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Ah Yes; The Lundbeck Salute.

Lundbeck two finger saluteI have always said that I never get angry, but I think I may have to revise that statement. You’d think by the following conversation, that I had lost my purse or something equally trivial, but hey, what’s a son to Lundbeck pharmaceuticals?

Sept 20 2013

Causality Assessment.

RE; My son’s death (Shane Clancy)

To whom it concerns,

It has come to my attention that the CIOMS report which I have received for my son’s death is unfactual. The box marked ‘did event reappear after reintroduction’, is inexplicably blank. As you can see from my son’s medical records which I have attached for your attention, there is clearly a challenge, dechallenge and rechallenge period. The significance of my son’s suicide attempt shortly after his consumption of Citalopram and his completed suicide shortly after rechallenge surely did not go unnoticed by your pharmacovigilance department?
As this seems to be an oversight on Lundbeck’s part, can you rectify this important issue and get back to me and the Irish Medicines Board with another assessment. As I’m sure that deceased children are of huge importance to Lundbeck, this matter is surely one of utmost importance in order to prevent future fatalities.
Leonie Fennell

Reply Sept 25 2013

Dear Ms Fennell,

I refer to your query below concerning the CIOMS report for your son’s case. The CIOMS form was completed in compliance with pharmacovigilance legislation which requires a revision of the form on the receipt of relevant new information. There is no requirement for a revision of the CIOMS form, as the case is considered up-to-date by the Irish Medicines Board.

Yours sincerely,
Medical Department,

Lundbeck (Ireland) Ltd

10 thoughts on “Ah Yes; The Lundbeck Salute.”

  1. So that’s how our beloved Pharmaceutical Company can continue to hoodwink those in their payroll. Just omit the most important reported adverse reaction .from records and all is well. It is criminal. Who is the overseer/regulator responsible for allowing this skullduggery to continue? Is there maybe too much dirty money sloshing around in high places?


    1. Yes Sarah, they can kill our children with the knowledge that they will never be held accountable. Their underlying vitriol is masked about the same as my sarcasm. This is the same company who sponsor our sporting events and pay our celebrities and key opinion leaders to front their ‘caring’ campaigns. BUT, it’s not over until this fat lady sings! Tiocfaidh ár lá.


  2. Leonie,

    Thank you for standing up to Lundbeck’s denial of harm done; and never backing down in the face of their appalling indifference and neglect of even common courtesy.

    There are so many of us who have been bereaved due to Lundbeck’s Citalopram; and wish to see our loved ones recognised for the wonderful people they were, and as they remain in our hearts.

    Lundbeck would like to present them as flawed and to blame because Lundbeck’s hideous drug did them far more harm than good.

    Here is what Lundbeck wrote to me when I dared to confront them with my conviction that our son took his life within days of uptake of Citalopram as a consequence of the drug’s effect on him:

    “Please be informed that patients that require treatments with antidepressants (SSRIs like Citalopram) in general have an increased risk of suicide because of their diseases.

    The risk for suicide is highest shortly after treatment is commenced due to the fact that the disease leading to suicide, i.e. depression and anxiety, is typically in an advanced state at the time patients see a doctor and treatment is initiated. The risk of suicide stems from the disease itself, not
    from the treatments.”

    As with their response to yourself; their conduct is characterised by their lack of respect towards both deceased and bereaved, and persistent refusal to accept damage caused by their “product”.

    They are totally ruled by their wish to market their products, and their company’s self proclaimed expertise in the area of brain disorders.

    In reality they are brainwashing themselves into declaring their own hype rather than look at the truth.

    Surely it is they who are diseased.


    1. What a lovely ethical company. Lundbeck is saying our beautiful children were inherently diseased, while they themselves are suffering from the disease of ‘LITE syndrome’ (Lundbeck Ignoring The Evidence syndrome). They can be cured by a little known remedy; an attack of conscience.

      Unfortunately we can have no such remedy, for our diseases are incurable; LKMC Disorder (Lundbeck Killed My Child Disorder).


  3. The final article to appear on the “AntiDepAware” website will be a transcript of an apology from Lundbeck in which they admit that their pernicious product Citalopram killed my beautiful son. I will not stop until that time. My grief, like yours, has been fuelled by injustice.


    1. Wouldn’t that be nice Brian? I agree with you, but I do hope you won’t hold your breath waiting for Lundbeck to do the right thing. The injustice that our children suffered at the hands of these monsters is indescribable. The fact that they admit that these drugs can cause deaths in other countries but not ours just makes it even more tragic.


  4. Hi Leonie, That is just horrible. None of the parties involved want to document anything related to adverse reactions with Citalopram so they can continue to say “oh, we have no evidence of adverse events…” Of course you don’t you morons if you don’t listen or document anything … I live in the United States near Boston, MA. My 19 year old son was prescribed 20mg of Citalopram for anxiety over girlfriend issues without even an office visit and died 8 days later of a self injury. When i contacted the health group to ask if they filed a Medwatch report (Possible adverse event reporting system in USA), the director said they would call me back. When they did, they said they ‘determined’ a medwatch report was not needed…i couldn’t believe it … Anyway, a report was finally put in by Forest Labs (US Distributor of citalopram) after Leonie gave my information to Lundbeck on her visit ! Thank you Leonie for everything you are doing, and its absolutely right for you and all of us to be angry at the responses we receive when at this point we can’t bring our own kids back but are just trying to do any small thing we can to make the system safer going forward …


    1. Awh Steve, it was an honour to do that for your gorgeous son and if I played any part in helping I’m very proud. Imagine, the feckin cheek of them saying that a medwatch report was unnecessary! Yet they will still say there is no evidence. Surely our children are evidence enough?


  5. That an adverse reaction occurred when the drug was started, stopped when the drug was stopped and recurred on restarting the drug (rechallenge) is the strongest evidence of causality. For Lundbeck to omit this information friom Shane’s causality assessment is like a court ignoring fingerprint or DNA analysis. I think its perhaps time the World Health Organisation who oversee adverse reaction reporting met with a group of us to discuss the evidence that pharmaceutical companies are failing to follow the procedures set down for adverse reaction reporting and undermining science and objectivity in the interests of public relations. These reports should be conducted by independent bodies not those with a vested interest in finding their drug caused no adverse effects. Upsala, Sweden anyone?


    1. I agree that pharmaceutical companies have a vested interest in ignoring adverse reactions. Their focus is on marketing thus shareholders and profits matter more than health. It’s time for change. An independent body with absolutely no links to the pharmaceutical industry seems like one good solution.


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