heart from the minute I wake until my dreams. Our lives have changed irrevocably since he died and we are not the same people that we were before 2009.

Anyway, back to Grunewald; we wondered how this was allowed to happen, not hundreds of years ago, but a short 70 years ago? Lucy of course was too young to understand the enormity of Grunewald but as sometimes happens with the sixth sense of small children, she refused point blank to stand near the track and just wanted to go home.

Tony took this picture when we weren’t looking; I find it really hard to look at. What of all the mothers, fathers, daughters and sons who stood on the same track, in the same spot, who were subsequently mass murdered by the Nazis?

I would liken the IMB to an Irish Grunewald, where it has actively allowed innocent and unsuspecting people to be transported to their deaths, not via a train, instead via pills. RxISK having had more adverse reaction reports in 2 months than the IMB has had in 3 years, is an absolute disgrace! The IMB; Protecting the Irish people or protecting the drug industry?


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