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The 3 musketeers? Lundbeck, the Irish College of Psychiatry and the Irish Medical Council.

The 3 MusketeersAll for one and one for all?

Now I know a lot of you may think I’m a little delusional or at the very least a slightly emotional, conspiracy theorist. Some of you may think (or not) that that’s understandable, albeit a tad hard to believe. Some may just think that I’m not the full shilling, I understand that and accept it. Either way, bear with me if you will.

I have made no secret of the fact that I thought Professor Patricia Casey and the Irish College of Psychiatry’s involvement in Shane’s inquest was, how do I put this; a little strange! I also made no secret that I found it ‘strange’ that the Irish College of Psychiatry would choose to send someone with a long history of working for lundbeck (the drug company who invented Citalopram), to my son’s inquest. Considering Citalopram is the drug I blame for Shane’s death, I wondered whether she was representing psychiatry Ireland or lundbeck that day?

Still bearing with me?

In 2010 I sent off a ‘Freedom Of Information’ request to Lundbeck which I happened to be going through this week. Most of it was newspaper clippings from the various media outlets in Ireland and a few e-mails with a lot of redaction. I came across one e-mail which I had somehow missed before. It’s an internal e-mail to members of the Irish College of Psychiatry, from the College President Justin Brophy, referring to their decision not to address the antidepressant ‘issue’ raised by the ‘Shane Clancy Affair’.

Well here’s the conspiracy theorist bit;

Why did Lundbeck have access to private ‘internal’ e-mails sent by Justin Brophy to members of the Irish College of Psychiatrists? Who forwarded this ‘internal’ e-mail to a pharmaceutical company implicated in my son’s death? There’s quite a few members of Irish Psychiatry who have financial ties to Lundbeck; does that surprise you? Me a conspiracy theorist?

The Irish Medical Council is a public body set up by statute. Section 38 of the ‘Medical Practitioners Act’ 1978, provides:“The Council shall from time to time determine, in relation to each specialty recognised by it, the body or bodies which the Council shall recognise in the State for the purpose of granting evidence of satisfactory completion of specialist training.”The Medical Council currently approves the Irish College of Psychiatry for the purpose of granting ‘evidence of satisfactory completion’ of psychiatric training. In August 2010, we made a complaint to the Irish Medical Council regarding the care, or lack thereof, that Shane received in his last few weeks. Similarly, the Medical Council also asked an expert with financial ties to Lundbeck (PJ Cowen), to compile an expert ‘independent’ report on my son’s case. So is it possible that the dubious relationship between Lundbeck and the Irish College of psychiatry, if not addressed, could lead the Medical Council, as a public body, open to a ‘perception of bias’? Or maybe it’s just a case of the old boy’s network, and the families of the victims are never invited? Well, you’ll have to make up your own mind, mine’s firmly made up!

E-mail below….


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11 thoughts on “The 3 musketeers? Lundbeck, the Irish College of Psychiatry and the Irish Medical Council.”

  1. Leonie, sadly things are not much different here in Canada. Our healthcare system seems to be owned by the pharmaceutical industry. The Coroner has refused to look at the role Cipralex played in Brennan’s death. The “experts” they consulted also have connections to pharma. We also firmly believe Cipralex manufactured by Lundbeck caused Brennan’s death.


    1. That is awful Nancy. At least the Coroner at Shane’s inquest allowed Professor Healy to testify, which led to the jury rejecting a suicide verdict. Not sure what difference that makes in reality but it was important to us at the time.
      Shame on the Canadian Coroner…..what’s he afraid of finding?

      Lundbeck seem to have their poisonous tentacles everywhere and academia is no different, just to me it seems much more tragic. Allowing themselves to be bought over and ignoring the victims and their families; what could possibly be worse?
      I know that Brennan died because that stupid doctor, who also tried to wriggle out of it and blame Brennan, gave him a drug with no warning of the dire consequences. Such a lovely handsome young man! So so sorry Nancy.


  2. I think time will reveal more Musketeers involved in this web of deceit…Conspiracy theorist….implies guesswork? I’d say you are way beyond that point.You’re a truth seeker.and bloody good at it too! x


      1. Your blog posts are not conspiracy theories, you are merely linking information that is already out there and highlighting the facts. The truth always becomes self-evident eventually … Keep blogging and bringing awareness to the corruption Leonie, you’re doing a great job and you have a huge amount of support 🙂


  3. Thanks Truthman,
    I sent off an e-mail on Monday to,,, and I wonder if they’ll just ignore me or whether my concerns will be addressed? E-mail below…

    FAO Dr Anthony McCarthy and others,
    The ‘Shane Clancy Affair’.

    Dear Dr McCarthy and others,
    It has come to my attention that a serious breach of ethics has occurred within the college of psychiatry. An internal college e-mail regarding my son, addressed to members of the College of Psychiatry, has been forwarded to Lundbeck, the pharmaceutical company implicated in my son’s death. At the time, 2010, Dr Justin Brophy was president of the college, hence the reason I have included him in this e-mail. He was also the original author.

    In 2010 I sent off a ‘Freedom Of Information’ request to Lundbeck which I happened to be going through this week. I came across an e-mail which I had previously overlooked; an internal e-mail to members of the Irish College of Psychiatry from the previous College President Justin Brophy. The e-mail refers to the decision not to address the antidepressant ‘issue’ raised at my son Shane Clancy’s inquest.

    According to the Irish psychiatry website, the college ‘aims to be the voice of psychiatry in Ireland’. I therefore find this serious breach of confidence totally at odds with these intentions. It would beg the question, exactly how involved is the psychiatric college with ‘industry’, or is it just Lundbeck who have internal access? Either way, this needs to be addressed, particularly as the Medical Council approves the College as the ‘sole body’ recognised by the Medical Council and the HSE for Competence Assurance and Training in psychiatry.

    I have serious concerns that my son’s death was investigated by the medical council with an ‘independent’ expert report by Professor Cowen, who acknowledges his links to Lundbeck. It saddens me that it seems my suspicions have yet again been confirmed, that Lundbeck also has links within the college of psychiatry.
    I am attaching the e-mail and will await correspondence,

    Kind Regards,
    Leonie Fennell


  4. I have left this comment twice already this week, but it never appeared. I am not sure what I was doing wrong (using WordPress info), but am now trying through Twitter. Hope you get it.


    It’s way beyond a conspiracy. It’s a global industry that’s based on the blatant falsehood that all human problems/variations are illnesses that need to be “treated” with psychoactive toxins.

    Because this is a lie, two things become necessary. Firstly, anything that remotely threatens the lie has to be savagely suppressed; and secondly, there has to be a continuous stream of propaganda to promote the lie. The psychiatrists are the principal agents in these endeavors, and pharma provides the money.

    Psychiatry has long since ceased to be a helping profession. Your late son – and I hope you don’t find this offensive – is simply collateral damage. They don’t give a damn, other than distancing themselves from any kind of responsibility. I can’t even imagine what you must be going through. Keep writing if you can.

    Philip Hickey


    1. Fully agree Phil-

      As I have always said- ‘mental health’ is ‘big business’ and the only ones who benefit from the current mental health system in most countries are psychiatrists and their pharmaceutical puppet masters.


    2. Thanks Phil,
      Sorry, I never received your previous comments but glad you persevered. No, I’m not offended, I know Shane and countless others are just collateral damage to the drug companies. They have no conscience and are consumed by greed. I understand that.

      What I don’t understand is how doctors and psychiatrists who are supposed to be helping people, defend these companies and trample on victims like my son and bereaved families. Surely they know what they are doing? Are they paid enough to assuage their conscience? It seems so.


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