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Eli Lilly and the Irish Government

Corruption picture courtesy of topnews.inI often wondered how involved the Irish Government is with the cesspit that is the pharmaceutical industry. I have never been able to understand why the Irish Government have failed to protect its citizens from the dangers of dubious drugs; drugs that are not illegal but prescribed to innocent people and licensed by the Irish Medicines Board.

This week it was reported that the Irish Government came under pressure from the larger pharmaceutical firms over the HSE’s decision not to approve new drugs for payment. There was an implied threat that this could ‘have implications for 25,000 jobs and future investment’. So naturally, like good little boys, our Taoiseach Enda Kenny and his sidekick James Reilly backed down.

The Irish Times reported that Minister Reilly and Enda Kenny met with representatives of ‘Abbott Laboratories’ in July. The Times further reported that James Reilly met with Andrew Hotchkiss (European boss of Eli Lilly) in June and that Enda Kenny attended the Eli Lilly board dinner at the Old Kinsale golf club on June 2011. Bit too close for comfort? This year Abbott Laboratories were fined $1.6 billion for off-label marketing of Depakote (an anti-seizure drug). They actively promoted this dangerous drug for dementia sufferers in nursing homes; nice company! Can dementia sufferers answer back?

Ah yes, then there is Eli Lilly; one of the bigger pharma companies, and one with the dubious accolade of being fined over a billion dollars for the illegal off-label marketing of the antipsychotic drug Zyprexa. In previously hidden data which Eli Lilly did not want to become public knowledge, Zyprexa had the highest suicide rate in clinical trial history. If that wasn’t bad enough, the drug was known to cause diabetes in some people. Eli Lilly are also the creators of Prozac, you know the one; mother’s little helper.  Prozac has caused numerous deaths (including Maria’s son, Toran Henry) and was found, last Nov, by a Canadian Judge, to be the cause of a teenager (with no history of violence) killing his friend. Lilly’s Cymbalta was the drug that Traci Johnson (a 19 year old student) was on when she died by suicide in an Eli Lilly lab. She had no history of depression and was a ‘healthy’ volunteer.

Eli LillyUnsurprisingly perhaps, Eli Lilly are not fans of Professor David Healy, who was instrumental in getting the ‘hidden’ data released. In the internal e-mail on the left, Lilly execs stated, among other things, that conferences will not receive sponsorship if ‘Healy’ was present. You couldn’t make it up, could you?

Then there is John Virapen who I mentioned in my last post. He worked for Eli Lilly for over 30 years and describes how he bribed a Swedish Government official to ‘help’ with the licencing of Prozac. You can download a free copy of his book here. It makes for very interesting reading.

John Virapen:

“I am not afraid of my former bosses, even though I know that others, who revealed wrongdoings, have all gambled with their lives to do so. The pharmaceutical industry’s lobby is extremely powerful. It constantly lobbies politicians and the judiciary and even blackmails governments by threatening to withdraw investments or to close down sites, thus, creating unemployment in a country. Before you know it, the government backs down and plays the game, just as the industry stipulates.”

Looks like the pharmaceutical industry is calling the shots in Ireland. Collateral damage wasn’t mentioned at the dinner, was it Enda? It will be interesting to see how many of the 2o lobbying pharmaceutical companies these two representatives of the Irish public, met up with. No such thing as a free lunch? Well for the Irish people whose health is on the table, it seems not, but it seems to be a different story for our own ‘Sir Stan and Hardy’.

Does that sound very irreverent? I have zero respect for a Government, who are aware that prescribed drugs are killing people, and are burying their heads in the sand due to kowtowing to the billion dollar pharmaceutical industry. Is it an excuse to say that all Governments do it? I think not. My son was Irish, he was born in Ireland, he loved Ireland and yet he was badly let down by these ‘penpushers’ we call Ministers.


14 thoughts on “Eli Lilly and the Irish Government”

  1. Here Here, let’s not get MI6 unduly upset. I’m sure M, Moneypenny and 007 have better things to do than hunt through the pages of uppity Bloggers.

    We Are talking State Secrets here.

    Sorry if I seem incredulous at the stupefying math involved in these 25,000 jobs, How many of the Citizens of Ireland must be put on the Government Dole for life to Protect those 25,000 jobs and at what cost?

    Or perhaps Ireland’s version of America’s CPS stealing children to prop up those 25,000 jobs? How many hard earned Euros is That flushing down the loo?

    And Prozac, the Wonder Blues Wash that’s so Safe and Effective that it needs to violate the First Rule of Modern Advertising: Building Brand Recognition.

