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The grieving mother is at it again!

Bad DayThis morning I was rambling around a shop in Wicklow – minding my own business. The radio was playing loudly in the background and there was a discussion on about depression. A ‘science expert’ was giving his tuppence worth, telling us how depression can be caused by low serotonin levels. I couldn’t just let that go, could I?

The shopkeeper told me it was East Coast Radio (ECR), a Wicklow based radio station. I’ll try to find out who the ‘expert’ is later but in the meantime; seriously? How can these idiots keep spouting the ‘chemical imbalance’ rubbish? It is drug company propaganda at its best and has no scientific basis, no factually based evidence whatsoever to conclude that depression is anything other than a reaction to life itself. So anyone, particularly a supposed ‘expert’ spouting this rubbish as fact is unforgivable, dangerous and completely unabashed of whether the science backs up the ‘expertise’ being publicized to the nation.

I’m having a bad day today, tears are ready to ‘go forth and multiply’ at the slightest provocation. Some unsuspecting person saying hello would be enough to set the floodgates in motion. I spoke to Shane’s friends this morning, so that probably set me off (lovely as they are). It’s nearly 4 years now and some days it feels like yesterday, 4 years since my lovely son died from 17 days of Citalopram. 4 years since he took someone elses life and his own on the same night. Sometimes I feel I have no right to be sad as I’m the mother of a guy who killed another person, whether caused by this particular drug or not. I wonder about random people who are nice to me, who want to chat about the weather, the traffic or the state of the country. Would they be nice to me if they knew I was the mother of a young man who took the life of another, or would they walk on by and pretend they didn’t see me for fear of catching something? Should I wear a placard around my neck telling randomers who I am?

The DSM-5 (psychiatric manual) would say that I have a psychiatric disorder, major depressive disorder to be precise. Being sad for 4 years is way over the 2 week period that this manual allows a person to grieve before recommending medication to fix them. Despite having a lovely husband and other perfectly happy normal(ish) children, some days I still wish I was dead. That’s not depression talking, just a fact; so much easier! Oh the joys of dying from a heart attack than to live with the pain of missing my son. And no, I’m not depressed, just having a bad day; a ‘natural’ reaction to some terrible circumstances in my life. I’ll be perfectly okay again tomorrow, particularly without the intervention of a doctor, who can and do make things so much worse by prescribing mind altering drugs. I’m sitting in my car waiting for my sons to finish Jui Jitsu (the latest craze in our house), balling like an idiot with make-up running down my face and hair like the ‘wild woman of Borneo’ (whoever she is). I care little about what people think of me anymore, my hide has been well and truly toughened in the last few years, so I’ll cry if I want to, just another mad woman, move along, nothing to see here.

It saddens me that despite the fight we put up since my son died, trying to raise awareness about the dangers of these drugs, I still get to hear idiots like your man on the radio spouting the ‘chemical imbalance theory’ as fact. Despite getting the real experts into Leinster House, who informed Minister Kathleen Lynch of the dangers of these drugs (who then nodded her head and did sweet fock all), doctors are still over-prescribing and people are still dying in our little country every day. Despite Senator David Norris bringing the issue up in the Seanad and Jan O’Sullivan bringing it up in the Dail, nothing has changed. In fact the over-prescribing is getting worse and the misinformation (like this morning on East Coast Radio) is rampant. Dr Kelly on ‘The Right Hook’ is not alone in spouting misinformation as fact. In my opinion Patricia Casey and Ted Dinan as ‘expert professors’ in psychiatry (who deny the suicide link to antidepressants) have laid a pretty solid foundation for ‘SSRI misinformation’ in Ireland. I’ll keep chipping away with the auld nail scissors and I for one will be very surprised if I don’t topple that wall! Maybe my irrational self-belief means I’m a model to be diagnosed with PTSD or even Psychosis? Pass the prescription pad, Celexa at the ready? At least my heart attack may be helped on it’s way! If my sisters or brothers are reading this, I’m fine. Don’t even think of a ‘just passing and I thought I’d call in’ visit! No family conferences to see what can be done about the grieving one! Just having a bad day; back to my old caustic self tomorrow, I promise.

Patricia Casey “Antidepressants do not cause suicide“…Lie!

Ted Dinan “There is no evidence that SSRIs can cause suicide” … Lie!

Dr Ciara Kelly “the drugs (SSRIs) themselves are not dangerous, they’re not addictive, they’re not even dangerous at high levels of overdose.”… Lie

Ps. The radio show ‘expert’ was Sean Duke. “With some people the serotonin level is extremely low and they can get depressed as a result.” OFFS!! Sean, described as ‘ECR’s science blogger’, can be heard here at ’10am hour’ at 55 mins.


The chemical imbalance debunked….

Serotonin and Depression.

David Healy “No abnormality of serotonin in depression has ever been demonstrated.”

Dr Charlotte Blease. The duty to be well-informed: the case of depression.

Robert Whitaker “Rather than fix chemical imbalances in the brain, the drugs create them.” Anatomy of an Epidemic.


6 thoughts on “The grieving mother is at it again!”

  1. Appreciation to you Leonie for your courage in writing this.

    Every single word rings true with those of us who have been bereaved or damaged by these awful drugs, and whose lives can never be the same again.

    And every single word condemns those who provide, publicise and prescribe the drugs without looking at what harm their actions are causing.

    Thank you.


  2. As my Dear Departed Uncle was fond of saying “It’s enough to Piss a Christian.”

    Should you ask for answers, all you’re offered is yet more of the same noxious swill that caused the problem. When that wears beyond thin, and then beyond further tolerance, and you stand before the castle gate demanding even Answers, if you pound on the portcullis long and loud enough, the King’s minions may deign to drop a bucket of sewage on your head from high atop their parapet, (solicitors) because after all, it HAS been longer than 2 weeks and the King’s experts/cronys were right after all, . . . it IS your fault that you’re so damn miserable.

    It’s no wonder that bloggers eventually run out of steam, and just pack it in, eventually.

    But you’re still here.

    God Bless, and may the rest of us see more and more file up to stand with you before the gate, and speak the King’s own English to the King and his cronys, instead of politely fobbing them off with just a “That’s Nice.”


  3. A very brave and powerful posting Leonie. This grief doesn’t go away, it nibbles away at the soul on a daily basis – in my case for almost six years. How could anyone recover from such loss in two weeks, two months, two years? You have lost a delightful, loving son and probably feel complicit in some way. Like a good and caring parent you just tried to help Shane deal with one of life’s many challenges, which at his young age he was unable to do alone. The doctor you trusted let you both down through his incompetence. Why else was medication his first option? Maybe because the majority of GPs consider medication a quick, easy, surefire way to handle sadness, grief, stress etc. Besides Lundbeck, GSK and others have marketed their wares so slictly that GPs are hooked by hype. Nobody in authority, HSE, Government ministers, Irish Medicines Board is doing anything to change this despite them being repeatedly well informed. You are doing a tremendous job collecting information and keeping us informed. Hopefully you and the nail scissors will burst the dam or topple the wall.
    That East Coast radio presenter’s cackle was so irritating never mind the wuss spouting about chemical imbalances.


  4. Keep fighting the good fight Leonie! Your work here is helping to prevent further tragedies from these horrible drugs and corrupt pharmaceutical companies! You have a lot of support 🙂 🙂 🙂


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