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The Sherif Sultan Saga

Mr ForgetfulThere’s been an interesting development today in the ‘Sherif Sultan’ Saga.

Remember, Mr Sultan is the consultant in Galway who received an official warning from the HSE for speaking out on the dangers of taking statin drugs? This followed the publication of his paper here-The ugly side of Statins. He said what David Healy has been saying for a long time, that he and his colleagues “are fed up with trial of organizations to cover up truth about the ugly side of statin because of invested interest and commercial sponsorship.”

The picture you may think is a random one, but no, it’s a reminder (no pun intended) that the FDA have recently added ‘memory loss’ to the ever growing list of serious statin adverse effects.

So Mr Sultan was slapped with a gagging order (aka ‘STFU’ order) by the HSE. Did he accept this lying down? No he didn’t! Was he willing to keep taking the paycheck and stop warning his patients that statins are dangerous and usually unnecessary? Nope! What he did say was “Odds are greater than 100 to 1 that if you’re taking a statin, you don’t really need it” and further “We are observing the revealing of the ‘utmost medical tragedy’ of all times. It is extraordinary that the healthcare industry has inadvertently induced life-threatening nutrient deficiency in millions of otherwise healthy people.” 

Thankfully the Irish Hospital Consultants Association (IHCA) have stepped in. Replying to the 2 senior executives, the IHCA have asked for the gagging order to be revoked. According to the Irish Independent, the reply states that there is “no provision in a hospital consultant’s contract to check with their employer the content of any comment they want to make to the public” and further that consultants have an “ethical, legal and moral obligation to advocate on behalf of their patients”.

Are we seeing the start of a revolt, an ethical army led by Mr Sultan? I sure hope so. The pharmaceutical influence in the ‘illness’ profession has reigned and dictated for long enough. It’s about time that someone stood up to Goliath. Will it be David again, or Sherif, or hopefully both? Who could have foreseen that the revolution would start in Ireland?

So the next time your doctor insists that you need that box of Pfizer pills or Lilly drug, ask him/her what he thinks of that surgeon in Galway who said “in Healthy patients with no cardiovascular history, statins have no proven benefit – in medical terms no scientific evidence for the use of statin in primary prevention.”

7 thoughts on “The Sherif Sultan Saga”

    1. Hi to you both. I saw that Sarah, I know you told me about it before but I promptly forgot. I’d have loved to be a fly on the wall at the ‘Headstrong’ one and asked some questions. I missed them though as the talks were in Sept. Pfizer healthy Wicklow? Can’t visualise it!

      As for that Irish Times article about Statins by muiris Houston, it amazes me that such a positive perspective can be put on these dangerous drugs, not least -“Statins, along with aspirin, are life-saving drugs.”
      He refers to the study by the ‘Cochrane Collaboration’ to back up his opinion.

      Strangely, a telegraph article also refers to the same Cochrane Collaboration, but yet warns caution; this article’s heading is “Millions Take Statins Needlessly” here…

      Again, the BBC also refer to the same study as Muiris Houston, but again form a different opinion and the article is entitled “Questions over statin prescribing”here..

      Hmmm, just because someone says so, doesn’t mean it is!


      PS. Mr. Sultan also recently won an Clinical Innovation Award for inventing an endovascular stem cell delivery catheter – Press release here.


    1. That’s a great article Sarah, don’t know how you manage to find all the best ones. You’d make a fab researcher! Very interesting. The fact that this is continuing today is tragic. Maybe we can do something about that?


      1. You are far too generous Leonie.You are the ace researcher and reporter. I only find an odd gem from time to time. It amazes me how much important information you have unearthed in just a few years. Your blog is compulsive reading for families who have lost someone through inappropriate medicalisation. Doesn’t it make you wonder how our regulators, college of psychiatry, medical profession, legal folk etc will rationalize their lethargy a few years from now.


  1. The more research I do the more I realise that this problem is far more widespread that I first thought! I believe I may have lost my job because I left a comment on LinkedIn… I’ve done a post or two about the dangers…

    The more I think about it the more I’m wondering if I should seek legal advice. After all, I can prove nothing about sudden termination of my contract but I’ve got enough evidence that I suffered severe side effects!


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