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Let’s Talk About Suicide.


The above talk will include evidence and experience, both from myself and Maria Bradshaw, CEO of  Casper New Zealand. There may be other speakers or there might not, we’re winging it a bit at the moment. Anyway, everyone is welcome and I can assure you, we will try not to disappoint.

What I should have informed Maria is that the last time I did any public speaking I was about ten. My mother thought it was a good idea to send me to elocution lessons (should have got a refund). The elocution teacher, Miss Meredith, decided to put us in a Feis Ceoil (Festival of Music) where I was to recite ‘The Grandfather Clock‘ to a humongous room full of strangers. The first line came into my head, then zilch, nothing, nada, a blank empty head was left where my brain had once been. The prompter, whose prompting was getting louder and louder, might as well have been speaking double dutch, and to add to my humiliation I had to be escorted off the stage as my feet had mysteriously cemented into the highly polished wooden stage.

So whether you’re coming to see if I’ve improved or whether you’re coming to listen to Maria’s expert testimony, you’re all very welcome.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Suicide.”

  1. What I should have told you Leonie, is that I believe prompting should be both audible AND tactile. A good sharp slap works wonders tor restoring memory if “LEONIE YA DAFT COW, DON’T JUST STAND THERE LIKE A RETARDED GUPPY!” doesn’t clear your head and loosen your tongue. So there you are, you have a failsafe plan for dealing with any ‘Grandfather Clock’ moments. You’re welcome 🙂


      1. Can’t have empathy for something that doesn’t exist. Nothing in the slightest inadequate about you Leonie. You are smart and brave and tenacious. Can’t wait to work with you 🙂


  2. Leonie and Maria, This looks wonderful. Have you planned to videotape this so we all can see it afterward? We are assisting several litigation groups here in the U.S. on homicides induced by meds. Could be important for them as well. Kim Kim Bechthold Chief Executive Officer SUNDANCE Dx 1630A 30th Street, Suite 378 Boulder, CO 80301 970 314-2440 Mobile 303 513-5522 Fax 303 595-5289 http://www.sundancedx.com http://www.facebook.com/sundance.diagnostics


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