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My ‘Mad in America’ article…

Mad in AmericaToday my article was published on Robert Whitaker’s ‘Mad in America’ website, here.

This follows the publication of my November article in the Irish Independent, here. I really appreciate the publication of my work/views, particularly as it might just warn somebody, or give an insight into the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. The most telling sentence in the Independent article is the last one “The Irish Medicines Board declined to comment.” It would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. The body entrusted with the safety of Irish medicine couldn’t or wouldn’t clarify the situation?

I have previously quoted John Le Carré; speaking of his fictional writings of the pharma industry, he said “…But I can tell you this. As my journey through the pharmaceutical jungle progressed, I came to realise that, by comparison with the reality, my story was as tame as a holiday postcard.” From my experiences since Shane died in 2009, I think even John Le Carré may have underestimated the extent of the corruption within the pharmaceutical industry, which tapers all the way down to your friendly, or not so friendly, GP.

The pharma corruption is then firmly established by psychiatry’s active and frantic denials of any problems with the pills they prescribe. Even our KOPs (Key Opinion Leader’s) in Irish psychiatry will attend inquests in order to argue that the victims death was due to his/her own fault and not the fault of the drug itself. They will trample over the dead bodies and grieving relatives in order that the defense of the drug be heard.

In case I sound like a ‘conspiracy theorist’ here, let me clarify that one. I believe that antidepressants (SSRIs in particular) cause suicide and cause homicide, among other terrible reactions. I believe that that is what happened in the case of Shane, my son. I firmly believe that psychiatry worldwide know full well that these drugs are very dangerous, but are protecting their own monetary interests. People say that these drugs save lives, and maybe that is the case, BUT, that has nothing to do with the fact that they can also kill. My son never offered to be a number in the carcrash of collateral damage left behind.

So, that’s why I appreciate the publication of my work.  If you are reading this, maybe you will be pre-warned of the possible dangers, when you or a loved-one are prescribed these drugs.


5 thoughts on “My ‘Mad in America’ article…”

  1. Under the guise of healing, drug companies have ruined so many lives. They march on in their quest for profit and look away from the damage they have done, crushing opposition underfoot when and where they can.

    This would not be possible without the compliance of the very people who should be speaking out; the prescribers and the health authorities who oversee them.

    Nobody told those whose personalities and futures have been damaged by their encounter with these drugs that the very self they presented to the world could be lost forever.

    Nobody told our lost ones that the drugs they took to restore themselves to the life they knew could indeed take them from this life forever.

    All these now have a voice in you, Leonie.

    Including those who never had the chance to have a life at all.

    Your voice is being heard and is making a difference. Ringing loud and clear.

    You don’t give up, and you never stop questioning.



    1. Thanks Margaret,
      It seems that unborn and newborn babies are just a tiny fraction of the problem. Tip of the pharma iceberg!

      As Jeffrey puts it in the comment section of the MIA article “I would much rather be a dead baby than a child growing up with brain damage, which is what I was. Now I’m just an adult with brain damage. It wasn’t worth either the ride or the destination.”

      The scale of this genocide and the amount of innocent ‘affected’ victims is unimaginable.



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