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The Lundbeck merry-go-round.

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This November IFMAD are holding a symposium in Monte Carlo which is sponsored by an unrestricted grant from Lundbeck pharmaceuticals.

IFMAD is an abbreviation for ‘International Forum on Mood and Anxiety Disorders’ – an unfortunate abbreviation it has to be said. Their website is also sponsored by Lundbeck Pharmaceuticals.

According to their ‘Lundbeck sponsored’ website, IFMAD was founded in 2000 by ‘Professor Siegfried Kasper and Professor Stuart Montgomery’ and supported by a scientific committee from around the world.

So what, you may ask? What’s another pharma funded symposium? Why does it matter that the brochure has a huge advert for Lundbeck’s Cipralex/Lexapro? I dunno, you tell me, or maybe you could ask Brennan McCartney? No sorry, he’s dead, just because his doctor relied on the objectivity of the ‘experts’ advice, believed it, and subsequently prescribed Brennan a sample pack of Cipralex. You can read Brennan’s story here.

Coincidentally, both IFMAD founders, Siegfried Kasper (Austria) and Stuart A. Montgomery (UK), have previously ‘investigated’ Cipralex and both studies have had positive results here and here.

Irish Professor Timothy (Ted) Dinan is one of IFMADs scientific advisors, Again coincidentally, he is also a faculty member of the Lundbeck Institute here and a Lundbeck ‘Brain Explorer’ advisor, here. In fact Timothy et al also recently concluded a Cipralex study, this time in rodents, here. The first line states ‘Despite the clinical prevalence of the antidepressant escitalopram, over 30% of escitalopram-treated patients fail to respond to treatment’. Fairly objective statement you may think? In my opinion, that’s a very deceptive statement and expert spiel at its best. What it is actually saying is that Escitalopram (aka Cipralex/Lexapro) has clinical prevalence over other brands and that it works in almost 70% of cases.

Similarly, most of IFMAD’s scientific advisors (listed here), have participated in Cipralex studies and all (without exception) concluded positive results. Here’s a couple of examples: Christer Allgulander (Sweden) here, A.C Altamura (Italy) here, Michael Bauer (Germany) here and Naomi Fineberg (UK) here.

Again (Ahem) most likely coincidentally, at least 12 of IFMAD’s scientific advisors are also faculty members of the Lundbeck Institute: Dinan, Altamura, Boyer, Arango, Kennedy, Mendlewicz, Möller,  Papadimitriou, Rihmer, Stein, Vieta and Zohar.

Lars Von Knorring (Sweden) is an IFMAD scientific advisor. He lists Anne-Liis Von Knorring (relationship unknown) as one of his top co-authors here. She was the same professor who was accused of covering up the bad results of Lundbeck’s Celexa (same drug, different story) and actively misleading doctors and the public hereLars also did studies on Citalopram which once again proved positive; one example here.

Maybe I should get a life and forget that my son would be still alive if he didn’t take Citalopram (same drug as Cipralex), prescribed by doctors who believed in the ‘independent’ spiel dished out by ‘independent’ KOP’s (Key Opinion LiarsLeaders)? NO? You know what I think? I think that IFMAD is a Lundbeck creation, created to propagate the ‘independent’ KOP’s subjective pharma-funded belief in Lundbeck drugs. Yes IFMAD, IAM(VERYEFFING)MAD this lovely November morning! Lundbeck-funded propaganda at its worst.

Monte-Carlo (2002) here.

Monte-Carlo (2003) here.

Vienna (2005) here.

Vienna (2006) here.

Budapest (2007) here.

Vienna (2008) here.

Monaco (2009) here.

Vienna (2010) here.

Budapest (2011) here.

Barcelona (2012) here.

Monte Carlo (2013) here.

8 thoughts on “The Lundbeck merry-go-round.”

  1. Thank you for keeping Brennan’s name alive Leonie. November 8th marks the third anniversary of his death at 18 years young. How many more people will die as a result of unethical practices? I often wonder if these “experts” would medicate their own children with these drugs… The sample package of Cipralex Brennan was given made no mention of suicide as a possibility.


    1. Awh Nancy, so terrible and so bloody preventable. Such a handsome, lovely young man; gone because of Lundbeck corruption and the red tape of the pharma funded regulators. My heart is sore just thinking of him Nancy and I’ll be thinking of him again on the 8th when he should be out getting pissed with his friends for his 21th.
      So many sad mothers and fathers out there, being ignored, then trampled on. The power of our sons and daughters will win out some day soon; I’m sure of that! Sending much love to Brennan’s family in the next few days and every day. xxxx


  2. Another brilliant exposé of Lundbeck shenanigans. It is incredible that Anne-Liis Von Knorring could be lauded as a top co-author of anything. I blame her “expertise” for our GP’s faith in prescribing Cipramil (Celexa) to my 17 year old daughter and for her suicide at 20. Presumably her cover-up skills were necessary. So all these questionable experts will congregate in Monte Carlo for jollies, do a little back slapping and proceed with the business of finding more diseases to medicate. Suicide, murder, heart attacks etc. are but annoying little consequences of doing business – all covered by “it’s the disease not the medication” mantra and well paid lawyers.


    1. Massive Advert for Cipralex at the end of that brochure pdf for the symposium… blatant pharmaceutical propaganda and conflicts of interest… but what’s new? It would be interesting though to know what exactly is an ‘unrestricted grant’? Lundbeck seem to throw a lot of them about… these corrupt shenangigans really turn my stomach…


  3. Dear Leonie,

    Thank you as ever for a stunning well-researched article. You voice the feelings of all of us.

    November is a month for Remembrance; especially remembering all the young people whose lives were lost in wars not of their making, and who were destined not to live out their years as they should.

    Our lost children were caught, unprotected or safeguarded, in the line of fire of Lundbeck’s Citalopram. How like Lundbeck, so preoccupied with their corporate junketing, to choose November as the perfect time for their shindig. Whilst others remember, Lundbeck chooses to forget.

    The thread that runs through the IFMAD get-togethers down the years is Lundbeck’s drive to gamble with the lives of the precious sons and daughters of others.

    How fitting, then, that they have chosen Monte Carlo as their location.


  4. May I suggest to Lundbeck that they take advantage of the Monaco Jamboree to use it as a clinical trial.
    Each delegate could be given a year’s supply of their new wonder drug Brintellix.
    Then, in a year’s time, any delegate who is (a) still alive, and (b) capable of finding their way back to Monaco, could report back to next year’s delegates.
    This would have the added advantage of allowing Lundbeck to pass their expenses through the accounts as “research and development” rather than “hospitality and inducements”.


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