    Fluoxetine hydrochloride is marketed under hundreds
    of brand names worldwide, including Felicium® in
    Austria, Grinflux® in Italy and Hapilux® in Greece.

    Partial listing of brand names:
    Actan (Chile)
    Adepssir (Philippines)
    Afeksin (Denmark)
    Andep (India, Indonesia)
    Andepin (Poland)
    Ansilan (Colombia)
    Anzac (Thailand)
    Auroken (Mexico)
    Bioxetin (Poland)
    Biozac (Ireland)
    Courage (Indonesia)
    Depreks (Turkey)
    Deprexin (Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Surinam, Trinidad)
    Deprexen (Italy)
    Deproxin (Thailand)
    Deprozin (Mexico)
    Dinalexin (Greece)
    Docutrix (Spain)
    Elevat (India)
    Equilibrane (Argentina)
    Eufor (Brazil)
    Felicium (Austria)
    Fluctin (Germany)
    Fluctine (Austria, Switzerland)
    Fludac (Ethiopia, Kuwait, Libya, Qatar, Syria, Uganda, Zimbabwe)
    Flufran (India)
    Flunil (India)
    Fluocalm (Greece)
    Fluox (Belgium, Brazil, Germany, New Zealand)
    Fluoxac (Mexico)
    Floxet (Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania)
    Fluoxeren (Italy)
    Fluoxil (Dominican Republic)
    Fluox-Puren (Germany)
    Fluozac (Vietnam)
    Fluronin (Taiwan)
    Flusac (Thailand)
    Flutin (Colombia, Korea)
    Flutine (Israel, Thailand)
    Flux (Austria, Pakistan)
    Fluxen (Taiwan)
    Fluxetil (Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia)
    Fluxetin (Singapore)
    Fluxil (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen)
    Fontex (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden)
    Foxetin (Argentina, Korea)
    Fysionorm (Germany)
    FXT (Canada)
    Grinflux (Italy)
    Hapilux (Greece, Thailand)
    Ladose (Greece)
    Lanclic (Korea)
    Lorien (South Africa)
    Lovan (Australia, New Zealand)
    Magrilan (Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Romania)
    Modipran (Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Sudan, Tunisia)
    Nervosal (Argentina)
    Neupax (Peru)
    Neuro-Laz (Argentina)
    Nodepe (Portugal, Spain)
    Nondep (Azerbaijan Republic)
    Nopres (Hong Kong, Indonesia)
    Nuzak (South Africa)
    Oxactin (United Kingdom)
    Oxedep (China, India)
    Oxetin (Bosnia, Herzegovina)
    Portal (Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia)
    Positivum (Austria)
    Pragmaten (Chile, Ecuador)
    Prizma (Israel)
    Proctin (Korea)
    Prodep (Ghana; Guinea, Liberia, Malawi, Mauritania, Niger, Zambia)
    Prozac 20 (Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand)
    Prozac Weekly (United States)
    Prozit (United Kingdom, Ireland)
    Psipax (Portugal)
    Psiquial (Brazil, Venezuela)
    Rapiflux (United States)
    Regultron (Mexico)
    Rowexetina (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama)
    Salipax (Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Curacao,Guyana, Jamaica)
    Sanzur (South Africa)
    Seronil (Finland, Poland, Turkey)
    Siquial (Mexico)
    Tuneluz (Portugal)
    U-Zet (Taiwan)
    Verotina (Brazil)
    Xeredien (Italy)
    ZAC (Indonesia)
    Zactin (Australia, Singapore, Taiwan)
    Zepax (Colombia)

    Because if it was sold under ONE consumer name world over, it would be a Walk in the Park for people to look up ALL of the Adverse Reactions that ONE consumer Brand would display, World Wide.

    Fiddy or Truthman can probably supply you with a Similar List for all the intentional, consumer brand marketing misdirection Seroxat also hides behind.


    1. Wow, or is it bow, wow? Thanks for the links. Some, including the one about Prozac for dogs, could be quite funny if it wasn’t so serious. I have seen advertisements for ‘doggie’ antidepressants too. Have a look at this post: “Anti depressants are often used in dogs to treat behavioral problems including separation anxiety and excessive barking.” It doesn’t say if your pet will suddenly turn on it’s owner due to a violent reaction to the drug though.

      One of your links reported on a little guy (12 years old) who had Cerebral palsy and had an awful reaction to Strattera; as if his life wasn’t difficult enough?

      John Virapen, the ex Eli Lilly rep, said that when the market gets saturated by a product, they just re-brand and change the name. This was exactly what happened with Citalopram/Escitalopram (and all the other names this drug comes under).



