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AntiDepAware – Addendum to the DSM-5

Vehicle fitter

Brian at AntiDepAware wrote a very interesting blog this week. If ever there was a clear cut case of prescription drug induced suicide-homicide, this surely is it?

I read this week (on Twitter) that Brian’s blog ‘just gets better and better‘ and I absolutely agree with that statement. In my opinion it should be printed as a compulsory addendum to psychiatry’s DSM 5 – before the idiots reach for the prescription pad. His blog is copied verbatim below…


Vehicle fitter Nigel Maude (58) and his 57-year-old wife Judith (left) were described by their next-door neighbour, who had known them for 25 years, as “perfect neighbours.” He said: “They always seemed to do everything together including gardening and tidying up outside. I have never heard them argue. They were a lovely couple and totally devoted grandparents.”

Their deaths, therefore, were a “complete shock” to their family and everyone who knew them. Yesterday’s inquest revealed that, on August 11th this year, Mr Maude violently stabbed Judith to the back and neck with a kitchen knife and attempted to strangle and suffocate her at their home in the village of Hoghton, Lancashire. He then drove a short distance to a nearby railway line, where he stepped in front of a train.

The investigating police officer said that: “Mr and Mrs Maude were certainly of good character, had no real issues with debts and there were no reported crimes involving them.”

Deputy Coroner Simon Jones asked the officer: “There is nothing to suggest that this is anything but a happy and caring marriage?”

He replied: “No, nothing to suggest otherwise. This has come as a complete shock to everyone.”

It emerged, however, that Mr Maude had seen his GP 16 days before the deaths, complaining of insomnia and stress over financial worries about his mother, who was going to have to be placed in care. In a statement, GP Dr Stephen Howell said Mr Maude was a regular patient who suffered chronic arthritis but had no history of mental illness or depression.

Nevertheless, Dr Howell said he “prescribed Mr Maude prescription drugs.” Presumably, this accounted for the “low traces of a drug used to treat depression”, found by the pathologist in Mr Maude’s blood.

Recording verdicts of unlawful killing and suicide, the coroner said that the reason for Mr Maude’s actions could not be established for certain but that: “It may be stress in relation to issues relating to his mother going into a home. We don’t know.”

On the other hand, Coroner Jones, the reason for Mr Maude’s actions, in all probability, was that he had been mis-prescribed medication with known links to homicide and suicide, which NICE recommends only for moderate to severe depression.

AntiDepAware Blog.

4 thoughts on “AntiDepAware – Addendum to the DSM-5”

  1. I had been safely and happily on an ‘oldfashioned’ tricyclic anti depressant when after being taken off it when admitted to hospital I was put on an SSRI. 7 days later, I attempted a massive overdose(nearly succeeded)-the stupid psychiatrist left me on that SSRI for another NINE MONTHS! When I put my foot down and said I was coming off it with or without their help they hospitalised me and took me off it. They refused to put me back on my tricyclic, but ‘kindly’ wrote to my GP giving him permission to put me back on it if he wanted to. The whole 9 months I was suicidal, yet the rest of my 54 years I have never had any suicidal thoughts or feelings. I KNOW that SSRI’s can induce suicidal thoughts, probably homicidal ones too, fortunately I only had cats living with me when I was on the SSRI’s. There is FINALLY a warning on my file not to give them to me again.


    1. Hi Simon,
      Thanks for the comment. Maybe one day the testimonies of the people who matter (ie., the people who are taking these dangerous drugs) will be heard and these unhappy pills will be taken off the shelves. How many, like yourself, will be maimed and killed beforehand is anyone’s guess. Glad you’re okay and had the where-with-all to realize that it was the SSRI which was causing the adverse effect. Pity the supposedly ‘knowledgeable’ doctors can be so blind and uninformed.


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