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Psychiatry’s Achilles’ heel; mothers

“Poisons and medicine are oftentimes the same substance given with different intents”  ~Peter Mere Latham

I did say I’d put our Wicklow talk up at some stage didn’t I? The file is too big to put up all together so here’s a ten minute section of me waffling and Maria doing what she does best. She’s an amazing friend. She’s also an inspiration.


4 thoughts on “Psychiatry’s Achilles’ heel; mothers”

  1. These two ladies are just absolutely amazing. Through their turmoil & grief they stand relentless against anything that is thrown at them. They show no fear against taking on anybody in the medical / pharmaceutical field. They have been through the worst thing that life can ever throw at you, yet are still there to hold everybody who needs them up. I was privileged to be invited to this eye- opening & emotional conference & had the pleasure of meeting & hopefully keeping these two wonderful ladies, Leonie & Maria in my life.


  2. Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light (Helen Keller). Its an honour and a privilege to walk with you Mrs F and to keep walking while kicking the butts of those who deserve it. Especially for someone as uncoordinated as me 🙂


    1. Maria’s acknowledgement of how she viewed suicide prior to her son’s death was probably true for most of us. The change of opinion true also.


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