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Zoloft induced Suicide

Zoloft suicideHere’s an interesting story which Brian of AntiDepAware posted about last week.

A law firm based in Leeds (Ison Harrison) negotiated a settlement for a client after a pharmacy dispensed antidepressants rather than migraine medication. I was able to find out that the antidepressant was Sertraline aka Zoloft/Lustral. What is interesting is the adverse effects this woman had from taking Sertraline. As well as suffering from severe abdominal cramps, diarrhoea and becoming uncoordinated, she felt suicidal. Here is a clear indication that this dangerous drug, not the underlying illness (migraine), can induce a person to become suicidal.

This is the same drug which University College Cork professor, Ted Dinan, defended in the Irish media, stating – ‘The public should have no concerns about these drugs’. His statement followed an inquest in Cork where Nicolas Maguire’s family tried to raise public awareness on the dangers of antidepressant medication. Excerpt Below:

“However, Professor Ted Dinan, a professor of Psychiatry at Cork University Hospital and an expert in pharmacology, said Mr Maguire had severe depression. “People with severe depression can experience profound personality change. It doesn’t mean the drugs were to blame,” he said. He said there is an increased risk of suicide in people who are in the “recovery phase” of depression, and that he is not aware of any convincing evidence that taking Sertraline actually leads to suicidal behaviour. In fact, in countries where drugs like it have been introduced, the rate of suicide has actually dropped, he said. “The use of Sertraline helps to reduce suicidality and reduce depression. The public should have no concerns about these drugs,” he said.” 

IsonNewspaper Article.

David Healy on Zoloft induced suicide.

Ted Dinan has previously declared links to Pfizer, the makers of Sertraline. He is also a faculty member of the Lundbeck Institute and has also publicly involved himself in ‘The Shane Clancy Affair’. He was quoted as saying “I can say with 100 per cent certainty and without any fear of contradiction” that modern anti-depressants such as the drug Citalopram (sold as Cipramil) which Mr Clancy took do not cause people to commit murder.” He added that there was no evidence either that the drugs cause patients to take their own lives.

  • Declaration of interest 

  • T.G.D. has lectured at meetings and served on advisory boards organised by companies promoting antipsychotic medications, including Eli Lilly, Janssen-Cilag, Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

Surely the objectivity of our key opinion leaders’ advice, particularly on such an important issue, is of utmost importance. There is a clear ‘perception of bias’ here; which could give rise to the argument that the opinion of our leading ‘experts’ is for sale.

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