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Two more young people dead; victims of a broken system?

Kieran and AlexandraSadly today’s newspapers report that a body recovered from the River Foyle has been identified as missing Dublin teenager Kieran McKeon. He was 18 years old.

Last March (13th) Kieran travelled to Derry with his friend Alexandra O’Brien (21) and checked into a nearby hotel. The following day some of Alexandra’s belongings were found on a bridge over the River Foyle. Following the recovery of her body, the PSNI also feared for Kieran’s safety. It was largely believed that they had both entered the water together from the Foyle Bridge. Tragically Kieran’s body was recovered on Thursday and identified today.

The Irish Times reported in March: “Alexandra and Kieran were both day patients at St John of God’s, which specialises in treating people with mental health problems. In their original missing-person description of Ms O’Brien, the PSNI described her as “vulnerable.”

Now, considering they were both patients of St John of God hospital, there is no doubt that they were medicated. The Irish ‘medical model’ did not save these two young people and in my humble opinion, probably caused or at least contributed to their deaths. Yes young people can be vulnerable. Yes people die by suicide without being medicated BUT young people are far more susceptible to the adverse-effects of psychiatric drugs. Were these young people or their families warned of the doubling of the suicide risk? Were they told that these drugs were not recommended for young people, or that the EU warning on these drugs was upped to under 25s because of the suicide risk? I have first hand experience of Irish Psychiatrists denying that these drugs can cause suicide. They are wrong! The US has a black-box warning on these drugs because of the serious repercussions, particularly in young people.

FDA confirms risks of antidepressants.

Baum Hedlund, A cure worse than the disease.

Here is a 1991 you-tube video on the dangers of SSRIs; listen to these people’s stories if you dare/care. Despite this FDA hearing, it was another 13 years (2004) before they finally put a black-box warning in place for Under 18s. It took another 3 years (2007) before the US upped the warning to Under 24s; the EU followed suit upping the suicide warning to U25s. Yet the EU and the Irish Medicines Board declined to put a black-box warning on the same drugs for fear that it would “stop people from taking drugs that were perfectly suited to them”. Never mind the poor people who lost their lives by taking them!

Sadly this still hasn’t stopped uninformed doctors from medicating young people. It still hasn’t stopped suicide awareness groups from accepting funding from the makers of drugs which cause suicide; you know who you are. Is it any wonder when there are psychiatrists, like Dr Moosajee Bhamjee on Newstalk radio, who said that the suicide warnings were only put in place because of ‘the media and other issues’. Then again, the person who could have acted on this is Minister Kathleen Lynch. Remember Professor Healy and Declan Gilsenan’s meeting with her? David Healy told her that these drugs are the leading cause of death within the mental health field. Dr Gilsenan told her he had serious concerns that these drugs were causing people to kill themselves. Has she done anything? Yet again, NO! Shame on her.


5 thoughts on “Two more young people dead; victims of a broken system?”

  1. If psychiatry was such a successful profession, and the drugs were so effective in treating psychiatric illnesses, then why do many of those who come in contact with both, end up dead or damaged?…..


    1. True and they repeatedly use the perfect ‘get out’ clause; blame the patient’s ‘illness’ or the person themselves, never ever the drug. Professor Healy though has said ‘what about the trials done on healthy volunteers?’ What indeed! Traci Johnson was a healthy volunteer when she hung herself from a Lilly bathroom. She had been taking part in a Cymbalta trial for ‘urinary incontinence’. Lilly were found to have hidden at least 4 other deaths of volunteers, all taking the same drug. Their lack of respect for these people defies all decency.


  2. The right to be informed has been taken from countless numbers of people who became unsuspecting, trusting victims! I learned this from my own family loss of my sister. Age 25. My story is here on this site Please read it..this is not only happening now, it has been happening for decades! in 2009 the truth surfaced for my family. Do we have closure now to a sudden death that should not of happened? Are we angry and want someone to be held accountable for Lori’s death in 1981? soooo long body really cares about her and all others lost decades ago! Well Lori did count, my families lives destroyed also mattered. What would you do if you found out finally the truth in the lost of your loved one? Decades later when slowly the leak was hitting the media! listen to that 1991 fda hearing. The families speak the truth!
    *Lori’s Story in on this site. Let me know if you can not find it, also let me know your thoughts when reading Lori’s Story. Thank you…. all. ❤


  3. Myself kieran and Alyx all met and became good friends while in the acute unit. I can tell you it was not the meds that made them do what they did. We had a lot of free time in sjog so we would talk for hours. I know exactly what was going through their heads and why they did it and I don’t like how your making assumptions to apply your medication argument to it. Most of the doctors do great work there. Alyx said herself she had an amazing doctor who she highly respected.


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