BarniskyI admit to being a bit of a sceptic. People talk about angels, feathers, and all the different signs we get that indicate a person is still watching over us after death. Well we have had numerous signs, some that would make your hair stand on end, and some that are so far fetched that I wonder sometimes if I’m losing the plot and imagining them. I’m one of those people who watched the ‘psychic’ TV programmes because I really want it to be true for the people who are getting messages from their dearly departed; but honestly don’t believe a word of it.

My brother bought us to ‘psychic medium’ John Edwards in the Helix, but it really just confirmed to me that, in my opinion, it’s all codswallop. Although, I do believe that wherever he is, he’s okay; whether the inherent sceptic in me will ever truly believe that Shane is still around me, unless he actually smacks me (hard) on the head, remains to be seen. I have a lovely friend Louise, who reads cards and tells me that the purple aura around me means that the Archangels are looking after me. I love listening to her but she knows I don’t believe a word of it.

Another incident today, for the believer, could be attributed to a sign. One of the notes he wrote in Theology is an example. I have Shane’s stuff tucked away from his ‘quite destructive’ younger siblings. Today I inexplicably found this note on the kitchen counter, so however it surfaced, whether by human or spirit, I can’t ignore it. Just in case, on the off chance that Shane wanted his siblings to remember how much he loved them, here’s the note.

Shane's writing

“The love of your brothers and sister is reflected in your behavior towards them.

Ask yourself, when is the last time I told them I loved them, when is the last time I gave them a hug.

Sad is my plight, I don’t remember when.

I did learn by my silly mistakes.”

1 thought on “Signs!”

  1. I find it fascinating that so much of the knowledge base informing Psychiatry’s excuses to sell their pills originate in the communings with “The Other Side”.

    Harry Houdini himself, the greatest escape artist we have records of, promised us that if it were possible he’d return from the other side to tell us about it.

    Since nobody’s heard from Harry since, I find the thought of Charlatans gathered around a table in a dimly lit room piercing the veil as it were, beyond impossible to swallow.


    If Houdini couldn’t do it, It’s more than stretch to believe that This Anti-Semitic, Hitler Worshipping, Pharmaceutical Marketing Eidolon of the Syncretic/Junk Science Set could.



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