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Another victim of our broken psychiatric services.

Do not enterAt the risk of repeating myself; In May last year David Healy and Declan Gilsenan met with Kathleen Lynch in Leinster House (Government Buildings). David Healy told her that psychiatric drugs were the leading cause of death within the mental health field. Declan Gilsenan had similar concerns. So naturally she acted straight away, right? Wrong, nothing has been done!

Last Thursday the body of a 71 year old man was found dead at his home in Cloyne, County Cork. Alan Lee was reported to be a reserved bachelor who lived alone and kept to himself. Newspaper reports stated that Mr Lee was found in his kitchen with over 30 stab wounds. The incident is now being treated as a self-inflicted tragedy. What none of the on-line newspapers have revealed is that Mr Lee was recently treated in a psychiatric unit in Cork. Not one stated that he had just been released from a psychiatric hospital earlier on the same week. The hard copy of the ‘Irish Times’ reported these details (Sat 9th Nov).

Mr Lee is not the first person to have died shortly after his interaction with Irish Psychiatry, whose ‘medical model’ (pill-pushing) is the first line of action in vulnerable people. People who come looking for help, instead get mind-altering drugs which double the risk of suicide and violence. There are many deaths happening within the psychiatric ‘services’, some which I’m not at liberty to discuss. Yet, some have been publicly reported in the media this year. In March two young people went missing from St John Of God Hospital in Dublin, Kieran McKeon, 18, and Alexandra O’Brien, aged 21. It was later discovered that they had both traveled to Derry and had both jumped from the Foyle Bridge, where their bodies were eventually recovered.

What of the actor Gerry McCann? He was also being treated for anxiety in Dublin’s ‘St John of God’ Hospital earlier this year, when he went missing. His wife said his disappearance was ‘totally out of the blue’.  Sadly, in September his body was found on Dollymount Strand. Gardaí said his death was being treated as a ‘personal tragedy’.

So that’s four deaths this year alone (at least) of people who have gone looking for help, and instead have died in tragic circumstances. What duty of care is owed by these hospitals to the people looking for help? One thing is for sure, the over-medicating of the masses is not working. Who stabs himself 30 times? A man on mind-altering drugs, that’s who. Depression is not a fatal disease, but the drugs used to treat it can kill. Let’s hope the families of these people will carry out their own investigations; the benefits in these four cases did not outweigh the risks.

Enter Irish ‘services’ at your own risk.

Two more young people dead; victims of a broken system?

Actors Body Found on Dollymount Strand. 


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