Medicating a non-existent disease.

Here’s a recent clip of Sinead O’Connor speaking on her treatment by an Irish Psychiatrist. Sinead says that she was misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and subsequently prescribed ‘toxic’ doses of Lamictal (400mgs) and Amitriptyline (200mgs). She describes her psychiatrist as a horrible ‘b’ who did not inform her of the side-effects while on the drugs, or while coming off them.

Dishing out the pills is always the first-line treatment for people that psychiatry see as ‘abnormal’. Sinead O’Connor is perfectly normal by the way, and fabulously outspoken; she didn’t need fixing! Strange that dangerous drugs can be given to a person for years for an ‘illness’ which didn’t exist. Never mind all that comes with that, not least the weight gain, depersonalization, worsening depression and huge expense; would any other profession get away with such sloppy work? Reported adverse effects of these drugs on the RxISK website: Lamictal and Amitriptyline.

The full video can be viewed here.

4 thoughts on “Medicating a non-existent disease.”

    1. Always liked Sinead- her music and her personality. It seems that she has had a similar experience to most people when it comes to Irish psychiatry- mis-diagnosis- over medicated- ill-informed- mis-informed and basically treated like crap!.. Great to see she is off the drugs and has informed herself..


  1. Thanks to Sinead’s forthright account, the truth is only too clear.

    Here we have a psychiatrist prescribing in a reckless and feckless manner. Surely this person is not fit to practise.

    These are drugs that should not be messed with, especially when prescribed by someone who clearly disregards their potential to cause great harm.

    Shameful conduct on the part of the psychiatrist.

    Appreciation to Sinead.


  2. “would any other profession get away with such sloppy work?”


    Not just the Political Illness Peddlers (political because their diseases are all a matter of opinion) but the entire Crooked Health Care Industry Would, Could, and Does: Day In and Day Out, 365/24/7.

    Not only do they get away with it but they go to ridiculous, and criminal extremes to cover it all up.


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