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Patricia Casey v Veronica O’Keane



Professor Veronica O' Keane

Yesterday Veronica O’Keane accused Patricia Casey of bias on the Pat Kenny radio show. Professor Casey was not a happy camper, it has to be said. This has got to be one of the funniest moments ever captured on radio (despite the serious topic); or maybe it’s just my weird sense of humour?

The Independent wrote about it here. Here’s an excerpt: “Veronica O’Kane, professor of psychiatry at UCD, accused her university colleague Patricia Casey of bias and described her survey as “anti-scientific” and “an absolute farce.” OOH, a court case, I can feel it in me waters!

In case you’re wondering what I’m wittering on about, have a listen for yourself. The ‘stroppy’ section is around the 1.46 mark…
Pat Kenny
By the way, the presenter of the show, Pat Kenny, can be heard on Dylan Tighe’s programme here going on about the chemical imbalance with his regular side-kick Jim Lucey. The relevant bit is in the first minute of the programme. Have you any proof of that chemical imbalance Pat? No wonder Ireland’s in the state that it’s in, when even the experts can’t agree on anything and radio presenters spout irresponsible rubbish as fact.

14 thoughts on “Patricia Casey v Veronica O’Keane”

  1. Pat Kenny hasn’t got a clue about mental illness- he should no better than to speak of topics which he knows nothing about… At least George Hook has had direct experience and knowledge of the topic.. as for Jim Lucey… no comment..


    1. Yes Truthman, I agree. Pat Kenny is in danger of giving off ‘a perception of bias’ himself by having Jim Lucey and his one-sided opinion repeatedly on his show. George Hook tells it as it is, as for his experts, well…..


      1. Most definitely a ‘throwing my toys out of the pram” moment.. Pat Kenny should have some lollipops and dummies on standby if he is to have these two on again…


      1. Despite all the evidence of the pharma companies only publishing positive trial results and burying most of the negative ones, many, if not the majority of Psychiatrists in the this continue to bury their heads in the sand, and continue to cite biased studies, while ignoring or trying to discredit any that might contradict their viewpoints. It’s scary that this profession is even accepted as mainstream science, and these people are tasked with assessing mental health issues. Indeed, when you challenge people like this, you often find a very aggressive/dismissive response, because ultimately you are rocking the foundations upon which their whole professional life is based. In the face of this, their humility and open mindedness seems completely absent. Experts indeed……


    1. I agree Shea and Truthman, I couldn’t have said it better myself! Irish psychiatry is based on the rocking boat called ‘the pride of the Chemical Imbalance’. A good architect will tell you any imbalance is always going to create a shaky foundation.


      1. Hi Leonie,
        That was some ‘panel discussion’ on P Kenny show. Some of it will definitely find its way into my next book on depression. In which of Pat Kenny’s conversations with Jim Lucey does P. Kenny speak of chemical imbalances? Terry


  2. Hi Terry,
    Fantastic, I look forward to reading the next one. It was some discussion all right! It would make you wonder how these psychiatrists could possibly help people with mental health difficulties? We need some more doctors like you I think… too many silent observers in this country. I’ve sent you an e-mail regarding your question. Good luck with the new book.


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