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Be Aware/Beware of Lundbeck’s ’99 and me’

Shane, Lucy and ChrissyLundbeck, your not so friendly Pharma company are at it again in the Irish Isles. This time it’s the launch of a ‘new bipolar disorder campaign’ 99 and me.

What does the ’99 and me’ leaflet tell us? Well, let’s see: “Seeking help for symptoms of bipolar disorder is no cause for worry. Approximately 40,000 people in Ireland are currently being treated for the condition – that is approximately 1 in every 100 people in the country. Your healthcare professional is always on-hand to offer friendly advice and support. They can advise you on the right treatment pathway to suit you.”

The campaign, according to, “aims to tackle misunderstandings about the condition, to remove the stigma surrounding it and to encourage people to get the treatment they need as soon as possible.” Dr Paul Scully of St James’s Hospital stated “not infrequently, bipolar can be misdiagnosed as depression and, as a result, patients don’t receive the treatment and support they need“.

Naturally Lundbeck have a treatment for bi-polar disorder. Unfortunately the treatment may be worse than the cure; will your hands-on friendly healthcare professional tell you that? Firstly there is Sycrest/Saphris which lists Akathisia as a ‘common’ side effect. Akathisia, you may know, is well known as the precursor to suicide and/or homicide.

Then there is Abilify. According to PharmaTimes the ‘National Institute for Health and Care Excellence’ (NICE) “has issued draft guidance recommending Lundbeck/Otsuka’s Abilify for the treatment of teenagers with bipolar disorder.” Remember Akathisia, particularly if this drug is prescribed to your teenager. The RxISK database has 348 reported deaths, 573 cases of Akathisia, 572 cases of Psychotic disorder, 381 cases of Agitation, 351 cases of Schizophrenia, 303 cases of mania, 303 cases of Delusion, 292 cases of Hallucination, 295 Suicide attempts, 293 Completed suicide and 276 cases of Aggression, all directly reported as an adverse effect of consuming Abilify. I could go on but you can have a look for yourself: RxISK (Abilify)

At the moment there is a Bi-polar Conference (13-16 June) ongoing in Florida. It’s called the ’10th International Conference on Bipolar Disorders’ and the listed disclosures would make your hair stand on end, here. Interesting to see the notorious pharma shill Charles Nemeroff in attendance. Despite the numerous conflicts of interest, at least in the US pharma declarations are listed, where-as Irish Psychiatrists and Doctors seem quite reticent in revealing their pharma connections. It would certainly be interesting to see what pharma connections, if any, Dr Paul Scully of St James’s Hospital has, including Lundbeck honoraria.

It should be noted; in my experience, if you or your loved one happen to have an adverse reaction (as listed above), your hands-on friendly GP will side with the pharmaceutical industry and turn their backs on you quicker than you can say ‘Judas Iscariot’.

5 thoughts on “Be Aware/Beware of Lundbeck’s ’99 and me’”

  1. Lundbeck show all the signs of suffering from mood swings.

    From brass neck to corporate greed, and all the steps on the way.

    And back again.


    1. I find it fascinating how they pluck their statistics out of thin air… Have they assessed every single person in Ireland for the symptoms of bi-polar? If not – then how did they come to know that 1 in 100 have it? and given the subjectivity of all psychiatric diagnoses and the flux of human behavior on a daily basis- we could all easily be classed as bi-polar on any given day. It’s blatant disease mongering- and presumably they have tapped the depression and anxiety market to death (literally) so now they have decided to shake the bi-polar tree and see how many people they can get on bi-polar meds. Doctors that add meaningless sound bites to their drug marketing material should be ashamed of themselves…


  2. Ask your Doctor if Abilify is right for you, but only after you’ve asked FDA’s Medwatch.

    @ Truthman:

    Doctors that add meaningless sound bites to their drug marketing material should be ashamed of themselves…

    Doctors, as a subset, are far “Sicker in the Head” than the people they’re selling their trumped up diseases to.

    Male Docs are 250% more likely to commit suicide and Female Docs are 400% more likely to commit suicide than non Docs.

    And we’re to expect Them to be Ashamed of killing clients to make a buck? 🙂

    More than 7% of Doctors in WWII Germany voluntarily joined the Nazi SS as opposed to less than 1% of Non Docs, . . . and we expect them to be Ashamed over slinging BS like this?


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