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Danilo Terrida- another Sertraline victim

Danilo Terrida
Danilo Terrida

Danilo Terrida

Something is slightly less rotten in the state of Denmark!

Have a look at Danilo Terrida, pictured above – handsome isn’t he? Tragically Danilo, age 20, is one more person to add to the long, long list of antidepressant deaths. One more family fighting for justice for their son, BUT, Danilo’s family has managed to make a difference, at least in Denmark.

The Danish medical regulator ‘Sundhedsstyrelsen’ has decided to restrict the prescribing of dangerous antidepressants to 18-24 year olds, due to the increased risk of drug-induced suicide.

This follows a number of ‘cases of concern’, including the death of Danilo. Danilo was prescribed antidepressants 11 days before his drug-induced suicide/iatrogenic death. He was prescribed an antidepressant following an 8 minute conversation with his doctor, with no follow-up plan. The Danish ‘National Agency for Patients’ Rights and Complaints’ has found that the doctor was directly responsible for Danilo’s death. Following this decision, young Danish patients will now have an assessment and an ‘in-depth’ conversation with a doctor before these dangerous drugs can be prescribed.

Danilo’s mother, Marianne Terrida said “It doesn’t change the fact that we have lost our son,” and further “The fact that it’s a dangerous drug is not new, it’s been known a long time”.

Danilo’s case has once again sparked a debate in Denmark about the dangers of antidepressant drugs. Last year myself and some of Shane’s friends, along with other families whose children have died from an antidepressant-induced death, took part in the news programme ‘Søndag’ on DR.DK (The Danish National Broadcaster). The programme concerned the Danish pharmaceutical company Lundbeck and Citalopram-induced suicide.

It seems Danilo was prescribed a generic version of the antidepressant Sertraline made by Orion. Sertraline is also known as Zoloft in the U.S. and Lustral in Ireland. Remember, Sertraline is the drug which (following the death of Nicolas Maguire, Cork) Irish psychiatrist Ted Dinan proclaimed ‘The use of Sertraline helps to reduce suicidality and reduce depression. The public should have no concerns about these drugs’. He also said he was ‘not aware of any convincing evidence that taking Sertraline actually leads to suicidal behaviour’. Wrong!! Oh yes, he has also previously declared links to Pfizer, the makers of Sertraline- not in the latter article though.

Has age got anything to do with drug-induced suicide? Professor David Healy says not. He says the antidepressant class of drugs kill more people than they help. Nicolas Maguire was 52 and died after 3 weeks of Sertraline. Kim Witczak’s husband Woody died from a Sertraline-induced suicide at 37. Anna Byrne was also 37. She was 8 months pregnant when she died following a prescription (during pregnancy) of Sertraline. Her dose was doubled 6 days before she jumped off Howth Head (Dublin) – resulting in Anna’s death and the death of her babies. Peter Needham was 40 when he died 5 days after a prescription for Sertraline. Elaine’s son Tommy Fort Jr. was 42 when he died of a Sertraline-induced suicide.

Sertraline is the same drug which Leeds law firm, Ison Harrison, successfully argued was wrongly dispensed to a client instead of her usual migraine medication. What is interesting is that the woman, upon starting Sertraline, immediately became uncoordinated and suicidal. This is a clear indication that Sertraline, not depression (which she didn’t have) can induce a person to become suicidal.

A Danish article quoted Professor Peter Gøtzche of the Nordic Cochrane Centre, who said:

“I have been following the case, and I think the decision is correct. I hope it will be of great importance because both Lundbeck and other companies for years have denied that these preparations can lead to suicide. It is contrary to what is known scientifically true. It is very important that there is now a case where the Patient Injury Board recognizes that the pill is the reason for the suicide. It can be a battering ram in the perception of happy pills. Generally one can say that the widespread use of happiness pills do more harm than good”.

On Sertraline, Professor  Gøtzche said;

“About 10 percent have a strange ‘activation syndrome’, which can lead to extreme restlessness, where you want to jump out of his own body. It is the syndrome that can lead to violent actions – for example, school shootings or suicide”.

So again, how much evidence do we need?

Will the pharma-funded Irish Medicines Board follow suit?

Will Ted Dinan and Irish psychiatry ever admit that these drugs can kill, or will they keep defending them, despite so much evidence to the contrary?

Did Danilo’s family know that 80% of Pfizer’s Sertraline trials proved negative?

3 thoughts on “Danilo Terrida- another Sertraline victim”

  1. Brilliant Leonie just brilliant, you can feel the mother in you in this article along with the anger & sadness. Do we know what punishment if any will bestow the doctor involved?


      1. New article –

        “It now turns out that in the case of the 20-year-old Danilo Terrida’s suicide, which has been recognized as a treatment injury is not the first of its kind in Denmark. In addition to Danilo Terrida, at least 11 other Danes died by suicide while they were on antidepressants, where the Patient Insurance company subsequently classified their death as a treatment injury.”


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