      1. “if a dog has any tendency to have a seizure, even if it has never happened before, it may happen when he starts taking an antidepressant”

        Pop goes the Weasel. Higher incidence of seizures when Starting antidepressants than in dogs Surviving their first AD seizure. I wonder what % of pooches ADs kill right out the gate?

        Sorry to keep linking to myself, but it’s One outrage after another making the news, and nothing ever gets cleaned up. There’s just so many of them they’re largely forgotten in the background noise.

        “State Secrets” . . . . My Hind Foot!

        And you’ve an admirer, or better yet, become quite a thorn in someone’s side. I unfailingly get a visit from Washington DC to view those forgotten, swept under the rug outrages.

        It used to come in reading in English/ us-ir (or was it ie?) but now they must have subcontracted – same isp – but different group in us-en.


  2. Hi Leonie,
    a very good read, interesting and thought provoking. I was wondering if you received my email a couple of weeks ago? I would be very interested in following up on that if you are interested. Thanks


  3. dbunker,

    That’s ok…your posts are great. Thanks, I get lots of ‘admirers’: from the Irish Government to the European Commission and not forgetting every pharmaceutical company that exists. Pity they didn’t spend more time doing their job rather than looking at my blog.


    No, I didn’t get your E-mail. Do you want to send it again?



    1. “I get lots of ‘admirers’: from the Irish Government to the European Commission and not forgetting every pharmaceutical company that exists.”

      I know what you mean. It leaves you Wondering Who has to visit you before it turns out to be someone who actually Matters. (in the sense of Fixing the problem rather than enabling it.)

      Domain Name (Unknown)
      IP Address 198.137.241.# (Executive Office Of The President USA)
      ISP Executive Office Of The President USA
      Continent : North America
      Country : United States (Facts)
      State : District of Columbia
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      Language English (U.S.)
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      Browser Internet Explorer 8.0
      Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.0.4506.2152; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; InfoPath.2; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET4.0C; .NET4.0E)
      Javascript version 1.3
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  4. Carbon Emissions, Global Warming, Cap and Trade = Gasoline that went from $1.85 to $5.50. The protection for Bio, bio, bio, bio, stutter, stutter, etc. Access to HC for people who, . . .

    Hospital Emergency Rooms in the US can not turn people away regardless of their ability to pay. Nobody was going to Die without ObamaCare.

    And as it unfolds, the only people who aren’t being Hurt by it were Supposed to be Drug Makers. Doctors, Hospitals, Private Insurers are all coming up short.

    But why should Weldon care when they paid him a personal $197 Million just to walk across the hall and become Chairman of the Board rather than CEO?

    Pharma’s support of the Federal takeover was intended to put as much of Drug Makers product onto the Govt. will Pay for it list as they could get. And now that it’s plunged the US economy into ruin, the Drug Makers too will end up losing revenue.

    Pharma’s schemes found their perfect Candidate and bought him cheap (for them) at a paltry $150M.

    And then Weldon blathered about finding and fixing what was wrong in ObamaCare After it was passed.

    If it was Needed to Save Lives which would be Lost without it, Why couldn’t they have fixed the FUBARs IN it Before they enacted it?

    Everyone responsible for this mess which was engineered for the benefit of a select few knew it was going to wreak havoc:

    with the possible exception of Rep. Hank Johnson.

    God help us all Leonie. These are the people who let Pharma buy our Laws.


  5. Hi Leonie,

    Cymbalta and Prozac. I documented my time on Cymbalta on my blog. What a miserable drug, and what a terrible time weaning off. It was one of the last psych drugs I was on. As for Prozac, I was put on that back in the late 80s when it was said to be the next miracle drug and wrote about that too. Had an absolutely miserable time on that one too, with one of the weirdest symptoms I’ve ever had. Felt my skin was turning inside out and I was constantly sitting on a bed of needles. Complained to the doctors and of course, it was a brand new drug he didn’t believe me. And so on… and so on…

    If you ever get a chance to rent or stream a movie called “Orgasm”, I would do so. It’s a documentary from 2011 about how Sarafem was marketed and created so they wouldn’t loose money from Prozac. Here’s a description.
    It’s worth it if you want a good movie to rent after the holidays are over.


    1. Japers,
      Do people really believe this rubbish?

      Sarafem adverts promised to make you “more like the woman you are.”

      Then the pil comes with the ‘black box warning’ due to the increased risk of suicide: so possibly they meant “more like the woman you used to be, before you died by suicide?”

      I will certainly look for that film!


  6. People do believe this hogwash unfortunately. I just went to Amazon UK and unfortunately it seems to be Region 1 coding only. I have a copy of it, shall I look to see how much it would cost to convert it to play for you?


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